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Tell your friends about the amazing 2023 Conversations with Nature World Summit, and you will be in with the chance to win one of the super giveaways listed below. All you need to do is share this event on social media with the hashtag #cwn23

The summit website is http://conversationswithnature.net

Grab some cool images to share!

We have provided 3 approved images that you can use to share on your social media profiles or you can send them out via email. Download the zip file, download the images to your device, and share with the hashtag #cwn23

Download Summit Sharing Images (Zip File)

These are a visual reference of the images you will be sharing.


We are so grateful you want to share the Conversations with Nature World Summit.  We hope you win one of our giveaways! Winners will be randomly selected on the final day of the event and notified via social media. Thank you so much for supporting our vision for the natural world and Mother Earth. Good luck!

Gifts For Winners!

In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring

with Pea online, 1 hour, 1 winner

What’s Included

In-The-Flow Professional Mentoring is the most effective way to get into your flow and really sky rocket your communication to another level.

Pea will tailor the 1-hour coaching to meet your specific experience, focusing on key areas to help you move from confusion to clarity, helping you to become a confident animal communicator.

By the end of the mentoring you will have experienced transformation or have new tools to enable positive change by further practice with the tools and techniques provided for your ongoing development.

The winner will be announced on the Summit Facebook page.

Gifted Books by Pea Horsley

Heart to Heart

1 x signed copy

Life Loss and Love

1 x signed copy

Animal Communication Made Easy

1 x signed copy