Saying goodbye to animals who we have touched our heart is one of the hardest things we have to do. Those of us who have experienced unconditional love from an animal know the feelings of joy, fulfillment, compassion and the sense of 'all is well in the world' when they are by our side.  
  We can honour their loving presence in our lives by respecting their wishes and honouring their free will. Many animals will express their wish for their passing to be as easy as possible. They can also ask that they ascend to the other side when they are ready. Animals often give their guardians signs like not getting up in the morning or they stop going outside. They can also give their guardian an intuitive feeling - when your friend looks into your eyes, you just know.  
  Death is a transitional period and it can be incredibly beautiful and touching. Through this period Pea can offer both you and your animal friend support and a clear line of communication with one another. Animals know they are part of the whole, the Universe, and they experience both birth and death as transitions from one energetic state of being to another - their spirit continues on.  
  Pea will enable a telepathic heart to heart connection so you are able to to ask questions about their feelings, needs, and wishes. By receiving this communication you will know their last wishes and have guidance on when and how they wish to leave this world. This communication will empower you to face the last precious moments of your time together focusing on joy, peace and gratitude.  
  Guardians wish to connect with their loved ones in their spirit-form for many different reasons. Sometimes animals leave us very quickly and we need to know what happened. We want to know they understand how much we loved them. Or if you are agonizing over a decision, 'Was it the right time?' Through Pea's gentle communication skills you will discover your love for one another and your heart connection is eternal.  

Your animal friend is with you forever in your heart but what if they wish to come back to you in physical form again? Pea can put this question to them and they will let you know.

"I had only had my cat, Scruffy, for a little under a year when he was diagnosed with a terminal illness and had to be put to sleep. He was a stray, feral tomcat that I had adopted and although we only shared a few months together, we had developed a very strong bond. I loved him immensely so was naturally devastated when I lost him. I didn't think it was possible to miss an animal so much.

I contacted Pea and was slightly nervous as I had never used an animal communicator before and didn't know what to expect. Within minutes of speaking to her I was not only comfortable (especially when being emotional), I also knew without doubt that Scruffy was with her. Both what she said about him, and his messages to me, encapsulated Scruff's essence and personality so well that all uncertainties were erased.

I found it such a deeply moving experience that it's hard to describe. Scruffy's love for me came through as he acknowledged all I had done for him in his last few months, and I in turn was able to make sure he knew how much I loved him. Most importantly, it was reassuring to know that the guilt I felt over his death was unnecessary; he communicated to Pea that he had been ready to go.

It was so wonderful to know he is still around and to also be able to learn more about him and his life before he met me. I took great comfort from our session and Pea's gentle mediating skills are a real gift. It has helped me in the grieving process and made me completely re-think our relationship to animals in general. Animals continue just as we do and they can teach us so much. I would recommend Pea to anyone. Her work is invaluable."

  - Liz (London)  
"Friendly, intelligent, naughty, curious, humourous, and a complete chatterbox are just some of the words that described Bacardi - my beautiful Turkish Van cat. So imagine my horror when I discovered her body dumped in the rubbish bin down the road. I was completely devastated and I desperately needed answers to questions such as when, how, why and if only.

Despite being a little dubious, I chose to ignore the patronising words of sceptical friends and family members, and took the plunge. I need not have worried. Pea is a natural communicator and she gives offers wonderful and compassionate support during the painful grieving process. Pea's words are pure poetry and she totally captured the essence of Bacardi's warm, affectionate and loving nature. For the sake of my peace of mind, I now know how she met her untimely death, but more importantly I know she is happy, at peace, and her spirit is with me always. My questions were answered. Pea also sent my messages of love to Bacardi so that she knows how much she truly meant to me and always will. Bacardi's personal messages to me were particularly relevant and poignant. I keep her words of wisdom with me every day, albeit in the form of a rather dog-eared and tear-stained print-out folded up in my handbag!

Through Pea and Bacardi my eyes have been opened to a greater spiritual awareness, easing me through my raw, painful loss, and instigating a more positive outlook on other areas of my life. I thoroughly recommend Pea to anyone who loves and cherishes their pets, wherever they are in the world. As I live in Dubai, our communication was solely by email, but the outcome is just as accurate. I also hope to attend one of Pea's Animal Communication workshops, I think it would be an incredible experience!"

Thank you, Pea, from the bottom of my heart.

  - Cathy (Dubai)  
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