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General Consultations

How does a consultation work?

Once your information and photograph are received we will inform you of the current waiting time. When your slot comes up I will start to connect with your animals and send you some verifiable first impressions by email. If you decide to continue, payment is made at this stage and I send a request for a suitable telephone or Skype appointment so I can talk through all of your animal’s communication for you. If you prefer, I can send you a typed copy by email instead. If you decide to cancel at the first impressions stage, there is no payment and no hard feelings. Mostly it works out, but occasionally it doesn’t. I care deeply in helping you both based on a solid and clear connection and work towards the best possible outcomes for resolution and healing.

How do I book a consultation?

Animal communication consultations are available worldwide. I work distantly from a high-resolution photograph of your animal and up to 10 questions or messages that you email me.

2019 Fee: £195

Payable upon receipt of invoice. This fee covers all applications received in 2019.

Please fill out the form on the next page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Only if they contact me directly. I don’t work through third parties.

My first point of advice is to return to the person you consulted and explain your misgivings. Give them another opportunity to communicate with your animal or offer you a refund.
If you have only consulted with one animal communicator once, I may be able to help you.
I can’t offer you a consultation you if you’ve already consulted various animal communicators. I feel it is too confusing for the animal to have so much contact resulting in the guardian’s disappointment. Please return to the professional you felt most in tune with and see if you can benefit from further contact.

It depends. There are limited emergency consultations available each month. However, I may be away teaching or the emergency consults may already be booked. Email me via the Contact Form and I’ll let you know so that you can choose what to do.

Animals can often explain what they are feeling, where and how you could support them outside of your usual veterinary treatment. Sometimes they request a holistic therapy or a change of bedding or exercise. Please always seek the advice of a trusted animal veterinarian if you have any concerns.

Yes it can certainly be useful to understand why your animal behaves the way they do and if there is anything you can do to help them.

Keep your questions short, clear and only include one question, don’t divide it into two or more points.
Here are some examples:
How are you feeling?
Can I do anything to make you happier?
What do you think of the new baby?
How can I prepare you for when we move home?
Is there anything you would like to tell me?
Would you like me to do anything differently for you?
Are you happy?
Are you ok with our long walks?
Are you feeling any pain or discomfort?
How will I know when you are ready to pass over?

I am receiving a lot of requests for consultations and the waiting time varies depending upon how quickly I can reach people. You will be informed of the waiting time when you submit a consultation form, and you can decide to wait or cancel your request. To give you a rough idea, the waiting time is over 6 months. Some emergency appointments are available each month if you consider it urgent.

If you decide you resonate with the first impressions and wish to continue we will arrange a suitable appointment time together. Appointments are not allocated prior to this.

Not necessarily. I allow the animal to express themselves and what they feel is important to share. This might be very different from what you expect them to express. My aim is that every consultation is informative, healing and helpful. I don’t enter into test questions, so don’t send them.

Animal communication does not offer instant or quick fixes. Sometimes things need to change within the environment, routine or family. However, there have also been immediate changes from animals once they are heard and understood.

Simply, have an open mind. If this is the first time you’ve experienced animal communication just be positive and open to what you might discover.

It’s a pleasurable experience and they are often grateful for the opportunity.

I will endeavor to provide enough first impressions, which your animal shares freely, to help you recognize without doubt that it’s them before we continue with the booking. If I can’t connect with them, you don’t pay.