Calm, Centre, and Consolidate

Welcome to Sound Healing Day!

This is offered to you as a day to integrate the conversations you’ve heard so far, and as a restful pause before we move into the Campfire Conversations.

There are four sound healings which you can listen to in any order. Tune in with headphones on, as you take a walk, or rest peacefully on your bed. Give yourself this space for serenity – it’s our gift to you.

1. Whale and Dolphin Akashic Record Keepers

Alicia Davies

Therapeutic Sound and Meditation Practitioner

Alicia Davies’s life has been a never-ending exploration of the power of creativity and self-transformation through art, words, music, performance and healing. In 2012, she discovered the means of bringing all those elements together, when she was catapulted by a series of life-changing synchronicities into the world of therapeutic sounds and frequencies. Today, she uses her inspiration to create unique guided meditations – based on her love of the natural world – and powerful multi-instrumental sound baths using planet gongs, bronze gongs, singing bowls and other healing instruments.

Gong Baths are powerfully transformative experiences, and deeply relaxing. They are a fast track to meditation, and great for stress and physical ailments.

Alicia Explains What to Expect and How to Prepare

Whale and Dolphin Meditation

+ Gong Bath Healing

Listen Now and Download to Keep!
Whale and Dolphin Akashic Record KeepersWhale and Dolphin Akashic Record Keepers
LENGTH: 45 minutes

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Online Gong Bathing is not advised for those who suffer from Meniere’s syndrome, have a history of psychotic episodes, or who experience epileptic seizures in the state between sleeping and waking. This is because the effect of the sound vibrations and the guided meditation can act as a trigger. You are responsible for consulting your medical practitioner before listening to the audio or livestream session if you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health. Do not listen while driving.

2. A Little More Love

Amy Bisazza

Sacred Songstress and Poet

Amy has been teaching yoga and sound healing since 2006. She is a dedicated and devoted practitioner. She also writes and sings sacred music as part of the duo; Earth Mantra. Her music is influenced by many spiritual traditions and her love of gospel and soul music. She sings with intention, passion and soul.

3. If Trees Could Talk

Vaishnavi Brassey

Singer and Voice Worker

Vaishnavi offers her voice as a healing connection with the Divine – and those who listen are transported into a deep stillness. She feels blessed to have had no formal voice training, although she has spent time un-learning with Rajeswar Bhattacharya, deepening into authentic sound with Chloe Goodchild and improvising with Briony Greenhill.

Her journey with voice began in 2000 when she encountered mantra chanting and she was later introduced to bhajan (Indian devotional songs) and the bhakti (devotional) path which she considers her greatest “teaching” – a flowering of the heart. Vaishnavi is one half of mantra duo EARTH with Amy Bisazza.

She sings like an angel, touching hearts at a deep devotional level.

- Chloe Goodchild

4. Dolphin Healing - Guru Rinpoche Mantra

Jasper Merle

Heartsong Singer

Jasper sings with the world of Light. He sings Heartsongs for people longing to live the path of love. Heartsongs are channeled songs that open the heart and bring healing where needed. To empower you to live your Soul Purpose.

This footage of dolphins was taken on one of Pea’s Whale and Dolphin Communication Retreats in Hawaii. If you’d like to join Pea on one of her retreats in the future, register your interest here.

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