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Grounding with Grace Meditations

1 | All Together As One

2 | Pure Radiance

3 | The Great Mother

All three meditations were so beautiful and peaceful!

- Catherine

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Complete Meditation Bundle | 1-3

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Thank you Pea for such a reflective, deep meditation.

- Christine

Grounding With Grace is a series of guided meditations with three remarkably unique experiences. They are designed to bring you into a deep sense of relaxation, a feeling of peace and that all is right with the world. People agree these feelings are much needed at this time.

In each meditation different animals come forward helping to bring you into an even greater relationship with yourself, your animals and the interconnectedness of life.

Once purchased you’ll be able to download the MP3 recordings and keep them for life to listen to for a weekly reset to grace.

I am still trying to process where I went during your meditation! I felt so energised afterwards.

- Annette


Can I buy these meditations from the US?

You can buy and download these meditations from any country using any credit or debit card. Go to currency converter to find the price in your currency.

How are the meditations delivered?

Once payment is successful, you’ll be redirected to the download page. Stay on your device and wait until you see this page and click on the Download button. All three meditations will download to your device where you can then unzip them and save them to your preferred location. Click here to read how to unzip files on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch.

Where did these guided meditations originate?

Entering our second lockdown in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I asked the Animal Kingdom; ‘How can I serve you?’ This time the answer came, ‘People need to feel more grounded.’ I knew just what to do…receive meditations from animals to share with humans.

Do I need to follow the communications in number order?

Go with whichever you feel drawn to in the moment. It will then be perfectly aligned with what you need to experience.

How long are the meditations?

They are approx. 25 minutes each.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer a refund.

What’s Next For You?

If you enjoy these guided meditations, you’ll love The Pride subscription membership and be part of a growing community of likeminded animal lovers. Twice a year doors open so you can join The Pride and be inspired by a growing relationship and awareness with the Animal Kingdom.

I just wanted to say how blessed I feel to be part of The Pride. Last night was a beautiful experience - I can still feel the peace, love and cleansing energy from turtle time... and thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. Thank you Pea and the animals and everyone for this group, just awesome to be part of it 🌏💚

- Kirsty


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