- Full name  
  - Home address  
  - Landline and mobile numbers  
  - Email address  
  - How you came to find Animal Thoughts (referral, book, etc)  
  - The name  
  - Age  
  - Breed  
  - Gender of your animal  
  - How long you've been together  
  - Photo: Send a clear photo of your animal, with their eyes looking towards the camera. For horses, and similar faced animals, please send a side head shot and full body shot (without anyone seated on the horse.) Please send high resolution photos without light reflection or red eye. Digital camera or 'smart' phone photos.  
  - Include the questions or messages you would like to communicate to your animal (up to 10).  

Send all these details and the photograph by email to:

Or post everything together to:

Animal Thoughts
PO Box 60020
London SW16 9EB

  Please note, if your friend is missing please click here.  

Please do not make payment until Pea reaches you. There is currently a waiting list so it would make sense for you to wait until informed that Pea has reached your communication.

When the payment becomes due it can be made by cheque or PayPal (credit card). Bank transfer is also possible, please email for details. Scroll down for further information on fees.

  - Once Pea receives all your information, your request goes in the queue.  
  - Pea will spend approximately 45-60 minutes communicating with your animal prior to the consultation.  
  - Then you will be emailed some first impressions of your animal which you will be asked to verify.  
  - Once your reply to these impressions is received you will be contacted to arrange a suitable appointment time for the telephone consultation or date for a home visit.  
  - Pea will call you on your landline number at the appointment time. (we are unable to call mobile numbers)  
  - International clients will receive the communication by email to enable us to communicate around different time zone.  
  - Animal communication is accessible across the UK and Internationally. Consultations are flexible - by phone or email.  

Pea wants you to have confidence in her service and will refund the fee if you feel, after the initial impressions, she has not truly connected with your animal friend. This no quibble guarantee only applies at the stage of first impressions. If you accept the validity of the first impressions the communication will proceed, for which there is no refund. Please remember when you commission a communication you are paying for Pea Horsley's expertise and time, and not for a particular answer. Each communication can be very dependent upon what your animal wishes to share.


This is the fee for contacting animals across a distance and an animal who has passed over.

Distant Consultation January - June 2017

It is possible for me to connect with your animal from a photo of them and without them in the same room as myself. I will work remotely with your animal for approx. 1 hour and then arrange a suitable time for me to call you on your UK-based landline number or Skype call worldwide. The information received from the animal is the same regardless of whether it is by photograph or in-person.


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During a communication you will be able to express your feelings directly with your animal companion and hear their responses. A lot can be discovered during the first communication and this may be enough for you to learn from your animal, to resolve any issues you may be having or to find the comfort you are seeking. A home visit at your own home or yard, for one animal, lasts approx. 1 - 1.5 hours. Please allow another hour for each additional animal.

  * for an exact quote, contact Pea with your request and postcode  
  Missing animals are given priority over the waiting list and you will be given two communications as part of a single booking. The booking will include: the intial communication, a phone session/Skype with the client and 1 additional follow up consultation within 7 calendar days of the first communication. Pea offers her guarantee that is she is unable to make a connection you will receive a full refund. If your animal has been missing a long time and time is not of high priority you may prefer to book a standard consultation and join the waiting list instead.  
  Before payment, please read this: Pea is only able to take on a very small number of missing animals per month in order to give the highest standard of service. Please make contact before making a booking to see whether Pea is available to help you. Email pea@animalthoughts.com.  
Missing Animal Consultation

Many people approach Pea when they have tried every other option and they may feel anxious or extremely upset. Pea empathises with your feelings and her heart goes out to you. When your animal is lost you want help immediately and so do other people in the same position. Please understand that Pea receives many requests for help and prioritizes them based upon the urgency of the case, the order they come in and once she has received the requested details, a quality photograph and payment.

Pea works as a consultant; you are paying for her experience, training, skills and expertise. Each case is focused on individually and this takes time and energy. Some animal communicators shy away from this work because it is the most time consuming and exhausting part of the job. Please be respectful by not begging Pea to track your missing animal above and before anyone else's or without payment. Thank you for your understanding.


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Treatments can be shared amoungst as many animals as you like, as well as between animals and their guardians. Each healing session lasts for approximately 30 minutes. Pea works with one animal at at time so the animal benefits from having this healing space held just for them. Other people may channel healing energy to a named list of animals in one go and charge very little, however from experience this is not very successful. It is much more beneficial to hold a healing space for the animal on a one to one basis. The healer is the animal. Pea acts as a channel for high vibrational energy to connect with the animal so they can also raise their vibrational frequency and the intelligence within their body can begin it's own healing process.

As a complementary therapist I work very closely with the veterinary fraternity in a holistic approach for the highest good of all animals. If you are in any doubt about the welfare of your animal(s) please consult a trusted vet first. You will be asked to complete a vet authorisation form before hands-on healing can take place.


Pea supports Animal Rescue Organizations by offering her services free. Organizations like Cats Protection, Irish Retriever Rescue, Mickaboo Bird Rescue and The Freedom of Spirit Trust for Border Collies.

If you run an animal home or rescue, email your concerns to: pea@animalthoughts.com

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