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Foreword by Richard Allport BVetMed, VetMFHom, MRCVS.


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'He was just a pet,' people sometimes say, and yet our animal companions are so much more to us than this, and we may feel we have nowhere to turn when faced with their loss. Millions of people have sought answers to questions like 'What happens to animals when they die?' 'What is life like for them on the other side?' and 'Will they ever come back to me?'

Now, for the first time, internationally renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley shares ground-breaking true stories which reveal animals' thoughts and feelings on life, death and life after death. By hearing their views, we come to understand that animals are spiritual beings and great teachers, and that we are all connected. This collection of inspirational tales is woven together with Pea's moving story of her own dog, Morgan, and his physical struggle, his awareness of the right time to go and his insights and support from beyond the grave.

Publisher: Hay House Publishers UK. ISBN-10: 178180334X.
'A grounded account of real-life communications, this book puts us straight into the minds and hearts of the animals who speak through Pea. The astonishing depth and breadth of what our animals have to tell us is immensely touching and meaningful. An unforgettable read!'
- Anna Breytenbach, interspecies communicator & subject of 'The Animal Communicator' documentary

'As people face pet loss, their devastation is compouned by fear and guilt. With the help of her dog, Morgan, Pea Horsley illuminates the transition to the afterlife with true stories of animals who communicate when they choose to leave their physical bodies and how the soul and the love live on. The Animal Communicator's Guide Through Life, Loss and Love offers hope in a time of sadness. Its comforting and sincere messages are much needed by those who seek the compassionate understanding at which Pea excels.'

- Allen and Linda Andersen, founders of Angel Animals Network and authors of Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals
'A book of deeply touching stories of the sacred and deep bond between animals and humans, including how both species and physical death are irrevelant to the lasting experience of love, and how telepathic communication with our animals before and after death can help us heal the grief of loss. I so enjoyed the stories and your lovely writing style. I could feel the animals and their people almost right in front of me. It was very compelling!'
- Teresa Wagner, animal communicator:
Also in French and German
'If you have ever had grief over the loss of a beloved companion, be they animal or human, then this is the read for you. I would recommend this book, sensitively written and from the heart, to anyone who wants to know about the work of an animal communicator and for those who seek comfort and insight from those who have passed before us.'
- Avril Price, College of Psychic Studies senior tutor and consultant
'Readers who have loved and lost will feel informed and enriched after reading this book. Pea answers deep questions, revealing through insights from pets themselves, detail which will help hearts to heal. Be ready for an emotional journey.'
- Sue Parslow, Editor, Your Cat Magazine
'Pea Horsley, animal communicator, gifted writer and friend is possessed of an acute awareness, love and understanding of the animals with whom we share our living space. In this her second book, Pea continues to inspire us with her boundless compassion for our animal companions during life and in death. As a Buddhist priest in sympathy with her commitments, I am privileged to endorse the present work with the hope that it will enable readers to understand, and participate more intimately with the animals who give us so much devotion and who rely upon us for love and protection.'
- Reverend Ganshin E Rock, Tendai Buddhist Priest
'This is a must-read book for all those who love their animals and wish to approach their animals' end-times with great compassion, understanding, and sensitivity. You will laugh and you will cry, dear reader, and you will come to a place of absolute knowing regarding the oneness of all life and that love is eternal.'
- Elizabeth Severino, D.R.S., Animal Communicator and Spiritual Healer, Author of The Animals' Viewpoint on Dying, Death and Euthanasia.
'Dealing with the death of your animal is hard for everyone. It helps to explore the possibility that your animal continues to be with you in spirit after death. Pea Horsley's book, The Animal Communicator's Guide Through Life, Loss, and Love, helps ease the pain of losing an animal and opens the door to new perceptions of life and death.'
- Marta Williams, Biologist and Animal Communicator, author of My Animal My Self, Learning Their Language, Ask Your Animal & Beyond Words

'We are all connected, all of the time, across any distance', this is the key to animal communication as evidenced in Pea Horsley's beautifully written autobiography, although the message does not come direct from her, but from Morgan, her first dog and interspecies educator.

The insights you will gain from this book are more profound than anything you could ever imagine, and yet so simple and so obvious. Without doubt, animal communication will change your life; and if you have all-but-lost hope in humanity, given the devastation our species has wreaked on this magnificent earth, it will offer you the most effective way to help restore your original contract with nature‚ and help save our earth.

When you live in wild pride-lands, together with the apex predator and the other natural kingdoms in the food-chain and great cycle of life, as I do, you realize that God is very much alive, and so, too, the Force of Love that unites all of divine creation. We are, indeed, all connected. I am fortunate enough to cohabit with the last White Lions in their endemic wilderness lands, and all the other interconnected creatures of their natural eco-system. Everyday, I wake to the birdsong, and every night I go to sleep with the roar of the King of Animals on the distant horizons, and I witness the soul-bond of unconditional love and respect that exists in natural bio-diversity between all creatures great and small, wise and wonderful ‚ even, unlikely as it may seem, between predator and prey.

We all lived this way once, as the magnificent paintings in the caves of Lascaux and other prehistoric sites remind us, not in fear but in love and reverence of all of creation. An idyllic condition we all know deep in our heart-of-hearts, and which we yearn to restore more than anything. Even if you live in the city, as I did when I worked in the fashion centres of Europe, uprooted from nature, alienated and separated, you still know in your soul-essence that there is a state of grace, but it can only be reached by helping to restore Paradise on Earth, the gift that the great Creative Force - in whatever name you choose to name It - lovingly gave over into humanity's care.

Today, in the midst of a global meltdown in all matters man-made and not only our impact on climate, animal communication is the most powerful tool we humans possess to re-establish a loving and meaningful relationship with the real world. Through simple, straight-forward language and astounding real-life examples, Pea Horsleys book will help help you find the way back to a meaningful existence with yourself and the other magnificent animals who share this planet.

The facts speak for themselves. Animal communication is a natural attribute we all once possessed. Although this ability dates back from the most ancient times, it is critically relevant to our modern day, and The Key not only to protecting our planet but also to saving ourselves.'

- Linda Tucker, CEO, Global White Lion Protection Trust
Shamanic Title, Keeper of the White Lions
Author, Mystery of the White Lions (2001) Saving the White Lions (2013)
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A book full of compassion
'I had been looking forward to reading this book for some time and it exceeded my expectations. It has been written with such compassion, sincerity and integrity and truly struck a chord with me and my own experiences with my beloved animals. I believe this book will help many people whose animal companions have passed over to feel less alone in their grief, to trust their experiences and the love they shared with their animals more deeply. This book really is a blessing.' - Mrs A Peck
A book that is empowering & thought
'Pea's book is so brutally honest that sometimes you need to take a breath, sit back....mull the statement over and then carry on reading. It is the first book that really tells you, no teaches you how animals see life and their transition when it is time. Personally it raised some questions as to how in the past I have reacted myself to saying goodbye to my loved ones in the animal kingdom but crucially this book has raised more questions that mean in the future I will be more centered and focused on what my friends need rather than what I think they need. The tears come when you hear how much they love one another and what incredible steps people take to ensure that their loved one are central in the decision making progress for when their time has come. The heartache of losing a loved one is beyond anything most of us can describe and yet Pea has managed to encapsulate those feelings, emotions and thoughts in her writing. Don't be scared or worried about reading this book. It opens your heart and mind into a world which quite frankly allows animals to take their rightful place in this world & allows us to give our loved ones the rights that they deserve to live and die the way they choose....I choose freedom for all the animal kingdom. With love to Morgan, Texas, Bodhi and Pea. Congratulations, a purely inspiring book.' - Claire Henesy
Compassionate and profound
'I found this book very enjoyable and easy to read in its style, yet dealing so honestly and directly with the most difficult issues any loving guardian of an animal will face. The love and compassion of both Pea and the animals whose stories she tells, made reading the book an emotional but ultimately uplifting experience for me. I had many questions around the subject of death and the loss of an animal and, by the end, I realised that Pea had answered them all. More unexpectedly for me, as I read the book I found myself feeling at peace with my own difficult experiences of the passing of much beloved pets. It helped me understand, and experience, that even in the darkest times, the true reality is always love. - Miss Bernie
A very moving book
'Easy to read, a well written and very moving book. Inspiring and shows animals as the intelligent beings they are.' - Miss J. Empson-High
Memorable Book
'Anyone who has ever loved a pet must read this moving and memorable book, I could not put it down.' - Michele Brade
Such a Heart and Eye Opener
'This is one of the most beautiful and educational books I have ever read.
I would recommend it to anybody who chooses to share their life with an animal.
Thank you so much Pea Horsley for also giving so much of your self in this book.
My perspective of Animals and their Guardians has forever been greatly expanded!' - Christina Maria Petersen
Exceeded Expectations
'I had high expectations of this book after reading Pea's first book Hear to Heart. This one is better still! My perspective on this wonderful book is of one who has also been introduced to animal communication by a dog and her ascension. Her death was a painful life experience, but she gave me the greatest gift by setting me on the path of spiritual growth through animal communication. Pea's frank account of her own journey interspersed with stories so generously shared by her clients must inspire people to think and feel differently about the subject of the death of their animal friends (and hopefully open them to how connected we all really are). I found the book well written, in fact I couldn't put it down, and read it all within a day. It was heartening to hear that there are many other animal guardians out there who feel the same and I feel sure that anybody sharing their life with an animal will find comfort and wisdom from reading it. I would recommend this book to anyone who shares their life with an animal(s) and who wants a deeper understanding of their relationship in this life and afterwards.' - Cathy Priestley
This book is wonderful! I would urge every animal lover and pet owner to read it.
'We recently lost our cat and it has been so helpful to read about other people's experiences about losing their animals; Pea's advice about dealing with grief is exceptional.' - Belinda
Inspirational book
'I was really exciting to read this book as I've been wondering about animal communication for some time. Pea takes you through real life examples of how she has communicated with animals through her clients (and through the eyes of Morgan, her beloved dog who kickstarted her journey into this field). Everything is covered from dogs, cats, horses and birds. While some of the stories of loss made me cry, I felt compelled to keep reading as really the book is about love and hope. And the message is that all our animals go to a wonderful place when their time comes - and they don't ever leave us. As a cat owner, I hope that it is some many years until I have to reach that phase, but it has given me a lot of hope and that I'll be guided by him if and when it comes to that. Anyone who has a pet or is an animal lover should take the time to read this book and draw strength and inspiration from it.' - SilverGirl78
One of the most beautiful books I've ever read
'I've been eagerly awaiting this book, following Pea's progress on her Facebook page, cheering each step she updated about. I adored the book Heart to Heart and knew this one would be fabulous too. I am fortunate to share my life with pet rats, to share my love with them. Their lives are packed full but oh if only they could stay for longer. I try to tell myself and others that every day with a rat is like a special gift. This book really helped to reinforce that belief and remind me, as once again I know that one of my little ones does not have very much time left in her physical body. Sharing my life with these little friends means I'm only too familiar with grieving loss. To read Pea's frank telling of her final days with her beloved Morgan and her grief after his transition was a privilege to read - truly very sad but so open and honest. And so familiar to occasions I've experienced and I thank her so much for sharing this very personal, very intense story with us. Bless you, Pea, for opening our eyes and our hearts. Thank you for this wonderful book. Everyone who shares their life and their love with animals should read Pea's books and take her classes. You will be amazed, thrilled, delighted and so will the animals.' - NBF
'I devoured Pea Horsley's book, The Animal Communicator's Guide through Life, Loss and Love. I just loved the way she cared for Morgan and the incredible bond they still have. I'm sure her book will enable me and many others to help beloved pets to pass over well, and bring much needed peace and hope. I am in awe of Pea's talents as an animal communicator.' - Diana Cooper


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