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Missing Animals Consultation

The most important thing you can do when your friend goes missing is to stay calm and positive

When our animal friend fails to return home we try very hard to stay calm but there is often a part of us that goes into panic mode. We wonder whether we will ever see them again. Often it is the not knowing which is one of the most painful parts of being without our friends.

Now it is possible to know. As an animal communicator I will ask them questions and sense their feelings. I hope to be able to let you know if they are trapped somewhere. Perhaps if they are injured or taken in by another person. Whether they are trying to find their way home or are too scared to move from their hiding spot. We work together and I hope to be able to give you information that is beneficial.

2024 Fee: £425

Payable upon receipt of invoice.

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    • Please send as a JPEG attachment
    • A clear photo of your animal, on their own, looking directly towards the camera
    • It can be of your animal at any age, although preferably recent
    • It must be high resolution (1MB or more, but less than 20MB) without red eye or light glare on the eyes
    • For prey animals like Horses, a side head shot & a full body shot (without anyone seated on them), no other horses or people in the shot.
    • Digital or smart phone shots are best.
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