Missing Animals Consultation

The most important thing you can do when your friend goes missing is to stay calm and positive

When our animal friend fails to return home we try very hard to stay calm but there is often a part of us that goes into panic mode. We wonder whether we will ever see them again. Often it is the not knowing which is one of the most painful parts of being without our friends.

Now it is possible to know. As an animal communicator I will ask them questions and sense their feelings. I hope to be able to let you know if they are trapped somewhere. Perhaps if they are injured or taken in by another person. Whether they are trying to find their way home or are too scared to move from their hiding spot. We work together and I hope to be able to give you information that is beneficial.

Fee: £275 

Payable upon receipt of invoice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sometimes I am able to help you find your animal or able to encourage them to return home to you, but there is no guarantee of this outcome. Each situation is different and it depends on what your animal communicates.
Please download my free helpful guide Lost Animal below, which lays out where to start and practical measures you can take immediately.

My first point of advice is to return to the person you consulted and explain your misgivings. Give them another opportunity to communicate with your animal or offer you a refund.

If you have only consulted with one animal communicator once, I may be able to help you.

I can’t offer you a consultation you if you’ve already consulted various animal communicators. I feel it is too confusing for the animal to have so much contact resulting in the guardian’s disappointment. Please return to the professional you felt most in tune with and see if you can benefit from further contact.

This is the most difficult scenario for any animal communicator. I can communicate with them for you but you need to be aware they may not be able to detail what they see or their location, because they might not know. More significantly, you probably won’t be able to recognize their location if it’s not the normal places you visit together. I can connect and explain to them you’re looking for them and pass on anything they are able to communicate about their experience.

Yes I can but the possibility of reuniting you is very slim. You may not recognize the details they describe and they may be confused about their location.

Only if they contact me directly. I don’t work through third parties.

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