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If you’re someone who likes to embrace a heart and soul experience I can help you with that through my personally facilitated workshops and wild animal retreats. These guide you to rediscover, enhance and fine-tune your connection with animals and the natural world.

If you’re wondering, Is this for me? What it’s like to work with Pea? Or, maybe you just like a bit of a meet-and-greet kinda experience first, you can learn more about animal communication, how it works and my personal approach by listening to my lectures, talks and summits.

Animal Communication Workshops

Workshops are designed for beginners as well as people with experience in animal communication. You need strong roots – a solid foundation – in order to reach for the sky. I am able to give you that on the Introduction to Animal Communication workshop and then help you develop and grow through further intermediate subjects. Your progression will give you greater insight into just how powerful you are and how incredible our animal friends are too. I aim to provide a gentle, compassionate, and nurturing atmosphere to make learning easy and fun.

If you’re ready, go to the Workshops & Events page.

Animal Communication Wild Animal Retreats

These are animal communication-focused retreats where you’ll be with the wild animals in their natural habitat. Outdoors, you’ll establish a greater connection with the animals who interact with you by their own freewill. Developing your intuition and senses, you’ll begin to perceive details and have encounters very few humans experience. You may travel into other dimensions and experience different aspects of reality. Retreats are available on an annual or bi-annual basis via an application process and limited to small groups. Retreats are ideal for people seeking deep soul awareness and greater appreciation of wild animals and the natural world.
Species involved: Spinner Dolphins, Spotted Dolphins, Bottlenose Dolphins, Humpback Whales, Pilot Whales, Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, Brown Bears.
Additionally: Pelicans, Fish, Birds, Crabs and many other species who show up.

Not all Retreats are in the same location!

Animal Communication Lectures, Talks & Summits

These are short, sweet, limited edition – one in a million – sharing’s which can include, among other things, the different methods of animal communication, how to increase your own natural intuition and some real life stories to inspire. Ranging from an hour to a full day, these events are often accessible online so you can even join in from the comfort of your sofa. Your heart will open and you’ll enhance your understanding of animals.

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Workshops & Events



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