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12, 19 & 26 Nov

Grounding with Grace meditation series

Would you like to feel more relaxed? Calmer? A deeper sense of peace? Serenity?

I’ll be guiding you into a greater sense of inner peace with the help of the animals. All you have to do is schedule 30 minutes for yourself and your animals…after all, they may need some relaxation too! Each meditation will also include a global healing for the planet, Mother Earth, and all of her beings.

Online Course

Learn How To Communicate With Animals

Our 2020 in-person workshops are now completed. But there’s great news still, you can still learn animal communication with me by taking my online course, Animal Communication Made Easy. People are loving it! Learn from the comfort of your sofa.

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The Pride

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June 25 – 28, 2021

Lake District

Level 2 & up

Lake District Animal Communication Recharge Retreat

This is a residential animal communication recharge retreat for connection and soul-growth. You’ll be sharing 3 days and nights within the smallest retreat group where you’ll be learning, growing and rowing together with the support of mountains, lakes and guidance from Pea and wild animals. Immersing yourself in what is often called the most beautiful corner of England with space and time to relax and breathe.

Aug 21 – 30, 2021

Vancouver, Canada

Bears and Orcas Wilderness Communication Retreat

Over 10 days you’ll have intimate encounters and communications with  two of the world’s top predator species. Sea kayaking with orca pods at Blackney Pass and sipping coffee from your safari style tent while watching them swim past. Then seaplane to the Great Bear Rainforest, a place of spectacular beauty and one of the world’s last strongholds of the grizzly bear, staying at a floating eco-lodge with a biologist guide. Max. 14 places. Two places left for Bears!