You were so kind and beautiful, a joy to behold,
sadly for us you will never grow old.

You loved your walks each and every day,
we threw your ball, you just wanted to play.

You were so kind with Lauren, Charlie and David too,
and everyone you knew, loved you too.

We have loved you more than words can say,
and we will think of you each and every day.

You were so special and lent to us for a while,
when we think of you we will always smile.

We will always stay very close to you,
you will feel all the love that we have for you.

Kerry has waited so very patiently for you,
you loved him so much, and he loved you so much too.

When we look up at the sky at night,
you and Kerry will be the *two stars* together, that always shine so bright.

The Angels called, they needed you,
they thought you were so beautiful and would know just what to do.

You and Kerry are just like puppies again,
running and playing and feeling no pain.

Fly high dear Honey on your Guardian Angel’s wing,
if we listen carefully we will hear the Angels sing.

Forever in our Hearts xxxxxxxx


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