Well, little you are gone
but not very far away.
The memories of you and me live on
you're here with me every day.

The awful start you had to your life
was, hopefully, cushioned by me
and I know, you knew, how much I cared
It was out there for all to see.

I look to the stair, where you waited each night
and I still see you, wagging your tail
Yet others insist you are no longer there
and thats when I start to wail.

They don't understand, the bond that we have
they never would quite get 'the plot'
They judge me and you on all that they know
but they'll never know all that we've got

We have each other, for all of our lives
and that will remain 'til we die
For the greatest gift that we have, is our love
- for each other, just you and I.

-Written by Christine of CARA for Anne and Nikki.


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