Animal Communication Lessons

6 Animal Communication Lessons by our featured professionals!

Our featured world-class animal communication professionals and pioneers teach you lessons in animal and nature communication.

Please have a journal and pen at the ready, a photo of one of your beloved animals in-spirit, and find a quiet and peaceful spot to enjoy these classes!

1. Taking your first steps into Animal and Nature Communication

Maia Kincaid

Animal & Nature Communication Coach & Author

2. Being Present and Receptive

Nancy Windheart

Animal Communicator & Interspecies Communication Teacher

3. The Most Complete Communication Technique: Becoming One With An Animal

Penelope Smith

Animal Communication Specialist

4. Let's talk to Delilah (dog)

Joan Ranquet

Animal Communicator, Founder of Communication With All Life University

5. Learn how to Communicate with an Animal In-Spirit

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator, Teacher, and Founder of The Pride membership
Pea Horsley

6. Re-Writing Your Soul Contract

Madeleine Walker

Animal Intuitive and Human Empowerment Coach

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