I’m Pea Horsley and I’m a professional animal communicator

I’d like to invite you to discover more about animal communication.

Animal communication, also called interspecies communication or telepathic communication, is a universal language based on intuition.

It’s a completely natural skill that we’re all born with and you may already be aware of having intuitive feelings about your own animals.

I believe all species of the animal kingdom are sentient with their own feelings, thoughts, intelligence and consciousness. It’s a case of learning how to listen, something many of us have simply forgotten.

Seeking a consultation helps you understand your animals’ thoughts, feelings and perspectives. It’s my role to be a translator, in a direct two-way exchange of information, where animals can relay messages to you about what they need. I’m also able to support you and your animal towards the end of their life and be the bridge that re-connects you when they have passed over.

My workshops offer you opportunities to learn how to communicate and teach you my 5-Step Heart to Heart® Method of preparation and connection. They range from beginner level onwards and include visiting animal guest-teachers and verification. In-The-Flow Mentoring and Bring Your Animal Communication To Life 1-2-1 VIP-Training support your growth and enhance your ability.

The journey of animal communication is also a spiritual one where we recognise we’re a part of nature, in kinship with all of life and it deepens our relationship with the Natural World. On Wild Animal Retreats you experience communicating and being at one with wild animals in their natural habitat establishing a deep, unforgettable, soul experience.

Interspecies communication brings more understanding, compassion and harmony with other species. It also helps you realise just how powerful you are. Once you start down the path of animal communication you’ll never want to turn back, because seeing animals from this new perspective is both life enhancing and life changing.

Animal communication challenges many things we believe as humans.

If you’re ready, let’s look at things from a new perspective.

With love,


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Pea Horsley - Animal Communicator

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“I can recommend Pea’s course to anyone who loves animals, who believes all sentient beings have a place and a voice and who wants to be a small part of a big advancement in spiritual awareness.”

Heather Le Marquand

“My first experience of animal communication showed me how long the path is still, but how rewarding it can be to be in touch with an animal on such a deep level.”

Valerie Poirier

“This may be a life changing experience – if it calls to you, don’t let it pass.”

Carolyn Maxwell

“I have just finished your book Heart to Heart and I don't think I have ever read anything so heartfelt, inspiring, emotional, funny, sad and exceptional in my life.”

Lesley L’Enfant

Heart to Heart is full of marvellous stories, is simply a great pleasure to read, can be enjoyed by anyone, can be productive of nothing but good and so is five star stuff all the way.”

Guy Reid-Brown

“I must have read virtually every book published on the subject of animal communication and I have to say that Heart to Heart is one of my favourites. I couldn't put it down until I had finished it and the daily chores went to pot! Pea's honesty about her own learning process has been very helpful and encouraged me when I thought I had hit a plateau in my own learning. It is a light and easy read and a fascinating insight into the life of a wonderfully warm and caring human being.”


“Pea's book, Life Loss Love, is so lovingly written, my heart was full hearing about Morgan, you just felt you were privileged to be right there with them both. My husband (81) kept asking me to finish it, as he wanted to read it! She has a wonderful gift, which allows her the ability to hear and understand what animals want us to know. Definitely a 'must read'.”


“Pea Horsley’s amazing journey in Life Loss Love opens us up to a new awareness and realisation, that even animals can communicate and teach us how best (through LOVE) we can take care of both them and ourselves.”

Dounne AlexanderMBE. FRSA

“Pea’s kindness, calm energy and great understanding of animals makes her the perfect facilitator for learning animal communication.”

Katy Ross

Life Loss Love is an absolutely fantastic and informative book. Changes our perception on animals completely. Beautifully written and heartwarming.”


“Pea’s workshop is an enlightening experience. Every person has this ability within them.”

Deborah Deveney

“It’s amazing when you discover yourself deeply and allow yourself to be connected with another being.”

Irena Jeriha

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