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In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring

A personalized 3-session programme of development

In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring is the most effective way to get into your flow and really sky rocket your communication to another level.

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In-The-Flow Mentoring is a professional mentoring service provided personally by Pea Horsley. Pea will tailor the 3-sessions to meet your specific experience, focusing on key areas to help you move from confusion to clarity, helping you to become a confident animal communicator.

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What To Expect

This In-The-Flow 1-2-1 Mentoring programme will help you move from fear, self doubt and confusion towards trust, confidence and resonant ‘knowing’. Pea will tailor the 3-sessions to meet your specific experience, focusing on key areas to help you move from confusion to clarity, helping you to become a confident animal communicator.

Once you get in-the-flow you’ll discover your communications are effortless and enjoyable. No more wondering if it’s you or the animal. No more questioning, “Am I doing this right?”

No more worry that you’re letting the animal down through your own misinterpretation.

During your private animal communication Mentoring, Pea will  address your concerns on a deep level, looking at cause and affect and why you are not able to resolve this problem by yourself.

We look at areas where you could be holding yourself back and you will be provided with exercises and homework to do between sessions.

By the end of the programme you will have experienced transformation or have new tools to enable positive change by further practice with the tools and techniques provided for your ongoing development.

How Does It Work?

During our time together we will discuss your current experience and the obstacles that keep you from being the successful animal communicator you envision.

Time is tailored to address the core areas that need focus and development, giving you practical tools and methods to use as you practice, and leaving you feeling energized and empowered for the next steps on your animal communication journey.

No question is too silly and I can reassure you your session is totally confidential.

The Session Breakdown

This process is run over 3-sessions via one face-to-face personal Zoom or Skype call on a consecutive weekly, fortnight or monthly basis.

You choose which of those time scales and we book them in the diary.

Sessions appointments are locked in at time of booking.

Each session lasts 1 hour.

Who is this Professional Mentoring for?

This is ideal for you if you who value having 100% of Pea’s attention and expertise on your animal communication struggles. You get individual mentoring that includes the benefits of a laser focused and tailor made programme.

This 1-2-1 process has proven to be the most effective way to get into your flow and really sky rocket your communication to another level.

  • People who have some good experience of animal communication already and who don’t want to start from the very beginning.
  • People who have already invested time and money into their animal communication through group workshop experiences.
  • People who don’t want to go over old ground repeating course after course.
  • People who know they are struggling, frustrated and are feeling ready to shift up a gear.
  • People who love Pea’s work, resonate with her values and know they don’t need to search anymore.
  • People who prefer to learn on a one-to-one more personally focused support away from the split focus and energy dynamics of a group.
  • People with a lot of questions who don’t want to share Pea’s time and expertise with anyone else.
  • People who love Pea’s calm and grounded nature and wish to learn from her on a more relaxed personally honed learning experience.
  • People who can’t physically reach Pea but have got to have some time with her!
  • People who have attended workshops with Pea and who are now ready to boost their ability to the next level with honest focused support.


The investment for this accelerator professional process to switching your blocks,
fear and problems into free, trusting, solutions is £850.

This is a commitment to yourself and your animal communication journey.

These sessions are easily accessed on Zoom or Skype. Are you signed up for Zoom or Skype? If not, it’s very easy and it’s free.

If you prefer an old fashioned phone call, you could call me instead at the appointment time.

Please make sure you read the Terms and Conditions on the registration page before you proceed with the booking. There are no refunds one payment is made.

Praise for In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring


“Priceless! I reached out to several professional and well-known animal communicators, to assist with mentoring and honing my skills. Of all I sought out, Pea Horsley aligned the most with my core values of authenticity, a love for the environment, genuine kindness, and a heart filled with gratitude and respect for all species, including humans.

Pea’s natural personality is not pushy, nor did she try to sell herself. She doesn’t need to do that; it is not her style. Her one-on-one mentoring sessions and The Pride membership are both affordable. This makes animal communication accessible to practically anyone and isn’t that the goal.
During our mentoring sessions, I was validated; I felt heard. I was offered helpful insight that I intend to adopt and implement in my own client sessions, and use to help further my growth. I will continue to connect and nurture our relationship – as well as the PRIDE community.
I feel privileged to be a part of the largest effort on the planet to empower humans, and to collectively and compassionately, help the animal world.”

– Nicole H. (US)

“When I contacted Pea for guidance and help, I’d been struggling with my animal communication, uncertain for more than a year if it was accurate.

Soon after the first session, feeling the trees intentionally as instructed by Pea, I felt a huge overwhelming vibe. Feeling their unconditional love, I was so relaxed, calm and happy. I started to realize that what I thought was a struggle was just from my ego. Ego coming from comparison with others.

After the second session and through my homework and instruction by Pea and her cat, Texas  – I started to feel the connection with nature, the oneness, to be here and to feel with ease. This also resolved my guilt of losing my bird – I was able to connect with her after 8 years living with guilt about her passing.

By the third session, I was a completely different person – confident, joyful, relaxed and open. Lighting-fast, things have all come together! My habit of worrying shifted to “Gratitude”. All lives are my teacher and I just enjoy what they have to tell me.

I did not expect such a huge transformation within me in such a short time span.

This transformation couldn’t have been possible without Pea and Texas’ guidance and support.”

– Keiko N. (Japan)

“I am very grateful for Pea’s assistance, listening skills and clear guidelines through her Professional Mentoring Program. It is what I needed to unblock some fears and develop trust and confidence in a ‘work’ that means so much to me.”

– Anne Thiebauld (France)

“I came across Pea when I bought her first book, Heart to Heart in 2010. I then attended one of her wonderful workshops in Munich, Germany some years later. I felt I had come full circle by doing Pea’s in-the-flow mentoring sessions. My aim is to become a professional animal communicator. I was clear what I wanted from the mentoring sessions and Pea didn’t let me down. Indeed, through her quiet, reassuring way, she simply reinforced that I am ready and we both focused on what was holding me back.

We looked at the resonance of energy and overcoming self-doubt. Having buzz words to reconnect with the animal you are communicating with is so easy, yet often overlooked. Pea also taught me that energy is not fixed and we have to be flexible as animal communicators when receiving and to focus on listening. This allows us to stop putting pressure on ourselves.

The homework assignments were invaluable and were important stepping stones into the next session. Three sessions are just right. They allow you to focus on what your needs are and enough time to help you to address them and to move on. That’s just it! I am now confident enough to move on. I am ever so grateful, Pea. Thank you.”

– Glen Darlow (Canada)

“I recently decided to take the plunge and complete a 3 session mentoring programme with Pea. I had become ‘stuck’ with my animal communication and doubted what I was receiving.

I was very nervous, but I needn’t had worried. Pea is lovely and immediately puts you at your ease.

She went right to the heart of my problem and gave me homework to do and talked me through why I was blocking myself. After just the first week, there was a shift and my animal communication improved. So if you have any doubts – don’t!

Pea is passionate about animal communication and helping you to achieve your goals. I wish I had done this sooner.

I am so grateful Pea, I can’t thank you enough.”

– Dawn R. (UK)

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