Conversations Round the Fire Virtual All-Access Pass. Join us in Sacred Ceremony.

26-29 April, 2021


Deepen Your Connection to Nature, Animals & Our Loving Community

All-Access Pass Includes:

  • Invitation to Conversations Round the Fire | 26-29 April
    • Live & interactive online video chat with our hosts
    • Ask questions over 4 days
    • Be part of the synergy!
  • 6-Months as a member of The Pride with access to:
    • Replays of All Four Conversations Round the Fire
    • Replays to All 24 Conversations with Nature
    • Bonus Meditation #1: Divine Love Meditation
    • Bonus Meditation #2: Solar Plexus Empowerment
    • Monthly LIVE Animal Power-ups
    • Archives of past Animal Power-ups – 9+ species
    • Making a difference for the animals, ourselves & our world
All Access Pass Bundle

What is the Conversations Round the Fire All-Access Pass?

All-Access Pass

4 Extra Days of Interactive Conversations

Join our summit speakers for virtual deeper conversations and Q&A. These speakers will be open to your questions ranging from animal communication through to the cosmos. Nothing is too small or too big for consideration.

All-Access Pass

6-Months Free Membership of The Pride

The Pride is a community of animal lovers who want to make a difference. You don’t need to be able to communicate with animals to be able to enjoy, learn and participate in these experiences.

All-Access Pass

Making a Difference

We donate 10% of each Pride membership to help animals in need. Each month a member’s vote decides the animal rescue or sanctuary to benefit.

All-Access Pass

Your All-Access Pass Includes a FREE Bonus Membership in The Pride, Which Includes...

Monthly Animal Power-Up

The Animal Power-Up is the highlight of every month, join Pea online with different species of the Animal Kingdom. For around 30 minutes Pea will share a communication received from an individual of an animal species or the group-collective, to bring you their meditation explorations and wisdom teachings of transformation for you and the planet. This will be followed by approx. 30 minutes, when Pea will answer questions and discuss your own communication experiences. With this subscription, all monthly Animal Power-Up’s with Pea are archived for you to return to at your leisure. Exclusive to The Pride.

Animal Empowerment Audio

Membership gives you the Animal Empowerment, an accessible recording of the animals’ communication-share to listen to during your membership! Listen again and again to enter a deeper connection, healing and frequency uplift from the different species.

Divine Blueprint

Every month you will shift into a higher vibrational relationship with the Animal Kingdom and learn more about your Soul-self. To enable you to make the most of the inspirations and teachings you experience, you will receive a downloadable monthly Divine Blueprint to note all of your deeper understandings of each species, their gifts and messages for you, and your own self-discoveries and communications.

The Pride Community

As a member of The Pride you’ll also gain access to the members-only private Facebook group; an interactive private community to share and discuss the animals’ teachings and connect with other compassionate animal lovers.

Knowledge & Sacred Action

Every month Pea will share, Knowledge & Sacred Action, some vital information about a species including facts, figures and scientific insights. Plus! There will be links to conservation groups saving specific endangered species, and recommended books for further exploration and involvement.

Make A Difference

When the animals give to us, we give back! We will donate 10% of each subscription to help animals in need. Each month a member’s vote decides the animal rescue or sanctuary to benefit from these funds. Being part of The Pride community means you make a difference, positively support and love other species. This is recognition of the exchange of energy and love between us.

The Pride is already Making a Difference!

I am so grateful that Pea offers us, monthly, an opportunity to vote on which animal-related organization that some of our membership funds goes towards. I have found that I am more committed both to myself and the planet, as I increase my understanding and awareness of how important our conversations and connections with the animals around the world are, to the health of and relationship to our whole earth.

- Diane, Annual Member of The Pride

Your membership will give you immediate access to nine months of archived species!


Sea Turtles








Which species will be next?

I’ve also got two amazing bonuses for you if you take action now!

Bonus #1

Divine Love Meditation

When you become a member of The Pride you will gain immediate access to our powerful meditation, Divine Love. This exclusive audio is both uplifting and healing. Pea received it directly from Texas, her feline master-teacher. Give yourself an experience that is both cleansing, uplifting and healing.

Value £18

The Divine Love meditation is so powerful, so moving, so touching, so empowering. I was brought to tears, overwhelmed by the LOVE of the animal kingdom. I thought it was going to be more of a journey meditation like the ones you have taken us on in workshops but this transported me to the very highest of vibrations. A completely different experience altogether. Extraordinary!

- Amanda

Bonus #2

Solar Plexus Empowerment

As a member of The Pride you’ll also gain access to our rejuvenating meditation, Solar Plexus Empowerment.  This audio is designed to help those who doubt themselves or lack confidence in their interspecies communications. This empowerment was given by one of the masters of solar-sun-power, the feline species and will boost your solar plexus energy.

Value £18

The Pride Difference

Sharing and Q&A with Pea

Our monthly 90-min Live Group Calls are a great place to connect deeply with animals and get your questions answered. Our favourite part about The Pride is getting to connect with you!

Experiential Learning

This is an interactive experience designed to develop a living relationship between you and the Animal Kingdom, co-creating your best life and transformational connection with different animal species.

A Community You’ll Love

Our private membership is like an interactive 24/7 coffee club – where you can connect with animal lovers from around the world, share experiences, and make new lifelong friendships.

For The Greater Good

You don’t need to be a fantastic animal communicator or even think you’re intuitive to get value from this membership. Simply show up, interact with the animals, and you’ll begin noticing positive changes in your life as well as other species. It’s so easy!

The Pride is where miracles happen!

“That was such a beautiful experience, so gentle but powerful. I felt tingly and washed in light in the turtle human cleansing, made me smile so much. It was so good to float and move with them, so cleansing and releasing, causing me to breathe so deeply – and my dog did too!”

“WOW! An amazing experience with the snakes. Such gentle and calming energy. As soon as we started I felt a tingling in my spine, and then, wow, as we asked the snakes to enter our body and entwine themselves down our spine, they had already! I started doing the slow breath in, pause, and then out but I know it didn’t come from me but the snakes. Shedding our skin was beautiful and so needed. An out of this world experience. If anyone couldn’t make yesterday I highly recommend listening to the replay… not to be missed. xx”

“That was very special – we were able to experience a wide range of the animal kingdom with the coral community.”

“What an amazing experience. With the giant penguin I was in the middle of an ice storm – very strong and powerful. The message was listen, relax and feel. I saw a polar bear, killer whale and humpback whale and for some reason squid but I was chasing silver fish. As a baby penguin I was in amazement of the ice scene but felt excited and happy and wanted to play. The overall message of endurance, determination, support and guidance really resonated with me.”

I have just listened again to the penguins and chose the ‘raw’ version, which had a lovely feel to it. To Lynne who commented she saw squid, so did I. ( …just looked it up and Emperor and king penguins mainly eat fishes and squids !) The fairy was a jaunty soul, the Emperor sleek and the Water King had the wisdom of the elders. The warmth from the Giant was beautiful, what an amazing ally. The penguins had a wonderful energetic connection with the aurora, which I saw more than once.

“I was amazed at how much peace I felt inside the gigantic silverback, and the power of that peace and steadiness.”

The message was so clear. Choose Love above Fear. Start with yourself.”

“Thank you Pea, it was so relaxing. There were suddenly some dolphins swimming pass and jumping in and out of the water. I was straight in the water with one of the turtles and the deep peace and tranquillity was so healing.”


What is the Conversations With Nature All-Access Pass?

The All-Access Pass is an upgraded ticket and gives you the entire summit! When you upgrade to the All-Access Pass, you’ll receive access to the full Conversations with Nature Summit: all 24 speaker sessions, plus all four Conversations Round the Fire interactive sessions, plus 6-months free membership to The Pride, and more! While remaining a member of The Pride, you’ll have access to all the recordings of the summit to enjoy and listen to again in your own time.

What are the benefits of 'Conversations Round the Fire'?

The benefits to participating in any live event including our Live Virtual Conversations Round the Fire as opposed to watching the recorded version are that participants will have the opportunity to interact with our expert lineup of speakers through live Q&A and being a part of deeper exploration of what you care about.

How do I register for 'Conversations Round The Fire'?

Upgrade your free ticket to the All-Access Pass for access to Conversations Round The Fire, you’ll be able to attend all four days from April 26 – 29. These sessions are also recorded to enable you to watch at a later time if you can’t make it live.

When is 'Conversations Round the Fire'?

The Conversations Round the Fire sessions take place across four days from 26 – 29 April. This is the second part of the Conversations With Nature Summit, exclusively available to All-Access Pass ticket holders.

What time are the 'Conversations Round the Fire' sessions?

There are two times available on alternate days to accommodate all time zones. Monday 26 & Wednesday 28 @ 9pm BST, Tuesday 27 & Thursday 29 @ 9am BST.

To convert to your own time zone, click on the time convertor tool here.

What is The Pride 6-months membership bonus?

The Pride is Pea’s monthly members community dedicated to listening to the wisdom of animals.  It’s also a supportive and caring gathering where everyone can practice their ability to communicate with animals and offer and receive support. The Animal Power-Up is the highlight every month, you can join Pea for an online live experience with a different species of the Animal Kingdom. If you can’t make it to the live session, you can watch the replays at your leisure and interact via the community group.
All-Access Pass



We come together to create a peaceful, thriving world for humans, animals and our perfect planet.

We invite you to bring your enquiring mind, loving heart, and wise soul.

To be motivated by the beauty in the world.

Join others in leading the way to healing the planet with kindness.