Foreword by Richard Allport BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS.

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Read the heartwarming story of Pea Horsley, the UK's first professional animal communicator, as she tracks lost animals, tackles troublesome pets and helps people to truly understand their devoted friends. Pea Horsley never set out to be an animal psychic, so you can imagine her surprise when she realised that animals could talk, and that she could hear them. Heartwarming and funny, Pea describes how she learnt to harness her powers and, in doing so, the incredible characters that she meets - on two legs and four!

Pea tells how she saved Musgo the horse who was unable to recover from a past trauma, helped a client find her reincarnated puppy, and the wonderful story of Mono the dog and his owner, Mike. Mono had saved Mike's life, so when the vet told Mike that Mono was so ill that there was no hope, Mike refused to give up on him. Pea came to the rescue to help Mono tell Mike what he needed to survive. Pea's immense compassion and love of animals has allowed her to help so many animals in need and to celebrate the unconditional love and devotion that our closest friends bring to our lives.

• Discover animal communication and how it works
• Life lessons from a dog and a cat
• Malteser Musgo - loser to horse winner
• Tracking animals and finding them
• Respecting the animals wishes
• Supporting animals and people through ascension
• Reincarnation - returning to a loved one
• Mice, hamsters, tortoise and goldfish

"Warm, compassionate and gentle, Pea Horsley is an exceptionally talented animal communicator."

Amelia Kinkade, author of Straight From the Horse's Mouth and The Language of Miracles

"Lovely, lovely, lovely. I like it that Pea started me out as a sceptic, that she didn't believe it was possible to communicate with animals. I love it that Pea's love for her own dog made her persevere. I love her writing style and the fact that Pea loves animals with her heart and soul."

Catherine O'Driscoll, Founder of Canine Health Concern
and author of Shock To The system and In Search of the Truth About Dogs (DVD)

‘Silence is Golden’ - The realms of spirituality enables us to communicate on all levels; seeing the universe as one can raise our consciousness to embrace all life forms. Through intuition silent voices can be heard. Pea Horsley’s amazing journey opens us up to a new awareness and realization, that even animals can communicate and teach us how best (through LOVE) we can take care of both them and ourselves.

Dounne Alexander MBE. FRSA, (Spiritual Herbalist Founder of GRAMMA’S and the Joining Hands in
Health campaign


Italian Edition


“5/5. This was one of those books that I was unable to put down until I’d finished. I found it to be so much more than I expected: personal journey, psychic development, personal and spiritual development and insight. When Pea described one of her teachers by saying “I could connect with her down to earth non threatening approach and the way she made psychic development both fun and accessible. In a world that could be considered scary or fairy-like I had found someone who was neither” for me she was describing herself too. The book isn’t just about how to converse with a loved pet. For me the underlying messages from the animals about ‘love’, ‘knowing and accepting who we are’ and ‘stepping onto our spiritual path’ is what a Heart to Heart connection is all about whether with animals or fellow humans."

- Kindred Spirit Magazine

Korean edition


“I was sitting in the reception of a garage waiting for my car to be fixed and reading all about Curtis and I ended up in tears, what a wonderful, wonderful story……….just amazing. I still have no idea at all how you do it despite reading the book and I do believe it's something you definitely have a special talent for, it's a gift. I loved the book and think what you are doing is wonderful and I at some point would love to come on one of your workshops.”

Clare Ashford
Presenter, BBC Radio Shropshire

"The clue is in the title ! It would be impossible I think not to be moved by this wonderful book. Not only is it difficult to put down, but it is a brilliant reminder to me to try to always treat my two dogs with fairness and to respect their point of view."

- Lesley Nicol - actress (Downton Abbey / West Is West)

"This was an incredibly well chosen Christmas present from someone who thought I might like it - in fact I love it, and this simply written, extremely moving book suggests the possibility of a drastically transformed future and a whole new direction in peoples' lives.

I can imagine that the Golden Age from which we have fallen as described in all the mythologies of all pre-Darwinian cultures was an Age where Men and Animals communicated in much the way that Pea Horsley describes.

Neither the animals or the Communicator-as-named would put it in such high falutin' terms, but we are in a mess, no doubt about it, our relationship to energy and money and oil is based on a bogus paradigm that is doomed to end, all the `bad news' of the media is simply a failure to recognise and acknowledge this dying, and this book suggests a whole new set of terms of reference without even trying. All our divisive concepts of Religion (and Atheism) and Politics are nonsensical in relation to spirituality independent of the written word.

The message I have taken from this book is that Homo Sapiens must return to the position of custodian and abandon the current assumption of entitlement.

Don't let any of the above put you off; this book is full of marvellous stories, is simply a great pleasure to read, can be enjoyed by anyone, can be productive of nothing but good and so is five star stuff all the way. "

- Guy Reid-Brown

“All my life I have had what I considered close relationships with animals. I had frequently been aware of the depth of their understanding of the predominantly human world in which they found themselves. In particular I came to admire their valiant attempts to understand us and our funny little ways and yes, their efforts to communicate across the apparently unbridgeable divide which seemed to separate us. At the same time I developed great respect for the clearly superior characteristics which they possessed. Eventually I came to accept that we and they were really just aspects of a single indivisible whole. And that, I thought, was as far as I could take it. Then along came Pea Horsley's extraordinary HEART TO HEART. Suddenly I was brought face to face with the fact that direct communication was not just possible but an obligation which we humans must now begin to recognise. From the bottom of my heart, thanks, Pea. And to Sian, Tarquin, Karen, Nick, Leigh, Beth, Champers, Amber - and all the other four-legged spirits to whom I must have been such an acute disappointment - sorry.”

- Mike Purton

"Love the book! Heart to Heart inspires the awakening of our own natural abilities to listen to animals. A must read!"

- Maia Kincaid PH.D, author of Being Humand & Loving Life, Learning to Love, The Joy of Being Human, and Dogs Say the Darndest Things

"I have just finished your book Heart to Heart and I don't think I have ever read anything so heartfelt, inspiring, emotional, funny, sad and exceptional in my life."

- Lesley L’Enfant

"I discovered your book in our local library as Book of the Month. Yesterday in the beautiful sunshine I read it all the way through - I tried very hard not to but in the end it was compelling reading and a two hankie (large man size 3ply) read."

- Marion Wilson

"It made me laugh, it made me cry, and it made me think. I also have pets who have passed and sometimes feel they are around, a very comforting feeling, which is even more special after reading your book."

- Sarah Cash-Davies

"I must have read virtually every book published on the subject of animal communication and I have to say that this is one of my favourite. I couldn't put it down until I had finished it and the daily chores went to pot! Pea's honesty about her own learning process has been very helpful and encouraged me when I thought I had hit a plateau in my own learning. It is a light and easy read and a fascinating insight into the life of a wonderfully warm and caring human being."

- Rozanna

"Pea's book, Heart to Heart is exactly that. Beautiful, loving, compassionate and enlightening.
If you understand it you will never be the same again. "

- Stephen Silver

"Nothing can truly convince a skeptic like skeptic. In Heart to Heart, Pea Horsley really pulls you into her discovery of animal communication with her initial unabashed skepticism as she stumbles into the world. This book chronicles her development as she evolves both as a telepath and a teacher.

Horsley tours you through her experience with rabbits, geese, cats and even insects. She helps animals find their way home again and assists people in making peace with the passing of a beloved animal friend. Each of the animal encounters are brief making for a quick read, but captures the essence of the furry characters involved with quirky detail. Her prose is focused and witty leaving you with stories that stick with you long after you finish the last page."

- Species Link Magazine


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