Conversations with Nature World Summit

Conversations with Nature World Summit

20 – 23 APRIL 2021

Embracing Animal Communication, Conservation And Compassion to Create a Healing Relationship With the Natural World

26 – 29 APRIL 2021

Deepen Your Conversations with Nature by Joining Conversations Round the Fire as a 6-Month Member of The Pride

Nature is Speaking

Nature is speaking to us all of the time.

  • What would happen if we listened?
  • How would that change us?
  • How would that change our relationship with the natural world?
  • What would that change look like?

In this summit, we explore listening and give Nature her voice.

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It is surely our responsibility to do everything within our power to create a planet that provides a home not just for us, but for all life on earth.

- Sir David Attenborough


We need a paradigm shift.

Are you ready to Embrace the Natural World and to Awaken to Your Incredible Potential?

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24 Collaborative Women Speakers

Our Summit Speakers Have Been Featured On…

What is the "Conversations With Nature World Summit"?

Four Days of Meaningful Conversations

Join this online gathering, where the voices of animals, plants, trees, the human spirit, and the creator Mother Earth are given a platform to be heard.

24 Collaborative Women Speakers

Sharing heart wisdom, tools and guidance, because everything is connected and you matter.

Aligning with Nature's Wisdom

These speakers have nurtured the art of self-belief, motivation and resilience. Now they’re here to empower you, so you can strengthen and align with the Natural World.

She’s called The Great Mother for a reason…if we mess around with this woman we are messing around with ourselves. She gives abundantly to all creation. Freely and with love, she is the compassion that we look for and she is the peace we look for. She is the message of hope for the future, she is the life giver.

- Baba Mandaza Augustine Kademwa, African traditional healer and voice for Mother Nature

Your Hosts

Pea holding Texas

Pea Horsley + Texas

Pea Horsley is UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator, TEDx speaker, grounded teacher, author of 3 books, retreats & online Animal Communication Made Easy course. Pea’s vision for Conversations with Nature World Summit began during the pandemic of 2020 and this critical time in our evolution.

Texas is Pea’s beloved ginger cat who passed away several years ago but is still very much in touch. He has been communicating with Pea from the other side, helping to bring Conversations with Nature World Summit to fruition.

This Extraordinary Summit Starts April 20, 2021

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Tap on each speaker to reveal the lesson they will share.

Day 1:
Gaining Awareness of Nature’s Wisdom

It’s time to extend our thinking beyond our usual world view and to cultivate an increased capacity for awareness while remaining in the present moment.

Begins Tuesday, April 20 at 9.00 AM London/BST

On the first day, you’ll dive into one of the biggest struggles that the modern world faces. One that is limiting our greatest potential, the disconnection from the natural world. Rebalancing the connection with nature, you’ll learn new perspectives from the animals themselves and from the women who have decades of experience in closeness and connection with them.

Heidi Herrmann

Co-founder and Trustee of Natural Beekeeping Trust

The Spirit of the Hive

Wynter Worsthorne

Founder of AnimaltalkAfrica

Baboon Matters and Other Wild Communication

Aadya Joshi

Founder of The Right Green

Bringing Nature Home by Planting Native

Jill Zimmermann

Founder of Wild Spirit Snakes, Australia

The True Spirit of Snakes

Dr. Christine Page

President Frontiers of Health

Embodying Our Innate Essence of Nature

Cyndi “CJ” Howley


The Myths and Wonders of Sharks

Deeply buried in our psyche we carry ancient memories of the sacredness of the earth, and of the earth as Mother.

- Anne Baring PhD

Day 2:
Discovering Compassion With Purpose

It’s time for change. It’s time for compassion. Not only do compassionate people feel less anger or stress, compassion is a gateway to calm, connection and a more open-mind.

Begins Wednesday, April 21 at 9.00 AM London/BST

On the second day, you’ll be inspired by individuals with great purpose, who are making a stand for nature. From saving bears, dogs, cats, gorillas, lions to reforestation, compassion is at the heart of making a difference. Compassion fuels the desire to make a difference. Discover ways to stand up for the things you care about, to co-create a new era together, for the benefit of yourself, your relationships and our planet by harnessing the fuel of love and kindness.

Jill Robinson

Founder & CEO of AnimalsAsia

How Kindness is at the Heart of Animal Welfare and Progress in China and Vietnam

Suzi Steer

Education & Alliances for TreeSisters

The Nature and Manners of Tree Communication

Tommi Wolfe

Executive Director GRACE

Helping Grauer's Gorillas Sing and Survive in the DRC

Linda Tucker

CEO & Founder of Global White Lion Protection Trust

Nature is Demanding LionHearted Leadership From Humanity: Are You Ready?

Pea Horsley

Founder of Animal Thoughts & Creator of the Conversations with Nature World Summit

Heart-to-Heart Animal Communication: Your Innate Pathway to Connect with All of Life

Peggy Oki

Public Speaker, Environmental and Fine Artist

Saving Whales With Origami

Are we placing life at the centre? If we're not, then we need to begin again and think about things in such a way that we can acknowledge placing life at the centre.

- Woman Stands Shining

Day 3 – EARTH DAY!
Exploring The Web of Belonging

The deep wisdom of our Soul craves to re-wild, to belong as part of Nature.

Begins Thursday, April 22 at 9.00 AM London/BST

On the third day, you’ll explore the interconnected web of life. The innate wisdom of our Soul craves belonging. It is a time to embody a humanity deeply rooted in reverence for the natural world. Now it is time to remember our inherent co-existence – as part of Nature.

Dawn Brunke

Author, Animal Communicator

Incredible Ways Polar Bears Bring New Earth Energies to Human Consciousness

Jennifer Corcoran

Film Director

Grace: A Roadmap to Inspiration

Constance Washburn

Educator, Facilitator, Organizer

Mindfulness of our Interconnection to the Web of Life for Growing Compassion and Wisdom

Woman Stands Shining

Diné (Navajo) mother, grandmother, activist, artist, writer, ceremonial leader, and international speaker

Placing Life at the Centre

Dr. Anne Baring

Researcher, Scholar, Jungian Analyst, Cosmic Poet

An Evolutionary Imperative – Reconnecting with Nature and the Cosmos

Jojo Mehta

Co-Founder & Executive Director, Stop Ecocide International. Chair, Stop Ecocide Foundation

A New Ground Rule: Using Law to Protect the Earth

As micro-cosmic co-creators of our Universe's reality, we are much more powerful than we think we are.

- Dr Jude Currivan

Day 4:
Aligning With The Heartbeat of Mother Earth

It’s time for all of us to become heart-led leaders in service to Mother Earth. The future depends on all of us finding our voices. It is time for each one of us to recognise our power and to align with the natural world.

Begins Friday, April 23 at 9.00 AM London/BST

On the final day, you’ll learn ways in which animal communication, conservation and compassion can empower your alignment with all other species and begin to heal our planet. Mother Earth has survived five mass extinctions already. But will human beings? It’s time each one of us recognises our power and how that can restore our relationship with the natural world.

Sheva Carr

Founding CEO of  Fyera! / Heart Ambassadors

Being The Source of Love

Susan B. Eirich Ph.D

Founder & Executive Director, Earthfire Institute

Reawakening our Bond with All That is Wild

Grandmother Sasa

Swan of the North

Walking with an Open Heart

Joan Ocean M.S.

Co-founder of Dolphin Connection International

Dolphin and Whale Multiverse Consciousness

Deena Metzger

Poet, Novelist, Essayist, Storyteller, Teacher, and Healer

Meeting Extinction: Alliance with the Natural World

Dr Jude Currivan

Cosmologist, Planetary Healer, Futurist, International Best-selling Author

Living the Evolutionary Power of Unity

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It’s time for change. It’s time to be connected with nature.

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How can I register for Conversations With Nature Summit 2021?

Registration is free and open! You can register now to attend these interviews with 24 extraordinary women who have so much collective wisdom, vision and healing energy to share with you.

What is Conversations With Nature World Summit?

Conversations With Nature Summit is a heart-opening online event over four days, bringing together interviews with 24 extraordinary women who have so much collective wisdom, vision and healing energy to share with you. Our intention is to establish a deep and meaningful online gathering that provides a sacred space where the voices of animals, trees, the human spirit, and the creator Mother Earth can be heard.

How do I watch the Conversations with Nature?

First, please register so we can send you a link to access the Conversations with Nature dashboard. When April 20 arrives, you will receive an email to remind you that the speakers videos are available for 24 hours. Follow the link to the Dashboard and click on the speaker and topic you would like to watch. You will need to be connected to the internet to stream the video.

When does the Conversations With Nature World Summit 2021 take place?

This year’s summit will be free, virtual gathering from April 20 – 23. You can register here at no cost.

Where will the Conversations With Nature World Summit 2021 take place?

Taking place online from Tuesday 20 – Friday 23 April 2021. All you need to do is register to receive the links to listen and watch. Each day of the summit we’ll email you the links you need to access the speaker sessions that day.

Is there a way to watch at my own pace?

Yes! We have a wonderful All-Access Pass you can purchase at a special price that gives you 6 month access to The Pride membership and you can watch Conversations with Nature without the time limit. You’ll also be invited to the exclusive Conversations Round the Fire the week after the Summit. This is not to be missed. Learn more here.

How can I stay informed about Conversations With Nature World Summit 2021?

You can follow Conversations With Nature Summit on Pea’s Facebook, and join social conversations about the event using the official #cwn21 hashtag.

How do I access the speakers talks?

You can watch all the speaker sessions as they are broadcast each day of the Summit. Each day includes six speaker lessons within a series. Each series has a different theme and builds as you progress through the summit. The sessions are online and each day is free for 24 hours. You will be emailed links each day (make sure you enter in your correct email address), just click on the links to direct access to each day. Make sure you add our email into your contact folder, so you don’t miss out.

Are the speaker lessons pre-recorded?

Our free summit speaker lessons are pre-recorded. A series of six speaker lessons are released each day from 9am BST, you’ll have free access for 24-hours. Each series is replaced when the next series of six speaker lessons become accessible. You can access an interactive experience with the speakers over four days, Monday 26 – Thursday 29 April, by upgrading to the all-access pass.

Does this summit include an interactive experience?

Yes, you can enter into an interactive experience with the speakers over four days at the Conversations Round the Fire, Monday 26 – Thursday 29 April. Simply upgrade to the all-access pass for exclusive access to the Conversations Round the Fire sacred ceremonies, to be able to enter deeper explorations and to ask your questions.

Why can’t I access speaker sessions?

Your free ticket includes access to each day’s speakers for 24 hours. If you’ve missed speakers you want to watch, you can still catch them and have access to the entire summit by upgrading to the All-Access Pass.

Why didn’t I receive the links to the speaker sessions?

Please check your spam box and inbox for our email first. Make sure you add our email address into your contact folder to avoid our emails heading to your spam box. You will receive the speaker links closer to the event date. If you still can’t locate our email, please email our support team here.

Who do I contact for more summit information?

Please email our team with any other questions.



We come together to create a peaceful, thriving world for humans, animals and our perfect planet.

We invite you to bring your enquiring mind, loving heart, and wise soul.

To be motivated by the beauty in the world.

Join others in leading the way to healing the planet with kindness.