Unfortunately, Pea is unable to accept any more Missing Animal consultations at the moment.  

When our animal friend fails to return home we try very hard to stay calm but there is often a part of us that goes into panic mode.We wonder whether we will ever see them again. Often it is the not knowing which is one of the most painful parts of being without our friends.

  Now it is possible to know. As an animal communicator I can 'tune in' to your friend to work out whether they are still alive. By asking them questions as well as sensing their feelings I can tell if they been injured or trapped somewhere. If they are with another person. Whether they are trying to find their way home or are too scared to move from their hiding spot. We work together to try and find them.  
  Pea is only able to take on a limited number of missing animals a month in order to give the best possible service. Please contact Pea before making a booking to see whether she is available to help you.  
  When I track a missing animal I prefer to work from a high resolution photo, over 200kb and preferably 300dpi, which clearly shows their eyes. This can be emailed or posted to me. I like to know very little information about the animal. Sometimes clients will go in to great detail about every aspect of the animal's life. However, the details I prefer to know are listed further down this page.  
  Once you contact me I will email over two visualizations which I will ask you to do last thing at night and first thing in the morning. These visualizations send a clear signal to your friend that you are looking for them and how happy it will make you to have them return back to you. Sometimes an animal will be on an adventure and will be completley oblivious to the distress they are causing back home. Once you have made this connection the animal may return straight back to you.  
  When tracking an animal it is often like piecing together a jigsaw puzzle. Sometimes they can show a picture of exactly where they are at the very moment of communication. However, sometimes they show pictures of where they have been the day before or a few hours before. This is very patient work. The hardest part of this is when the animals' guardian knows exactly the picture being described and immediately races over to the playground, pond at the common or next door's garage full of hope and optimisim only to find the animal isn't there. This doesn't mean the animal hasn't been there, it just disppointingly means they are not there now. But this is how the jigsaw works.  
  An animal may have left because there was an arguement at home or a child pinched them really hard. They may decide to take off for a few days until things calm down or to show how upset they feel. In these circumstances an animal may like to negotiate their return. They may lay down a few rules before they step their paw back in your home. If you make them a promise, you have to stick to it. Don't promise an animal anything you are not willing to follow through. One of my clients, whose cat had been missing for 5 nights before she contacted me, learned this valuable lesson. Once I chatted with her cat it was obvious she had taken off because one of the other cats in the house had been mean to her. She wanted some space and was considering whether or not she would ever return or find somewhere new. The 'mean' cat was asked to invite her back home. Terms were negotiated, mainly along the lines of who was going to have which bed, and within 2 hours there she was sitting on the front mat waiting for someone to open the door and welcome her home!
  Sadly, not all our animals are going to come back to us. Many clients prefer to know whether their friend has left their physical body and gone back to heaven. It is the not knowing which can be so hard. Though some people prefer not to know the sad truth because they need to cling on to hope or are unable to let go and grieve. This is how they manage and anything else is too awful to contemplate. But when an animals' body dies their soul stays whole and goes back to spirit. Before I started this work I was agnostic verging on atheist. However, now I have so much proof of life after death I am in no doubt our animal friends continue their life without their physical body. They simply shed their skin like becoming a beautiful butterfly. All the pain, anxieties and fears of their life melt away and they are surrounded by the most unimaginable love and peace. They are blissfully content in this other world. Some may choose to return to us and some may have other purposes. For those who have passed over, they often like to give their guardian a comforting message. A final farewell. This is also your opportunity to give your message to your loved one and to say your final goodbye.

I work by communicating a number of times with a missing animal. Tracking can take time and a lot of patience. It may be hours (if you are lucky), or days, even weeks or months before you are finally re-united. While this is something I always hope for, I can not promise to find your animal. Tracking is the most complicated part of an animal communicators job. Many animal communicators shy away from this work because it takes a lot of time and energy and sadly often there is not the desired happy outcome.

If you are willing to accept that reuniting you is not always possible and open your mind, calm your nerves and have a positive outlook then contact me and lets try and find your missing friend. I can not promise you the happy ending but I can promise I will do everything I can to try and help you.

  - Full name
  - Home address
  - Landline and mobile numbers
  - E-mail address
  - Also let us know how you came to find us, by internet search or referral etc.
  - The name
  - Age
  - Breed
  - Gender of your animal(s)
  - How long you've been together
  - The date you last saw your friend and very briefly the circumstances of them going missing.
  - Eyes looking towards the camera
  - Please ensure there is no light reflection (white) or red eye
  - High resolution is best, over 100Kb and 300dpi if possible
  - Any other questions or messages you would like to communicate with them
  Please send all details requested above to:


  Or post everything together to:
Animal Thoughts, PO Box 60020, London SW16 9EB, UK
  Please note: Pea is only able to take on a limited number of missing animals a month in order to give the highest standard of service. Please contact Pea before making a booking to see whether she is available to help you. email pea@animalthoughts.com
  Please visit the Fees page and scroll down to Missing Animal Consultation to pay using credit card. Bank transfers can also be arranged.
  Cheques payment are accepted, payable to Animal Thoughts.
Post to: Animal Thoughts, PO Box 60020, London SW16 9EB, UK
  - Once I receive your details I will make contact with your animal then email you some first impressions.
  - Once you reply to the first impressions, we can arrange a suitable appointment time for a telephone or Skype consultation. Calls to a UK landline are inclusive, otherwise we can talk over Skype or you can call me.
  - If either feels the connection is not there we end the consultation here and you will be refunded in full.
  - Hopefully we are both happy with the connection wit your friend and can continue to track them.
  - One booking includes two communications within a 7-day period.
  - This is a remote service. I receive the same information from your animal looking at their photo as I would having them with me. This makes tracking missing animals possible across the UK and Internationally.

- Consultations can be flexible - by phone or email. I do not offer home visits, because from experience I find this blocks my intuition.

  Missing animals are given priority, time is of the essence so please contact me as soon as possible. If you would like two more communications after your original booking this will trigger a new consultation fee.
  Sadly there are many lost or missing animals and Pea receives a number of requests. There are people in the same position are you who could feel worried or scared and Pea understands how hard it is when your animal friend is missing. Please understand that Pea is unable to jump you to the start of the waiting list, each case is taken on in turn to offer a fair service.
  A number of cases are accepted each month; once Pea has received the requested details, a quality photograph and payment. Working as a consultant, the fee includes Pea's training, development, experience and expertise. Tracking missing animals is exhausting work, which is why many animal communicators shy away. This work is the most time consuming and exhausting part of our job.

Please show respect by not begging Pea to track your animal before anyone else's or without payment. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Zugar - one of the lucky ones!
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