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Animal Communication for Real Life Transformations

Beginner Level 1 onwards

This is a practical workshop for animal lovers looking to discover, develop or hone the ability of interspecies communication.

Covid-19 1-metre distancing in place. Small group. 17 max.



October 17, 2020

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This is a practical workshop for animal lovers looking to discover, develop or hone the ability of interspecies communication. Pea and the guest animal-teachers will be sharing how natural it is for us all to engage telepathically with the rest of the animal kingdom. Animals, including your own via photograph connection, will share profound yet simple lessons on compassion, intelligence, humour, soul purpose, and re-wilding your-Self as Nature, and the invitation is to integrate these vibrational shifts into your daily lives.

At the end of this day you’ll have practiced simple tools and techniques you can take home to develop deeper communication with your own animal’s and those of your friends. You’ll also be able to practice communicating with wild animals you encounter too.

This Workshop is for Everyone:

  • Animal Guardians – Understand your animal better to assist with concerns or to improve their life.
  • Animal Rescue – Understand their past and what they need now to assist rehabilitation.
  • Animal Therapists – Develop your skills alongside a deeper listening connection to support animals in therapy.
  • Dog Trainers – Communicate with clarity and learn to listen to increase learning and rehabilitation.
  • Equine –Understand your horses physical and emotional needs better and ways to resolve ‘problems’.
  • Reiki Practitioners – Expand your energy sensitivity with animals and combine skills for enhanced wellbeing.
  • Vets, nurses and staff – Assist in understanding emotions, behaviour and pain alongside your current practice.


What’s involved?

You’ll learn the basic theories of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies communication, providing you with the foundation level of communication with animals. Pea will help you learn to quiet your mind and trust, so even if you think you can’t do this you’ll experience specifically designed exercises to help release doubt and progress. From just one day of learning you’ll be able to develop simple tools and techniques and go on to practice communicating with your own animal’s at home and those of your friends.

Subjects included:

  • Explanation of the what, why and how of animal communication
  • Exploration of how you will receive information from animals
  • Exercises on how to relax the body and mind
  • Learn how to sense energy
  • Meditation to strengthen the right brain hemisphere to intuition
  • Learn how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique
  • Send and receive information telepathically
  • Communicate with animals who are present ‘face to face’
  • Practice communicating distantly with an animal using a photo
  • Receive answers about your animal from another student

This is for you if:

  • You wish to have a deeper, more heartfelt connection with your animal companions.
  • Your animals have an emotional, mental or physical concern you want to understand and resolve.
  • You work with animals full-time or voluntary and wish to help them feel happier and healthier.
  • You care about all species of the Animal Kingdom and wish to expand your awareness of what other species feel and think.
  • You feel there is so much more to learn about animals and you’re open to the wisdom and teachings they wish to share.

The Key Benefits of This Day:

  • You will learn, understand and experience animal communication.
  • You will learn how to reach your ‘Still-Point’ and a compassionate state of mind to enable a connection.
  • You will practice communicating with visiting animals in a safe environment.
  • You will be communicating with other attendees animals using a photo who will offer feedback.
  • You will receive expert guidance and support from Pea Horsley.


Early-bird payment (save £25 – until 16/9/2020):
£110.00 GBP

Full payment (from 17/9/2020):
£135.00 GBP

Returning Animal Thoughts Students:

£95.00 GBP

A payment includes a non-refundable deposit of £60

Time: Saturday, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Lunch approx. 45 mins – 1 hour

Doors Open: From 9.30am, prior booking online essential.

Places: 17 max.

Covid-19 Measures: 1-metre distancing in place. It will be a very small group in a large room.

Non-Refundable Deposit

Your booking includes a non-refundable deposit of GBP£60.

Places are non-transferable.

Extra Info

Travel, accommodation and lunch are not included.

Please bring a notebook, packed lunch, water and photographs of your own animals, those in-body and/or in-spirit.

Tea, coffee, herbal refreshments are included.


Email us here if you’d like to ask a question before making a booking.


London, UK

October 17, 2020


Rudolf Steiner House, 35 Park Rd, Marylebone, London NW1 6XT


Time: Saturday, 10.00am – 5.00pm

Registration: From 9.30am. Prior booking essential.

Covid-19 measures in place: Max. 17 people and 1-metre physical distancing. More info will be emailed to bookers prior.

Getting Here

Nearest Underground stations
Baker Street, Marylebone

Best buses to catch18, 27, 30, 74, 113, 139, 189, 205, 453

Nearest Railway station
Marylebone Station

Parking There is a NCP facility in London Park Road. Parking can be booked  HERE .


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What others say about this workshop:

“The whole weekend was just amazing and life-changing. On Saturday morning when I arrived I thought I was there to practise Animal Communication, but by the end of the weekend I realised that not only did I achieve that, I also came away from the weekend a different person. I felt as though I experienced some kind of spiritual awakening and I felt a huge energy shift which I very much needed.” – Bee

“Pea is a great communicator and helps you believe in your own abilities. Great weekend which was lots of fun.” – Debbie

“Pea speaks from the heart, no ego, no judgement. Honesty. Pea is a great teacher who has given me the confidence to move forward and develop my animal communication journey.” – Denise

“Pea’s workshops are a humbling yet profoundly enriching experience learning that we are no better, no more important, no more entitled to our place on this planet than the smallest animals is an important part of our human evolution.” – Linda

“The course was brilliant and perfect for beginners. Pea had a great way of explaining things clearly and it was helpful to be within such an open minded and friendly group of people.” – Jessica

“Pea is a wonderful teacher, she shares and encourages in a beautiful way. I recommend her to anyone who wishes to learn more about the animals.” – Amber

“The most amazing weekend. I feel so luck to have learnt from Pea and our animal teachers. I can’t wait to practice and develop my new found skills. I am in a position to help animals be heard.” – Victoria

“Pea is an amazing teacher, helping us understand how we all communicate with animal, from the animals point of view. I would recommend that everyone starts this journey, you won’t regret it. Start today, it’s not too late.” – Sarah