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Communications with Animals

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Complete Communication Bundle | 1-8

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Communication with Dolphins | 1

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Communication with Felines | 2

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Communication with Whales | 3

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Communication with Elephants | 4

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Communication with Sharks | 5

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Communication with Birds | 6

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Communication with Insects | 7

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Communication with Bears | 8

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Communications with Animals is a series of guided communications with eight different species or animal groups. This is an interactive experience designed to develop a living relationship between you and the Animal Kingdom, co-creating your best life and transformational connection with different animal species.

Some animals will invite you to take on it’s particular physical form and to explore its natural environment in a way which educates but also brings out childlike curiosity; you’ll swim with a pod of dolphins, play as a young elephant, or see the world through the eyes of a honey bee.

If you have ever wondered what a whale thinks or what advice a lion or crow would offer you, you’ll find the answers here. Given the chance, what would you say to these animals? Once purchased you’ll be able to download the MP3 recordings and keep them for life to listen to whenever your heart desires.

Each of the species was so unique in its essence and often it came as a big surprise to me to know the essence of some of them. But still they are all the same in their care for human beings and for the Earth. I express my deepest gratitude to the Animal Kingdom for their support, love, and wisdom and to Pea, who has made this grand experience possible for so many people. You have rekindled my heart and now I see my way more clearly.

- Galina Badyulkina

Your experiences with these animals will be profoundly deep and calming yet also fun and uplifting, enabling individual healing and expansion. Some species will make you laugh, some will take your breath away, others will bring you into a heightened sense of understanding of the Animal Kingdom as well as a greater awareness of your own life.

These communications are opportunities to understand the animals’ perspectives, to co-create the future together from a unity-focused approach. Although vastly different, each guided communication has one strong connection: a gentle way of cultivating a sensitivity to understand the animals’ better, to understand ourselves, the planet, and all sentient life on Earth.

By engaging through telepathic animal communication, or simply listening to them, you’ll gain a transparent understanding of what they feel, think and know. Illuminating, but most importantly, creating a deeper appreciation for other beings, so different, yet so similar to ourselves.

No. 1


The Dolphins want to be close to you. They want to take you into their world to enable you to feel their joy and to ignite your own. They have so much love for you and they want to be in your heart and to allow this love to burst out of your being as beams of gold light, shining out from your heart. This communication begins in the style of a dolphin!

Clean recording. 31 mins.

Thank you Pea that was beautiful. The dolphins invited me to swim in my heart and in the ocean, I felt free.

- Esme

No. 2


The Lions invite you into a lioness body to feel what it is to be Divine Feminine, High Priestess, Queen. Experience the qualities and strengths of Cheetah, Jaquar and Cat. You will be called on to embody courage, to roar with your voice and speak your truth, to stand proud and bold, because your lion-hearted voice is needed to roar loud across the lands where you will be received by others roaring in return.

Raw recording. 40 mins.

Powerful !!!!!!!! - I FEEL SO HUMBLED🙏 😻

- Lynn

No. 3


Engage with the deep thinkers of the planet – the Whales. The whales explain the concept of One Consciousness and take you on a journey of self discovery, self reflection and self enhancement. The Whale Collective call you adventurists because you desire a concept of your planetary experience which is beyond common knowledge. Encounter further depths of consciousness with a Sperm Whale, a Blue Whale, and prehistoric whale, Livyatan, which lived approx. 13 millions years ago during the Miocene Period.

Raw recording. 33 mins.

I felt very calm and still and was able to move as easily through the earth as through the water. When they said expand three times I felt it physically in my gut. What a beautiful experience.

- Loana

No. 4


The Elephants invite you into their herd to experience the many different ages of an elephant from being born, playing as a youngster, having your first calf, through to Matriarch. Understand what elephants love most and why family means so much to them. They highlight why humans lose sight of the most important element of living and their understanding of their mission here on Earth.

Raw recording. 27 mins.

Beautiful being part of the herd. As Matriarch I felt the line of Matriarchs that had walked the paths before me and they still led us.

- Angie G

No. 5


The Sharks invite you to release any fear of their species because they have been greatly misunderstood for many years, likening it to how you would feel to have a projection placed on you that was not true. Sharks do not hold blame, they discuss a clearer vision and awareness. You’ll be guided to meet your Shark family and to recognise the Light within you. Discover how Sharks see Humans; learning about your connection to the Cosmos, Creation and the Universe.

Clean recording. 36 mins.

Beautiful swimming experience with sharks. So gentle and calm energy coming from them. I love to communicate with them directly one day. Thank you for the opportunity.

- Reiko

No. 6


Three different species of Birds come forward to share their truth, including the extinct flightless Dodo, and Swallows. The first bird comments, ‘Sometimes you have to enter the dark to find the light within yourself.‘ These birds share gifts for you to keep: help with negative, out of balance energy directed at you; a clearer perception, a larger vision of experience; and advice on how to live with the changes happening around you and on Earth.

Raw recording. 42 mins.

The crow cloak was so aware, alive and so much wisdom I also felt a strong native American connection when I was wearing it.

- Jenny

No. 7


The Insects discuss the Great Awakening, a shift in your awareness of yourself, other species, and the evolution of life; the ‘pause’ gives you awareness of things outside of yourself. Ant presents their concept of ‘positive networking’, Bee discusses the beauty of life and their sacred work, and Spider invites you into a greater understanding of their experience, their relationship with you and their role on the planet.

Raw recording. 36 mins.

Again it is another session where I need to do this again and take more time to make full notes. I think there are certain flowers which are particularly helpful to bees too.

- Amber

No. 8


The Bears invite you into Circle with them to sit around the flames. Feeling lost? Scattered? Sacred? Bears say that they have been around for many years (the evolution of bears started around 30 million years ago) and they have witnessed many cycles. They offer ways to see your pandemic experience and ask you to consider what you care about so deeply that you are devoted to it and protective of it? Bears feel there are many humans who are feeling tired, and invite you to experience hibernation for stillness and pondering without action. Grizzly Bear and Polar Bear come forward to engage you in personal experience and communication addressing issues of planet Earth.

Raw recording. 46 mins.

Perfect. The fire too. The Grizzly called me 'sister'. I am touched and honoured. The Polar Bear told me to travel and connect with the earth and skies. So much to take in.

- Angie

Buy the Complete Communication Bundle +

Complete Communication Bundle | 1-8

£ 37



Where did these guided communications originate?

Entering lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic, I asked a simple question of the Animal Kingdom; ‘How can I serve you?’ The answer came, ‘We want to talk to people.’ That short exchange became the birthing point of the Global Transformations series and these communications with animals.

Do I need to be an animal communicator to listen to the animals?

Nope, everyone will benefit from understanding the animals perspectives. Some people choose to listen to these communications as guided meditations, without engaging skills of interspecies communication. You’ll receive so much from listening and could be surprised to discover you experience animal communication.

Do I need to follow the communications in number order?

When following from Dolphins through to Bears there is a natural flow and progression, but if you can also choose the one that calls to you first.

What’s the difference between a ‘clean’ and ‘raw’ recording?

A raw recording is the original communication as it was received by Pea. You may become aware of her dog, Grace, having a scratch in the background or other quiet sounds, all which add to the ‘live’ experience. Some people feel that raw version is very powerful, literally feeling the energy of communication in the present moment. The clean version is recorded later with no or little perceptible background noise.

How long are the communications with animals?

They range from 27 – 46 minutes, enabling you to reach great depth of empathy for each species as you experience their perspectives.

What’s in the Complete Communication Bundle?

By opting for the Communication Bundle you’ll receive all eight species which includes 19 different animals, some with very ancient knowledge. The complete bundle lasts 4 hours 51 minutes.

What is the refund policy?

We do not offer a refund.

What’s Next For You?

If you love these guided communications you can experience more in The Pride subscription membership and be part of a growing community of likeminded animal lovers. Twice a year doors open so you can join The Pride and be inspired by a growing relationship and awareness with the Animal Kingdom.

I just wanted to say how blessed I feel to be part of The Pride. Last night was a beautiful experience - I can still feel the peace, love and cleansing energy from turtle time... and thank you for sharing your amazing experiences. Thank you Pea and the animals and everyone for this group, just awesome to be part of it 🌏💚

- Kirsty


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