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My first book, Heart to Heart, reveals how a dog entered my life and helped me discover animal communication. I found my true calling, jacked in my successful 15-year career as a theatre stage manager and returned to my first love, devoting myself to helping animals – a move I’ve never regretted.

You’ll read how I journeyed from doubting through training to believing to success, including true-life stories where animal communication has been able to help resolve problems, locate missing animals and help a client find her reincarnated puppy.

My hope is that the insights you gain will inspire you to start communicating with your own animals as well as the wildlife that surrounds you.

Reviews of Heart to Heart:

Warm, compassionate and gentle, Pea Horsley is an exceptionally talented animal communicator.

Amelia KinkadeAnimal Communicator

The clue is in the title! It would be impossible I think not to be moved by this wonderful book. Not only is it difficult to put down, but it is a brilliant reminder to me to try to always treat my two dogs with fairness and to respect their point of view.

Lesley NicolActress, Downton Abbey

Pea's book, Heart to Heart is exactly that. Beautiful, loving, compassionate and enlightening. If you understand it you will never be the same again.

Stephen Silver

5/5. This was one of those books that I was unable to put down until I’d finished. I found it to be so much more than I expected: personal journey, psychic development, personal and spiritual development and insight. When Pea described one of her teachers by saying “I could connect with her down to earth non threatening approach and the way she made psychic development both fun and accessible. In a world that could be considered scary or fairy-like I had found someone who was neither” for me she was describing herself too. The book isn’t just about how to converse with a loved pet. For me the underlying messages from the animals about ‘love’, ‘knowing and accepting who we are’ and ‘stepping onto our spiritual path’ is what a Heart to Heart connection is all about whether with animals or fellow humans.

Kindred Spirit Magazine

Ten years ago, animal communicating was something that only 'crazy' people did, but now more and more of us are beginning to understand that animals have thoughts and emotions which aren't too dissimilar to humans. What sets this book apart is that Pea explains very clearly how she keeps her attention focused until she receives information that can be verified. For example, when she tuned into the dog who described his home in detail to her before she arrived there, or the Jack Russell who was trapped down a rabbit hole. Here, Pea made a map of the woods he was lost in, and sectioned it off so that the dog could say where he was. She then asked him to describe the area around the hole he was stuck in. With this information, the owners found their friend. There is nothing in this book that is fanciful or light, although the writing style makes it easy to read. I couldn't put Heart to Heart down - it's a real page turner.

C. Driscoll

All of us who love animals and want to help them will find something calming and intuitive in this book. Take time to read it, by that I mean have a break between chapters to absorb the emotions. There is a lot to learn and Pea helps unravel what we try to understand. Looking at the world and us through their (the animal's) eyes is enlightening.


Nothing can truly convince a skeptic like skeptic. In Heart to Heart, Pea Horsley really pulls you into her discovery of animal communication with her initial unabashed skepticism as she stumbles into the world. This book chronicles her development as she evolves both as a telepath and a teacher. Pea Horsley tours you through her experience with rabbits, geese, cats and even insects. She helps animals find their way home again and assists people in making peace with the passing of a beloved animal friend. Each of the animal encounters are brief making for a quick read, but captures the essence of the furry characters involved with quirky detail. Her prose is focused and witty leaving you with stories that stick with you long after you finish the last page.

Species Link Magazine

Love the book! Heart to Heart inspires the awakening of our own natural abilities to listen to animals. A must read!

Maia KincaidAnimal Communicator