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In-Spirit Consultation

I am so sorry that you’re reading this. It probably means that an animal you love and adore has passed over. Please accept my deepest sympathy for your very sad loss. I understand from personal experience the deep bond of love one can have with an animal, they’re a member of your family. Loss and grief are difficult so I’ve tried to make this booking process as simple as possible for you.

How does a consultation work?

Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks before seeking a consultation. You’ll be experiencing the pain and shock of loss and will be deep in the grieving process. Try and go with it and please be gentle and kind with yourself. When you feel ready, complete the details below. Once your information and photograph are received my team will inform you of the current waiting time. It is often months but this will give you grieving space and adjustment time. If you feel you really can’t wait that long you could consider an Emergency consultation.

When your slot comes up I will start to connect with your animal and send you some verifiable first impressions by email. If you decide to continue, payment is made at this stage. I will also send a request for a suitable telephone or Skype appointment so I can talk through all of your animal’s communication with you. If you prefer, I can send you a typed copy by email instead. If you decide to cancel at the first impressions stage, there is no payment. I care deeply in helping you both based on a solid and clear connection and work towards a healing experience.

How do I book a consultation?

Animal communication consultations are available worldwide. I work distantly from a high-resolution photograph of your animal and up to 10 questions or messages that you email me.

While you are waiting for your appointment you may find comfort reading Life, Loss and Love. Many of the true life stories are about my clients cats, but there are other species too and I believe you might find what the animals and their guardians share about their feelings and thoughts on end of life and life on the Other Side is soothing for your heart. Just have some tissues handy.

2023 Fee: £325  Payable upon receipt of invoice.

Please note: this fee is guaranteed for consultations reached in 2023. If you are quoted a wait time that takes your consultation into 2024 please expect an increase.

Bookings Closed

Due to high demand, consultations are now fully booked. We will open bookings as soon as there is availability.