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Start Here: Beginner Workshops

Introduction to Animal Communication Workshop

Beginner - Level 1

Over just one day of learning and practice, you’ll be able to develop simple tools and techniques to continue communicating with your own animal’s at home and those of your friends.

2-Day Weekend Workshop Introduction to Animal Communication & Practice and Refresher Day

Beginner - Levels 1 & 2

Learn the foundation level of communication with animals, then develop and trouble shoot to release any self doubt or barriers to authentic telepathic animal communication through tried and tested exercises and meditations.

Animal Communication Practice and Refresher Day

Practice & Refresher - Level 2

A day to practice! Expert guidance, verification and feedback, that are so integral to Pea’s animal communication workshops, will be provided to help your progress and confidence.

Next Step: Intermediate Workshops

Body Scanning, Gestalt & Remote Viewing Workshop Weekend

Intermediate - Level 3

Learn how to understand an animal’s physicality on a deeper level by practical application of techniques in body scanning, gestalt and remote viewing.

Life, Loss and Love Workshop

Intermediate - Level 4

During this workshop you will discover ways to support an animal during ill health and as they approach their transition. Learn how animals want you to support them at the end of life, palliative, grief, views on afterlife and animals in-spirit. Receive a signed copy of Life, Loss and Love

Empowering Animals Workshop

Intermediate - Level 5

This Empowering Animals course teaches you how to meet your own power animals and to perceive other peoples. These animals are also called animal spirit guides, totem animals or spirit animals. They wish to empower you.


Unique and special events are announced from time to time to enhance your development. These can include TEDx, Summit talks, conferences, interviews, meditations, podcasts and radio interviews. Our presentations at Book or Mind Body Spirit festivals can also add to your animal communication knowledge.

Australia Animal Communication Training 2024

Beginner, Intermediate-Advanced

A comprehensive live-training experience in Noosa facilitated personally by Pea Horsley and visiting animal guest-teachers, with an add-on wild Whale Wisdom Enhancement.

Ever wondered what happens at one of Pea’s workshops? Check out this short video.

Open To Everyone: Wild Animal Retreats

Pea gives the best combination of sensitive intelligent caring and love to support her students and guest teachers. Great wisdom.


In the Life Loss Love workshop, Pea held the space for us to grieve and heal. There was no right or wrong - only what was right for us. This workshop is a must for anyone who has loved and lost, and who would like a better understanding of death and dying.


The workshop was such an amazing experience that completely blew me away. My eyes (and heart) have been opened to the beautiful opportunities of communicating with animals - a gift for life.


Pea has the ability to create a wonderful learning environment for people wishing to increase their skills in animal communication. Having animals present adds to the development. I have learnt so much from Pea, I am eternally grateful.


A hugely precious workshop on a personal level, and extremely invaluable information to be able to share when helping animals.


Pea is extremely professional, authentic, funny, and a pleasure to listen to and learn from. I had a fabulous day and feel very grateful for the work she shares.


Pea makes animal communication the most natural thing in the world. Anyone can achieve!


Pea is a natural professional who marries her teaching with gentle guidance and encouragement.


What an inspirational day to explore the possibilities of communicating with all sorts of animals.


Pea is very informative, supportive and a great teacher. I would recommend her course to any animal lover.


Introduction workshop: A wonderful day filled with love, authenticity and special moments!


Animal communication is made so easy and accessible by Pea. Highly recommended if you want to start communicating with all the animals on the planet.


Pea's workshops are a humbling yet profoundly enriching experience. Hearing that we are no better, no more important, no more entitled to our place on this planet than the smallest of animals is an important part of our human evolution.


Fabulous workshop, where you discover that anything is possible - that you really are able to communicate! Quite a journey of discovery.


A well thought out and structured course to introduce you into animal communication, along the ability to see results.


My workshop with Pea was amazing and I have attended many courses in the past!


This course was intensive and fascinating, covering areas not covered before in my lifetime. I am so pleased that I want and look forward to continuing my journey in this wonderful field.


This has been the most fulfilling weekend of my life. I have realised I was communicating with our animal friends and felt honoured about it. It is like recovering the link with the cosmos.