Morgan's Legacy

Morgan entered my life in 2004 when I adopted him from the Mayhew Animal Home in north London. Within a couple of months he had introduced me to a subject I'd never heard of before - animal communication.

He then went on to guide me along my own journey as an animal communicator and helped me make decisions that would shape my professional animal communication business, Animal Thoughts, until his passing in July 2011.

To say this small and humble dog changed my life really doesn't do the positive impact he has had justice. I left a successful 15-year career as a sought after Company Stage Manager and moved into animal communication because of Morgan; a move I have never regretted. I awakened my intuitive ability to communicate with animals telepathically because of Morgan; and have helped thousands of people and animals. I have tracked lost animals and saved lives because of Morgan and I have been able to comfort those grieving for their own animals, all because of this dear dog.

Morgan helped and encouraged me to write 'Heart to Heart' which in turn has awakened others to the reality that animals are sentient beings just like us and able to communicate their feelings if only we take the time to listen.

Morgan has made the biggest contribution to my life and in return his physical absence is huge. I can speak of him. I am lucky; I can even speak to him. And thankfully, he connects with me and continues our relationship from his new non-physical existence. I never thought I would have said that back in 2004 when I was both skeptical and an atheist. Morgan walked into my life, challenged my beliefs and opened my eyes in a way I never thought possible. The thing that has changed me the most knowing Morgan is his complete generosity of heart to others. He sees the good in everyone. And if I ever needed advice I would go to Morgan; I could trust his opinion and guidance and I will continue to do so.

Before his passing Morgan asked me to start writing about my experience as he neared the end of his life and his side of the experience too. What started out in a very small way progressed and after his transition he gave me the chapter by chapter breakdown of a new book which was published by Hay House UK as The Animal Communicator's Guide Through Life, Loss and Love. It soon became an Amazon No.1 Best Seller and has been translated in German and French.

His legacy is greater than I could ever have imagined.

Thank you Morgan for coming into my life. I am so grateful to you. I love you.



Morgan's Views on Life

Morgan appeared on the front cover of The Daily Mail Weekend magazine on 6 March 2010. The first and only time a UK animal communicator has received such a prominent position. He also featured in an animal communication photographic exhibition called "Uncommon Ground" where he had further photo's taken and contributed his views on life.

  What was your life like before Pea knew you?  
  I have always had a happy life. There has been sadness, but happiness too.
  What do you feel about your guardians?  
  I love all my guardians. Their journey is my journey, we are together as one.
  Who are you? What is your purpose?  
  My name has always been Love. This is who I am.
  Can you share what you felt about your first encounter with Pea?
  We came together at the perfect time, for both of us. This is how it was meant to be. When we were both ready for this stage of our journey. She gives to me and I give to her. No one takes. This is the essence of true love.
  What is your feeling for Pea?  
  I love her with all my heart.  
  What is your message to the world?  
  Life can be beautiful, if only we let it. Good can be seen in the darkest moment. The very darkest moment. If...we allow ourselves to see them.
  What is your purpose for the world?  
  My purpose is to spread Love. It has always been.
  What is your purpose with Pea?  
  My purpose with Pea is to open her heart, and keep it open.
  Is there anything else you'd like to tell people?  
  Life is beautiful.  
  Anything further?  
  I am happy and grateful.  
A huge thank you for the literally hundreds of messages of love and support before, during and after Morgan's ascension.
Here are a few of the messages from friends, clients, students and readers of Heart to Heart.
  "Morgan was such an endearing soul Pea. I only met him the once but it was a huge honour. The fact that you're a professional communicator because of him is a huge legacy and gift, what an amazing guy he was :) Love and light, Leanne xx"
  "I love the saying 'don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened' - I wish I'd had the privilege of meeting Morgan but feel I know him and am sure he helps all your students on their journey. Hayley X"
  "I think we all shed a tear when we read the sad news about dear Morgan. Through him we have had the privilege of starting to learn how to communicate with our animal friends. Thank you Morgan and Pea for sharing this gift with us. Bless you both. Pauline xx"
  "A wonderful friend and teacher. I certainly shed tears. much love, Caroline xx"
  "I haven't even met Morgan but I can't help shed a tear. I know how special all animals are and I know how special Morgan was to you. Sweet dreams Morgan. Nadine xxx"
  "Dearest Pea, oceans of strength, love, healing and solace to you. You have both blessed each other's lives immensurably in this world and will continue to do so for all eternity. Blessings and waves of rose coloured love are surrounding beautiful Morgan. Lua xo" Australia
  "Pea, I was so sad to hear about Morgan. I know he was special to you. He was a very special little dog who changed your whole life. You were so lucky to find each other. Carole."
  "It is the most painful experience to journey through and my heart goes out to you. That boy changed your life and has left his paw prints all over it! You were blessed. Now he has set you safely on your path and his mission is now complete. But while he is no longer with you physically, I feel sure that he will be walking beside you and guiding you always... after all, he's got to keep an eye on his beloved protege and make sure she's doing it right, hasn't he? With much love from Amber, Raffles and Sushi x"
  "I am so sorry to hear this news - you more than anyone knows how much support, wisdom and LOVE Morgan will be able to share with you forever, but nothing will make the void left by his physical presence not being there any less of a chasm. I just wanted to write and offer you a huge hug. You have helped so, so many animals and their humans with the transition into the light, and your work is revolutionary and filled with such care. Please take as long as you need to grieve, let the house and inbox and universe fall into chaos around you until that initial shock is past. Morgan - you are SPECIAL indeed! Thank you for teaching Pea so much and allowing her to pass on this wonderful work. I will be praying for you both, and will plant out some lavender in my garden today with you both in my heart. Babette xx"
  "I am so sorry to hear about Morgan. I know how you feel and my heart goes out to you. At these sad times I like to think about what Benny (cat) said. Love is the most powerful force in the universe. I know he's right! Anna" Italy
  "You have been such a wonderful human for him to live with all these years and his life has been greatly enriched by being with you. Loss is hard to bear but your wonderful beautiful great soul has the generosity and strength to recognize the temporary status of physical life and your sensitivity will keep the connection with you. You were so kind when you had to tell me that my Miss Tyk had died and wasn't just lost, and have been so incredibly kind to me and so many others so very often that I am sure that like me, many will feel compassion for your grief. Much love, Janice."
  "We are all connected because of Morgan. It happened because you met Morgan and because he showered you in love. And because of you and Morgan, we became able to trust that there more than just a "guardian and cat/dog/bird...relationship." Both of you gave us power to trust that we are all connected we can become one to make this place a peaceful world. I pray for Morgan to look after you, your partner and Texas from where he is now and hope you feel his love and potection throughout your life. As you are so special to all of us, so is Morgan. God bless, take care. Hana and Silver."
  "Having read your book, I know how important he was for you and how significant your meeting with him has been. With my deepest condolences. Jeannine" France
  'My heart is with you at this time, I cried when I heard Morgan had flown on, not because I knew him very well, I only met him twice but was very struck by his presence and grace. And your beautiful relationship which will continue and who knows where it will lead... Shayne."
Morgan ascended at 11.11am, 27th July, 2011
  On this day there was a balsamic moon. The balsamic moon represents the end of a cycle before a new one begins. It is a period when the veil between the conscious and the unconscious is thin. A very good time to end one journey and begin a new one.
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