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Join us over the next 12 months and we’ll help you to expand your animal communication practice and your life in ways you can’t even imagine – together we’ll access animal communication and integrate the wisdom of animals to create real transformation.


I understand that I will get

  • Access to the Pride Dashboard for animal communication practice, personal growth and spiritual expansion
  • Unlimited email and chat support from the Pride to get all of my questions answered
  • Access to the monthly Animal Power-Up call with Pea Horsley + members
  • Access to the quarterly Campfire calls with Pea Horsley + members to discuss, reflect and integrate into my life
  • Instant access to all the archived Animal Power-Up sessions to practice animal communication and to understand more about each species from direct experience
  • Access to the community of over 500 animal lovers who recognise animals as sentient beings and want to help them
  • Access to the Divine Blueprint and Knowledge and Sacred Action worksheets every month
  • Voting power to nominate where the Pride Make A Difference donation goes to benefit and support an animal project each month
  • An orientation Compass Call
  • Discounts on Animal Thoughts workshops and some events

Instant access to over $1000 worth of interspecies practices and conversations

Conversations with Nature World Summit

With Pride Membership, you receive FREE access to All Replays of the 2021, 2022 and 2023 Conversations with Nature World Summit worth £788 which gives you instant access to 72 illuminating speaker conversations by world experts that will change your life, 15 Animal Communication Lessons by renown professionals, Sound Healings, Gong Baths, Expert Q&A, Meditations, and so much more.

Plus with active membership, you’ll get a FREE All-Access Pass to the next Conversations with Nature World Summit when you subscribe to Annual Membership. [Value £297]

£788 VALUE  [$1000]

You’ll get the practice, growth and expansion you need to become a consistently effective animal communicator and to live the life you truly want.

No more self-doubt, no more getting in your own way, no more struggling alone!

You’re here to expand your communication and your life and we’re here to show you how to make that happen, receive wisdom from the animals, and take the steps to create a beautiful life for you, animals and nature.


Make friends and freely share your experiences

“I love the connection to animals, to people, the messages that the animals bring to us”

“You might feel overwhelmed lately, and these animals bring us messages of Hope and things that we can actually do. Before I joined The Pride I never thought of myself as an animal communicator but now I am, and you can be too. My life is so different now, I am connected to animals and nature more than I ever was before.”

–  Marie Thornton

I love being part of The Pride, I get to spend quality time with like-minded people. It’s a safe space and very much a family.

“It’s an animal species that decides to come forward. It’s really a case of who shouts loudest to Pea, and also has the strongest message, and the most relevant message at that time.”

–  Loana Vazzano

“I have learned so much more than animal communication, I have reconnected to Mother Earth”

“I’ve been a member of The Pride for about a year. I have learned so much more than animal communication, I have reconnected to Mother Earth in a way I didn’t think was possible and by that reconnected to who I truly am and my purpose in life came from The Pride.”

–  Natalie Nilsson

“It’s the best thing that’s happened. When I now think about it, it’s a dream come true”

“It’s the best thing that’s happened. When I now think about it, it’s a dream come true, of feeling connected to the Animal Kingdom, of meeting friends and sharing powerful conversations that can have a large range of effects from very practical advice to spiritual awakenings and ‘aha’ moments...and it’s so much fun, every single time.”

–  Sandra Pereira

Our heart vibration is Unity

The Pride is rooted in 3 core principles...

Animal Communication Practice

You can become more grounded, focused and trusting of your animal communication abilities, from a structure of practice that strengthens your intuition and develops your senses.

It’s for you and the animals.

Personal Growth

The Pride is a safe place for you to dive deeper into yourself, be guided to energy expand and mindset shift to release self limiting beliefs and heal old wounds.

It’s time to live your best life.

Spiritual Expansion

If you love animals and you love the natural world communicating with different species and integrating their wisdom and guidance will bring you spiritual growth.

Find greater alignment with your Soul purpose.

Your Subscription Includes:

Wolf looking at camera

Monthly Animal Power-Up

The Animal Power-Up is the highlight of every month, join Pea online with different species of the Animal Kingdom. For around 30 minutes Pea will share a communication received from an individual of an animal species or the group-collective, to bring you their meditation explorations and wisdom teachings of transformation for you and the planet. Enter the communication at the invitation of the animals and have your own exchanges and connection. This will be followed by approx. 30-40 minutes, when Pea will answer questions and discuss your own communication experiences. With this subscription, all monthly Animal Power-Up’s with Pea are archived for you to return to at your leisure. Exclusive to The Pride.



Campfires enable a deeper exploration of the themes of the previous 3 Animal Power-Up’s, your communication progression and real life transformations.  Campfires also include group healing for the species and their natural habitat.

group of people with reflection on wet sand at sunset

The Pride Community

As a member of The Pride you’ll have access to our private Community where you can share your experiences and feel uplifted by group support. You can also offer support and helpful knowledge to other Pride members. Community is everything.


Animal Empowerment Audio

Unlimited access to the audio recordings of the Power-Up’s to enter a deeper connection, healing and frequency uplift from the different species. Practice your animal communication when it suits you.

bed on purple flower

Divine Blueprint

Monthly download to note your communication, the gifts and messages you receive, and your own self-discoveries. See how your understanding of each species grows.

two elephants at sunset on grass with pink sky

Knowledge & Sacred Action

Downloadable insights and information on every species including facts, figures and tools for further engagement and reading. Plus, a choice of animal projects to vote on and support.

Orientation Compass Call

Receive an orientation call personally with Pea!

Pride Member Discounts

Pride member special discounts

You will also get

Mountains of inspired support…

Conversations with Nature

World Summit's



Instant access to 48 illuminating speaker conversations by world experts that will change your life.


Campfire Q&A

Deep explorations and Q&A with Conversations with Nature World Summit’s  speakers.



World-class animal communication professionals teach you bitesize lessons in animal and nature communication.


Sound Healings

Healing with whales, dolphins, trees, and an Akashic Records Gong Bath to download and keep for life.

plus exclusively for Pride Members

A free All-Access Pass to future Conversations with Nature Summit’s

You can make a difference

33 Animal Projects Supported Globally

So far The Pride community have helped 33 animal conservation and rehabilitation projects with their important work and we will be supporting even more over the coming years.

We donate 10% of your subscription through The Pride’s Make A Difference gifting every single month, and you decide who benefits by member’s vote.

When you join The Pride, your participation immediately starts to help animal conservation projects around the world!


Donated by The Pride


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Members Joined

Our Difference

Sharing and Q&A with Pea

Our monthly 90-min Live Group Calls are a great place to connect deeply with animals and get your questions answered. Our favourite part about The Pride is getting to connect with you!

Experiential Learning

This is an interactive experience designed to develop a living relationship between you and the Animal Kingdom, co-creating your best life and transformational connection with different animal species.

A Community You’ll Love

Our private membership is like an interactive 24/7 coffee club – where you can connect with kindred spirits from around the world, share experiences, and make new lifelong friendships.

For The Greater Good

You don’t need to be an animal communicator or even think you’re intuitive to get value from this membership. Simply show up, interact with the animals, and you’ll begin noticing positive changes in your life as well as for other species. It’s so easy!

Join our community where every beautiful being matters

and animals are respected, honoured, and loved

“What a wonderful experience to be with a group of humans who know that other beings are sentient and are will to be so open about their experiences”

“Yesterday was lovely and I have made space in my calendar to be live for the next one as well. If felt like such a gift!”

–  Kelly

“I’m serious about animal communication, I want to take what I’ve learned to the next level”

“I’m very excited to be part of this very special community. I believe I’m also letting the universe know that I’m serious about animal communication and I want to take what I’ve learned to the next level.”

–  Steve

“Also loved hearing the other members’ comments and reflections”

“Just listened to the Octopus session last night and loved it so much ❤️ Going to listen again tonight – there was so much to take in and digest. Also loved hearing the other members’ comments and reflections – especially the comment about the hard shell being like our human ego. So incredible. 💖”

–  Avantika

“The Power-Up’s are not only a beautiful experience but also meaningful to me in the healing connection with all life”
“I’m thrilled to be in The Pride. The Power-Ups are not only a beautiful experience but also meaningful to me in the healing of our connection with all life. It’s a pleasure to be in the company of Pea. Not only is she professional but very loving and a great listener. Pea is a wonderful example of living her truth and passion.”

–  Karen

“You know you can share your experiences in a sacred space”

“I can’t put into words how special it is being a member of The Pride. It’s a unique time every month where you get to connect and share with kindred souls who love all animals and know you can share your experiences in a sacred space. Each month I am wowed by the species that comes forward to share with us. Honestly there is no better place to be. It really is the best part of my month. Pea is such a gentle precious soul who listens and shares so generously with her whole heart. Can’t remember life before The Pride.”

–  Lorraine

“It is hard to find the words to express how much I love the communications with the animals.”

“It is also an absolute blessing to be part of The Pride. It is hard to find the words to express how much I love the communications with the animals. They always gift so much!”

–  Fiona Sutton

“A totally unique opportunity to connect with amazing species from all over Mother Earth”
The Pride….Amazing. The Pride is a community where you can connect with animal lovers from across the globe and freely share your experiences. I can’t express how much I look forward to our monthly gatherings – their messages, inspire, guide and amaze us humans”

–  Lorraine Wells

“I really enjoy connecting, learning and practising animal communication with like-mined people”

“It’s an outstandingly inclusive, friendly and supportive group and I really enjoy connecting, learning and practising animal communication with like-minded people under Pea’s gentle and expert guidance.”

–  Amber

Questions you may have about The Pride…

Is this subscription membership?

Yes, the Pride membership is run by subscription, making it easy for you to continue your membership and take advantage of the locked-in price when you first join. If you cancel then rejoin, you’ll be joining as a new member at the increased rate at that time. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

What's the refund policy?

As a new member, you may cancel your monthly membership and request a full refund within your first 14 days of joining the membership for the first time, this is our money-back guarantee. Outside of your first 14 days, we don’t offer refunds, but you can still cancel your monthly membership at any time.

You may cancel your monthly membership at any time by emailing our support team on [email protected] giving 7 DAYS NOTICE to cancel your account.

For annual subscriptions, you may cancel your membership at any time, meaning it will not renew after the initial 12 months. We do not offer refunds on annual membership subscriptions. This does not affect our 14-day money back guarantee described above.

I can't make it to the live broadcasts, can I still join The Pride?

Yes, we make recordings of every Power-Up and you can log into your Pride Dashboard to watch all of the replays. All replays of the Summit’s, Lessons, and Sound Healing, are all available there for you too.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes, we offer a month by month payment plan to help spread payments. Payments will continue until cancelled and you can cancel at any time.

When are the Live calls, how long are they and how do I view them?

The live Animal Power-Up’s take place once per month on the second alternate Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm UK time via Zoom. This is usually 2pm ET / 11am PT apart from twice per year when the clocks change.

The live Campfires take place once every 3-months on solstice dates at 7:00pm UK time via Zoom. This is usually 2pm ET / 11am PT apart from twice per year when the clocks change.

Replays are always available for the Animal Power-Up’s. The Campfires are not recorded.

Do I need to be on Facebook to interact with The Pride?

You will be able to interact during all of the live calls, both the monthly Animal Power-Up’s and the quarterly Campfires. You also have access to unlimited support by email. Some members joined Facebook just to interact inside The Pride group, which may also be something you’d consider.

What's the cancellation policy?

You may cancel your monthly membership at any time by emailing our support team on [email protected] giving 7 DAYS NOTICE to cancel your account.

You will have full streaming access to everything we offer while your membership is active. But once you cancel your membership you lose access to The Pride,  the Summit’s, the community, the resources and the support.

By taking out a membership subscription you are agreeing to the Terms of Agreement.

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