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Start experiencing incredible communications with your animals and connect at a deeper, more profound and more loving level than ever before!

Have you ever looked at an animal and wished you knew what they were thinking and feeling?

Through opening up your senses, developing your intuitive gifts, and following these amazing methods, techniques and exercises, you’ll find yourself experiencing incredible connections with animals and viewing the natural world from a completely different and loving perspective.

What Will I Learn On This Course?

Communicate Effectively With Any Animal

Learn these amazing techniques to help you feel empowered when communicating with all living beings, and share love, healing and guidance with animals.

Develop Your Intuition

Tune in to your senses, shift your energy and consciousness, and hone your intuitive abilities to ignite your spiritual and personal growth.

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Transform Your Perspective

Overcome self-doubt, expand into trust, calm your body and mind, and re-establish a loving, meaningful and nourishing relationship with the natural world.

We’re all born with the ability to communicate with animals—we just need to remember how!

Exclusive Learning Materials

Alongside eight informative video lessons, I also share my favourite meditations and exercises as downloadable audio files, which you can download to your device and listen to anywhere, whenever you want to tune in to the perfect mindset for animal communication.

Throughout the course you’ll find 11 beautiful, full-colour worksheets to supplement your learning and help you to develop your animal communication skills further, including a written step-by-step guide to my Heart-to-Heart method.

This highly practical online course includes:

  • Eight engaging video lessons with internationally renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley
  • Expert advice on communicating with both domestic and wild animals in person, via a photograph or in Spirit
  • Practical exercises, meditations and techniques to enhance your animal communication practice
  • Information on how to understand and solve tricky behaviours, as well as how to support an animal who is sick or dying
  • Step-by-step instruction through Pea’s powerful Heart-to-Heart method to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for effective and positive animal communication
  • Guidance on how to work with your senses to send and receive information and messages

Pea's online animal communication course is brilliant, and well-named. It really is made easy. Not only in the way it is so well structured, but also easy in heart and spirit. Pea believes we can all communicate with animals, and gives us all the tools we need to find our particular way. I have always communicated with animals, and this course has given me the structure and confidence I needed, to take that much further. The lessons are very well presented, with a mixture of videos with Pea, written notes and exercises. There is a process to opening up our capacity to communicate, to hear, see and sense. There are great tools for relaxing, opening to our senses, our intuition and our innate ability to hear our animal friends. I absolutely loved it.... thank you for providing me with just what I needed!

- Anya

Animal communication is the intuitive exchange of energy and non-verbal information between two different species. We’re all born with the ability to communicate with animals in this way—but years of shutting out our intuition, repeating self-limiting patterns and beliefs, and refusing to step out of our comfort zone means that we have forgotten our true potential.

Under my guidance, you’ll learn how to shift your consciousness, listen with your heart and expand into trust in order to effectively communicate with animals—and that’s just for starters!

Animal communication doesn’t just strengthen your bond with animals, it’s going to completely transform your life—mind, body, heart and spirit—for a happier, healthier and more harmonious existence.

Learning to communicate with animals is fun, fulfilling and healing, and it will completely transform how you interact with yourself and the natural world around you. In addition to practicing my tried and tested techniques to help you feel confident in connecting with all animals, you’ll also learn how to comfort, support and empower animals in any situation, understand and communicate information, and receive their gifts of guidance, healing and love.

It’s time to wake up your intuitive gifts and bring out the animal communicator within you!

I’ve just completed Pea’s online animal communication course. It was great! The pace and information are fantastic. She gives you assignments and directs you how to practice your new skills. There are pdf and audio downloads to use for ongoing learning as well as printable pages you can use for practice exercises. The self-guided pace is perfect for people who have day jobs and are trying to juggle their time. I’d highly recommend her course, which might I add, is the most reasonable priced one I’ve found, especially considering the quality of the content.

- Kim

Animal communication is a very real and practical skill which will support your own personal growth and well-being as you embrace a more compassionate, heart-led and harmonious experience. It’s the best thing you can do for both yourself and your animals, and a powerful way to honour and nourish the extraordinary world we share.

Animal Communication Made Easy  will guide you to…

  • Receive and share information, messages and guidance with animals
  • Hone your intuitive abilities and tune in to your senses to supercharge your connections
  • Create the perfect mindset for animal communication with practices to calm your body, relax your mind and open your heart
  • Learn how to communicate with any animal in-person, via a photograph or in Spirit

As well as…

  • Overcome self-imposed blocks and fears in order to step into trust with simple exercises
  • Support, comfort and empower animals at every stage of their life, including as they transition
  • Connect with any animal—whether they be domestic, in your garden, in the fields or wild
  • Ignite your spiritual and personal growth and discover a compassionate, heart-led path
  • Create a more meaningful, nourishing relationship with yourself, your animals and nature

Own the Animal Communication Made Easy online course, take it at your own pace and revisit it as often as you like!

  • Eight engaging video lessons with internationally renowned animal communicator Pea Horsley
  • Expert advice on communicating with both domestic and wild animals in person, via a photograph or in Spirit
  • Practical exercises, meditations and techniques to enhance your animal communication practice
  • Information on how to understand and solve tricky behaviours, as well as how to support an animal who is sick or dying
  • Step-by-step instruction through Pea’s powerful Heart-to-Heart method to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for effective and positive animal communication
  • Guidance on how to work with your senses to send and receive information and messages

Course Summary

Lesson 1

Animal Communication: Your Super Power

Animal communication is the non-verbal exchange of energy and information between two different species, just like a silent conversation. It’s an amazing ability that we’ve always had—it’s just that we’ve forgotten how to do it! In this lesson Pea guides you to start remembering and developing this natural skill through shifting your consciousness and working to strengthen your intuition.

You’ll learn:

  • Anyone can communicate with animals if they open their minds and listen to their intuition
  • What animal communication truly is, and what it is not
  • The biggest shift in consciousness required is to change how we view ourselves
  • A powerful and focused meditation you can do with an animal to be truly present with them

Lesson 2

The Modes of Animal Communication

We have six modes of sending and receiving information: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and intuition. Pea takes you through the modes and explains how you can work each of them to communicate with animals. You’ll also discover how to tune in your senses in order to strengthen your practice and learn more about the electromagnetic energies and frequencies that make animal communication possible!

You’ll learn:

  • How to receive and send messages to animals using your senses
  • Why intention, love, focus and practice are the keys to successful animal communication
  • When we exchange information with our senses, we’re exchanging energy resonating at different frequencies—and what this means for your communication
  • How to develop and strengthen each sense through simple practices and exercises

Lesson 3

The Heart-to-Heart Method: Preparation

Pea shares the five important steps you need to take in preparation for animal communication. You’ll learn meditations, exercises and techniques to overcome what is limiting you and become present, relaxed, calm and open—the optimal state for effective animal communication. These techniques have more benefits than just supercharging your animal communication; you’ll also find they help to calm and heal your mind, body, heart and spirit.

You’ll learn:

  • The five steps to prepare your mind, body, heart and spirit for animal communication
  • How to shift your energy to a different, more positive vibration every day
  • A powerful exercise to help you move your consciousness into the body of an animal you’d like to communicate with
  • How animals are healing and teaching us already—we just need to open our hearts and minds to them

Lesson 4

The Heart-to-Heart Method: Making a Connection

Pea teaches the five steps of the Heart-to-Heart method of connection. You can either communicate with an animal face to face or via a photograph, and Pea explains the best practices for each approach. Once you have mastered the five steps of the Heart-to-Heart method, Pea invites you to start practicing animal communication with a friend’s animal using verifying questions to measure your progress.

You’ll learn:

  • The five-step method to effective and fulfilling animal communication
  • How to organize the environment and any equipment you might need before beginning
  • Why it’s easier to start your animal communication practice with a friend’s animal rather than your own
  • How to end your communication safely and respectfully through the ritual of disconnection

Lesson 5

Communicating with Your Own Animals

Communicating with your own animals can often be trickier than with other animals you don’t know quite as well. Pea shares her top tips, techniques and guidelines to help you overcome any blocks, move into trust and step out of your self-limiting comfort zone, so you can start intuitively connecting with all animals—including your very best friend. You’ll also hear some extraordinary stories from Pea’s personal experiences demonstrating the true power of animal communication.

You’ll learn:

  • An effective practice model for receiving intuitive information from your animals
  • How to reprogram any limiting patterns or fears through powerful techniques
  • The amazing ways that animal communication can benefit animals themselves
  • To recognise the importance of trust in animal communication and for your personal growth

Lesson 6

Supporting, Comforting, and Empowering Animals

In this lesson Pea advises how you can communicate with animals who are out of balance to try and find solutions through mutual understanding and respect. When animals communicate with us, it’s our responsibility to listen, hold the space and honour their wishes. Pea also shares some amazing case studies demonstrating how we can comfort and empower animals who are transitioning, and learn to connect with animals in Spirit.

You’ll learn:

  • How to approach resolving behavioural issues or emotional imbalances in animals
  • Why it’s important to understand your animal’s perspective and why these problems or behaviours might arise
  • Animals may choose their time or manner of transitioning for their own soul’s evolution
  • How communicating with animals in Spirit can help you learn to release any conflict or guilt, heal and understand that love doesn’t end just because the body does

Lesson 7

Wild Animals

Animal communication isn’t just restricted to the animals you’re familiar with; the same simple five-step method can be used to connect with any animal of any species. In this lesson Pea opens up the wider world of animal communication and explains how you can connect with wild animals on land, air and sea, in addition to any creatures you may encounter in your garden or closer to home. Each different animal has their own wonderful wisdom and beautiful gifts to share with those who listen.

You’ll learn:

  • How you can communicate with a diverse range of animals—from bees and cows, to snakes and whales
  • To overcome your cultural fears of stereotypically dangerous species such as sharks
  • How animals can help your personal growth through sharing their guidance and teachings
  • Why we should celebrate all animals and honour the interconnectedness of all of life, nature and the world around us

Lesson 8

Stepping into Your Power

Now that you know the basics of animal communication—where do you go next? Pea explores powerful ways to enhance your animal communication practice and ignite your spiritual growth. You’re invited to become an ambassador for the Animal Kingdom, follow your heart and reconnect with your compassionate self. It’s time to embody the energy of that which you wish to see and create in the world—and that change starts with you.

You’ll learn:

  • Different methods and practices to develop your sensitivity to energy
  • The profound and loving lessons all animals can teach us and what we can give in return
  • The conscious choices and actions you can make to honour messages from animals
  • Ways in which you can take your animal communication practice to the next level

Course Features

Downloadable Audios

Eight of Pea’s most powerful meditations and exercises are available as audio downloads, so you can tune in and listen to them wherever and whenever you like.

Full-Colour Worksheets

11 downloadable PDF worksheets guide you through Pea’s tried-and-tested techniques and help you develop your animal communication abilities further.

Certificate of Completion

When you finish the course, you will be able to download and print a beautiful personalised certificate of completion.

Lifetime Access

You’ll have access to this course forever! We know that learning doesn’t happen all at once, so you’ll be able to return to and review the course anytime you’d like.

Closed Captioning

All the videos in this course are equipped with closed captioning, so you can choose to watch them with or without transcription with the simple click of a button.

Risk Free100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied for any reason, just contact Hay House Customer Care within 60 days of purchase for a full refund, no questions asked.

Meet Pea Horsley

Pea Horsley is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator.

She is a TEDx speaker, grounded teacher, empowering mentor and the best-selling author of Heart to HeartThe Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love and Animal Communication Made Easy.

She has taught in over 16 countries and across four continents, helping thousands of people to get back in touch with their intuition and develop skills in animal communication.

Pea’s journey into animal communication began when she re-homed Morgan. His arrival triggered her introduction to her life’s purpose and he continues to guide her in her work.

If you’re anything like me when I first discovered animal communication, you’ll be buzzing. I was so excited to learn that I could literally learn to talk to animals and receive their answers.

- Pea Horsley
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