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Emergency Consultation

If you feel you need my help sooner than I can reach you by a general consultation you can apply for one of these consultations. Turn around is within approx. 7 days. If I am away holding a workshop or retreat it may be a little longer. I will do my best to reach you quickly but please be mindful I can not guarantee an instant response.*

If you have a missing, lost or stolen animal, please go to Missing.

If your animal has passed over, please go to In-Spirit.

*Please note that animal communication does not substitute for help from a trusted veterinarian or animal health professional. If your animal is unwell, please seek medical help for them.

How does a consultation work?

Once your information and photograph are received my team will inform you when I aim to reach you. When your slot comes up I will start to connect with your animal and send you some verifiable first impressions by email. If you decide to continue, payment is made at this stage and I send a request for a suitable telephone or Skype appointment so I can talk through all of your animal’s communication for you. If you prefer, I can send you a typed copy by email instead. If you decide to cancel at the first impressions stage, there is no payment and no hard feelings. I care deeply in helping you both based on a solid and clear connection and work towards the best possible outcomes for resolution and healing.

How do I book a consultation?

Animal communication consultations are available worldwide. I work distantly from a high-resolution photograph of your animal and up to 10 questions or messages that you email me.

2023 Fee: £395

Payable upon receipt of invoice.

Please fill out the form below.