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Hello Beautiful Being!

I believe that everyone has the ability to communicate with animals – it’s part of our nature. My role as a professional animal communicator is to bring this simple and profound language of connection into the mainstream and everyday life.

My passion is to raise awareness, increase compassion and advance the relationships among humans and other species, on both the personal and spiritual levels to re-wild us as part of the natural world.

I offer animal communication, consultations, workshops, and ethical retreats with wild animals in their natural habitat. Other resources include books, online courses, and The Pride membership.

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Why is Animal Communication so important now?

In this time of great change on planet Earth, animal communication is the greatest power we possess to restore a loving and respectful relationship with animals and the natural world.

Telepathic animal communication is an empathic, heartfelt connection with other species which in turn helps humans to gain a greater understanding of who they are and why they are here. In essence, as we communicate with animals, animals help us discover the heart of who we are.

Start now with your free Getting Started Animal Communication Guide. . . and begin an exploration of interspecies communication today!

Does it call you?
  • Are you looking for an empathic animal communicator to offer you insight and support?
  • Do you feel called to learn how to communicate with animals yourself?
  • Are you already communicating with animals but want greater confidence and mastery?
  • Do you prefer to learn online at your own pace from the comfort of your sofa?
  • Are you looking for consistent communication practice, community and support?
  • Are you on a journey of personal and spiritual growth that has guided you to communicate with wild animals or deepen connection with the natural world?

Animal Communication Made Easy

Strengthen Your Bond and Deepen Your Connection with Animals

Drawing on her many years of experience teaching people to communicate with both wild and domesticated creatures, Pea’s unique blend of exercises, affirmations and meditations will empower you to connect with all living beings.

Pea Horsley - Animal Communicator

6 ways we can help you…

∆ 1


Every month we publish a new blog sharing tips and advice for growing effective animal communication skills. Our #1 goal is to inspire & empower you.


This book will guide you step-by-step through developing effective and healing animal communication, while leaving you feeling inspired.


∆ 2

∆ 3


By developing your intuition and follow these down-to-earth methods, techniques and exercises, you’ll find yourself experiencing incredible connections with animals and viewing the natural world from a completely different perspective. You’ll also receive downloadable audio meditations and PDF worksheets.


Whether you want to communicate with your own animals, garden and field creatures, we teach complete beginners onwards, helping you make the connections you want with the animals you love.


∆ 4

∆ 5


Looking for an ethical animal communication retreat to experience deeper communications with wild animals, including dolphins, whales and bears? We offer ethical growth opportunities to suit all levels, helping to increase your confidence and connection with the natural world.


Join our community and we’ll help you to expand your communication and your life in ways you can’t even imagine – together we’ll access animal communication and integrate the wisdom of animals to create real transformation. You’ll get the practice, growth and expansion you need to become a consistently effective animal communicator and to live the life you truly want.


∆ 6

The Pride is the best thing I ever did for myself. We are changing the world one communication at a time!

- Debbie

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Please check our Calendar for more ways to engage with animal communication.


Wild Dolphin Communication Retreat

22 – 28 September 2024

Join Pea Horsley for this 7 day / 6 night ‘bucket-list’ dream retreat to swim with wild Dolphins in the Bahamas stunning turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This retreat focuses on ethical, respectful and meaningful connections with the Dolphins in their home on their terms.

Reserve List!Reserve List!


Botswana Animal Communication Retreat

22 June – 1 July 2025

Join one of the world’s most loved and acclaimed animal communicators, Pea Horsley, on this authentic and unforgettable fully serviced wild mobile-camping safari – and extend your retreat by including a Zambia extension to witness one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the biggest waterfall on Earth, Victoria Falls.

Reserve List!Reserve List!

We can also help through our…


This book includes Pea’s discovery and development in animal communication and lots of evidence to inspire you to communicate with your own animals as well as the wildlife that surrounds you. When you get a copy we have lots of bonuses to help you even more.


This book shares true stories revealing animals’ thoughts and feelings on life, death and life after death, leaving you feeling soothed, comforted and peaceful. When you get a copy we have lots of bonuses to help you even more.


If you’re looking for expert help to connect with your animals, Pea will communicate with them for you. Our aim is to offer you an honest and healing experience.


If you know you want to be an effective animal communicator and have a more reliable success rate, but for some reason, you’re just blocking yourself from allowing it happen, Pea can help you move your animal communication to the next level.


I’m Pea Horsley

Founder of Animal Thoughts, Author of three Best-Selling Books including Animal Communication Made Easy, lover of animals, the ocean, the planet and Michael Connelly detective novels. I was vegetarian for around three decades, and now love my new plant-based diet.

I’ve been on this empathic, expansive journey since 2004, but it hasn’t always been easy, fun, or fulfilling. In fact, it’s been ups and downs—can you resonate? I left my theatre life as a stage manager and created Animal Thoughts in 2005, jumping off the cliff and flying into my life’s purpose. I now love communicating with all sentient beings – even the human kind!

Helping people like you who care about animals to make the connection with the animal kingdom and the life you desire to help animals is my Soul’s calling. My mission is to inspire you and give you the tools and encouragement you need to create the future we both know is possible.

It’s time to turn your dreams into reality and to shine your light upon the Animal Kingdom.

Pea Horsley brings a down-to-earth, warm and accessible approach to animal connection and transforming our relationship with the natural world.

This modern day animal communication specialist is gentle, quiet, and loves to be energised by trees and the ocean. In a world that is fast and loud, Pea champions values of reverence, compassion and kindness.

Pea is an international teacher, TEDx speaker and bestselling author of 3 books including ‘Heart to Heart’ and ‘The Animal Communicator’s Guide’, which have been translated into seven languages allowing this inspiring work to reach far and wide across the globe.

Pea founded The Pride membership in 2020 in response to the Coronavirus and a conversation with the Animal Kingdom who responded, ‘We want to talk to people’. The Pride is described as ‘much needed for our time‘.

Warm, compassionate and gentle, Pea Horsley is an exceptionally talented animal communicator.

- Amelia Kinkade

This may be a life changing experience – if it calls to you, don’t let it pass.

Carolyn Maxwell

Pea’s kindness, calm energy and great understanding of animals makes her the perfect facilitator for learning animal communication.

Katy Ross

Pea’s workshop is an enlightening experience. Every person has this ability within them.

Deborah Deveney

It’s amazing when you discover yourself deeply and allow yourself to be connected with another being.

Irena Jeriha

Pea's book, Life Loss Love, is so lovingly written, my heart was full hearing about Morgan, you just felt you were privileged to be right there with them both. My husband (81) kept asking me to finish it, as he wanted to read it! She has a wonderful gift, which allows her the ability to hear and understand what animals want us to know. Definitely a 'must read'.


I must have read virtually every book published on the subject of animal communication and I have to say that Heart to Heart is one of my favourites. I couldn't put it down until I had finished it and the daily chores went to pot! Pea's honesty about her own learning process has been very helpful and encouraged me when I thought I had hit a plateau in my own learning. It is a light and easy read and a fascinating insight into the life of a wonderfully warm and caring human being.


Animal Communication Made Easy is another excellent book by Pea Horsley. A lovely, kindly, skilled teacher and author who just loves animals (and people) and conveys her teaching orally or by the written word with much empathy and patience. I have been on a couple of her amazing Workshops and have bought all of her books. If you love animals, and wish to understand in more detail how they feel about us, their environment, their health, their food, their companions, how much they love us, and much, much more - this is the book to read.

Andromeda, via Amazon

Heart to Heart is full of marvellous stories, is simply a great pleasure to read, can be enjoyed by anyone, can be productive of nothing but good and so is five star stuff all the way.

Guy Reid-Brown

Animal Communication Made Easy is an excellent book on several different levels. Firstly and most obviously it is a practical ‘How To’ guide to communicating with animals. But it is also much more than a how to book. It contains a great deal of wisdom and Pea draws on many threads and many thinkers. A practical and readable introduction to a whole new world.

Richard Thoburn

The whole workshop weekend was amazing and life-changing. On Saturday morning when I arrived I thought I was there to practice Animal Communication, but by the end of the weekend I realised that not only did I achieve that, I also came away from the weekend a different person. I felt like I'd experienced some kind of spiritual awakening and felt a huge energy shift which I very much needed.


I wanted to thank you again with all my heart for such an amazing, life-changing weekend! I cannot begin to tell you what it has meant to me! I probably shouldn't even start as I'll end up writing an essay! (I've just spent two hours on the phone with a friend talking about this weekend and animal communication in general!!) It has been such a special experience for me and one that will stay with me forever. I'll definitely be coming back to do as many workshops with you as I can (can't get rid of me that easily I'm afraid!) ; ))


Pea’s workshop ushered me into a magical realm where I was able to connect with animals on several levels and communicate with them like I had never done before.

The communication with my animal friends at home and at the shelters where I volunteer has improved as a result and I would highly recommend the workshop to anyone who would like to deepen their connection with animals and be of greater help to them.

Pea is a very talented teacher and a skilful group facilitator. She has put together a great method that includes theory, story-telling, games and exercises that keep the energy flowing in the group and the interest alive in the participants, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that is hard to leave.


A beautiful workshop, filled with love, authenticity and special moments!


Life Loss Love is an absolutely fantastic and informative book. Changes our perception on animals completely. Beautifully written and heartwarming.


Great day! Pea was a great teacher and shared her knowledge gladly.


I can recommend Pea’s course to anyone who loves animals, who believes all sentient beings have a place and a voice and who wants to be a small part of a big advancement in spiritual awareness.

Heather Le Marquand

I have just finished your book Heart to Heart and I don't think I have ever read anything so heartfelt, inspiring, emotional, funny, sad and exceptional in my life.

Lesley L’Enfant

Pea's workshops are a humbling yet profoundly enriching experience.


Pea Horsley’s amazing journey in Life Loss Love opens us up to a new awareness and realisation, that even animals can communicate and teach us how best (through LOVE) we can take care of both them and ourselves.

Dounne AlexanderMBE. FRSA

My first experience of animal communication showed me how long the path is still, but how rewarding it can be to be in touch with an animal on such a deep level.

Valerie Poirier

Animal Communication Made Easy is a fabulous book which has really helped me to get to grips with Animal Communication.
It's all simply explained with exercises to practice. A great confidence giving book which I'd highly recommend to anyone wanting to connect with their animals past or living. Simple and straightforward animal communication.

Dre, Amazon reviewer

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