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About Pea

Advancing Interspecies Relationships Through Communication and Respect



Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator

Pea Horsley is an internationally-renowned animal communicator, author, founder of Animal Thoughts, and TEDx speaker with a passion for interspecies connection. Sowing the seeds of profound transformation, her goal is to deepen our personal and spiritual understanding of the natural world, re-wilding our connection along the way. She offers grounded, practical, and compassionate teachings to both complete beginners and those with more developed intuitive skills.

Her first online course, ANIMAL COMMUNICATION MADE EASY became an instant bestseller helping others to re-Member their innate ability to communicate with animals. Pea has touched hundreds of thousands of people with her work, growing a collaborative community who share her passion for oneness.

Her monthly members’ community, THE PRIDE – ANIMAL WISDOM MEMBERS’ CLUB offers interactive live animal communication sessions and interspecies connections through exclusive access to teachings and guides.

In 2021, she launched the first-ever CONVERSATIONS WITH NATURE WORLD SUMMIT – an event that brought together over 24 extraordinary speakers to share ecological wisdom and bring healing energy to the attendees. The summit was a roaring success and will continue annually or biannually for anyone who wishes to develop a deeper connection with the natural world.

Pea’s WORKSHOPS and WILD ANIMAL RETREATS, held around the globe, are heart adventures into the deepest aspects of animal wisdom, love, and transformation. In 2022, Pea was nominated for the Exceptional Woman of Peace Award, alongside Caroline Myss and Pam Ahern.

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Pea’s Teaching Style

Pea believes that there are no competitors in her field – only colleagues. She founded Animal Thoughts as a means to advance interspecies communication and increase our personal and spiritual understanding of the world around us.

Students have described her teaching style as grounded, real, accessible, and compassionate, with a genuine desire to help those in need. She wants people to embrace their vastness and their connection with everything – not fear it.

Her focus doesn’t just involve teaching others to communicate with their animal companions, but to connect with all animals, rocks, rivers, trees, and plants. Pea believes that we all have this empathetic and intuitive ability within us from birth, but we often lose it as we grow older. Her teachings help others to reconnect with this power and express our love for our planet and its inhabitants through action.

Many of Pea’s former students use their newfound skills to complement their nature-oriented line of work. Animal healers, dog walkers, animal and wildlife rescue organisations, animal therapists, catteries, kennels, and many more have benefited from her training.


Author of Heart to Heart, The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, and Animal Communication Made Easy, her works have been published globally and are available in 6 languages.

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