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Communicating with Outside Animals

Beginner Levels 1 & 2

Immerse yourself into the lives of outside creatures, as well as the odd keen canine resident who wants to share the love. Goats, pigs, ducks, sheep and chickens, living out their full lives with love and respect. These animals can’t wait to connect with you! Based at a home-come-sanctuary for unwanted or homeless animals. Outside, welly boots and joyful interactions.



June 13 & 14, 2020

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We used to have a deep connection with all animals. There was a time when empaths were revered and their wise council was sought. Then we turned our backs on the rest of the Animal Kingdom and it appeared that all communication stopped. But that’s not the truth.

The truth is animals have always been listening, including farm animals who have been waiting for us to reconnect with our intuition and to engage in listening again.

We still have a deep desire to connect (or reconnect) and these days it’s beginning to be seen as cool to engage in the practice of truthful, sensitive communication with another species. What’s more, humans are releasing the belief that farm animals are here solely as products for humans to consume and embracing the importance and understanding of the deeper qualities of these non-human beings.

Perhaps now the farm animals wish us to listen and be their voice more than ever. Are you curious about what they wish to share? How they feel about their lives? What they would wish to say to humans?

This weekend is dedicated to intuitive communication with farm animals as our equals, and also in gaining a deeper understanding of ourselves, through encouragement rather than judgement. No experience with these species is necessary, just an open heart and willingness to learn.

Learning how to trust yourself and communicate with animals, then be witness to how that impacts on both your personal life and your animal’s lives is beyond what I can put here in words. This experience is to be felt with the heart. It’s profound. It goes deep and changes lives.

Animal Communication for everyone

This day is partly based on the Introduction to Animal Communication workshop and therefore perfect for beginners, whether interested in farm-animals or a different species. You will leave with the tools and techniques needed to begin communicating with your own animals at home, as well as the ones you meet along the way.

Over the course of the first day, learn how to have two way conversations with dog teachers and other resident outdoors guest-teachers who are keen to help you develop your intuitive senses may also be present.

Experience direct practice face-to-face with animals, helpful feedback which encourages you to explore your animal communication rather than be perfect and supportive guidance drawn from Pea’s 15 years of professional practice.

Unlike other Introduction workshops, we’ll be based outside as much as possible and spend more time in observation and communication with the animals in their habitat. The day will feel more gentle and in touch with nature than a building-based setting.

Skill level: 1

Open to beginners as well as returning students

Improvers Day

During this Improvers day, gain deeper understanding of species referred to as farm animals; goats, pigs, ducks, sheep and chickens.

There is a lot to be learned from other species, including their preferences and what they need from us. We may ask the pigs, what is your spiritual gift? Or the chickens, what is your spiritual lesson? Perhaps the goats will share a message for humans? Aren’t you curious to learn what the sheep wish to express? No doubt the sense of humour of these individuals will also show itself!

As the skill of intuition is developed with love and patience, it’s possible for everyone to connect directly with non-human sentient beings in whatever form they embody, leading to an understanding of their thoughts and feelings. Be prepared for new discoveries and unexpected answers, which are sometimes surprising, and often both poignant and touching.

We’ll engage in their individuality and also the over-Soul of these species to gain their wisdom and unique perspectives.

Goats, pigs, ducks, sheep and chickens…living out their lives with love and respect. Suitable for the experienced and those who have attended Introduction to Animal Communication.

Skill level: 2


New Students

Weekend Special Saver, 13 & 14 June:

Early-bird payment (save £20 – until 12/5/2020):
£220.00 GBP

Weekend Special, 13 & 14 June:

Full payment (from 13/5/2020):
£240.00 GBP

Returning Students

Weekend Special Saver, 13 & 14 June:

Early-bird payment (save £20 – until 12/5/2020):

£190.00 GBP

Weekend Special, 13 & 14 June:

Full payment (from 13/5/2020):
£210.00 GBP

Non-Refundable Deposit

Any payment includes a non-refundable deposit of £50.

Sponsored Place

One place will be sponsored by Animal Thoughts and provided to a person nominated by the hosts Woodspring – Find Your Wild.


A donation will be made by Animal Thoughts for the animals towards their future wellbeing and students will be provided with an opportunity at the end of the weekend if they wish to offer something of their own which could be financial or offers of species appropriate food.

Accommodation and Lunch excluded

Your accommodation and lunch are not included and your own responsibility, as are your travel arrangements. Please bring a packed lunch, water and notebook with you. Tea and coffee refreshments are provided. Wear appropriate outdoor clothing and walking shoes or wellies. You may also like to bring a camping chair or blanket for your own comfort. Remember, there will be poop!

Some accommodation options:

Lauriston Hotel, Weston-Super-Mare

Premier Inn – Seafront, Weston-Super-Mare

Premier Inn- East, Weston-Super-Mare

Commodore Hotel, Kewstoke

The Park B&B, Weston-Super-Mare

The Parasol Guest House, Weston-Super-Mare

The Sunfold Guest House, Weston-Super-Mare

Lewinsdale Lodge B&B, Weston-Super-Mare


Email us here if you’d like to ask a question before making a booking.


Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

June 13 & 14, 2020

Weston-super-Mare is a seaside town in North Somerset. Our venue is closer to the coast and approx. 5 miles north of Weston-Super-Mare train station or 18 miles south west of Bristol (approx. 45 mins). The nearest international airport is Heathrow, further access is available from Bristol airport.


Woodspring – Find Your Wild (off Collum Lane), Kewstoke, Weston Super Mare, N. Somerset, BS22 9YU



Saturday: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Sunday: 10.00am – 5.00pm

Lunch approx. 45 mins

Registration: From 9.30am

Accessibility: The venue is both inside a room and outside in uneven fields.
Places: Approx. 16. We wish to keep this group small to aid wonderful moments with the animals.


By Car: The venue is approx. 15 mins drive north of Weston-Super-Mare

By Road from M5

  • Leave the M5 at junction 21, taking the A370 towards Weston Super Mare.
  • Straight after the roundabout take the exit towards St Georges/Worle/Sand Bay/Kewstoke
  • At the roundabout take the 2nd exit and stay on Queens way
  • At the roundabout continue straight to stay on Queens Way
  • At the roundabout take the 3rd exit to stay on Queens Way
  • Turn right onto Newtons Road & continue straight onto Collum Lane for 1.5 miles
  • Take a slight left and in 0.3 miles the farm will be on your left
By Road from Weston-Super-Mare
  • Take Alfred St and Arundel Rd to Bristol Road-Lower
  • Then Upper Bristol Road and Church Road to Queen’s Way
  • Take Collum Lane for 1.5 miles
  • Take a slight left and in 0.3 miles the farm will be on your left

By Train:

  • The nearest railway station is in Weston Super Mare. The farm is a 20 minute drive by taxi.
  • Here is the link for options: Taxis in WSM   Unfortunately there are no buses to Kewstoke.
  • This is the local taxi firm: Apple Central Taxis – 01934 666666

By Plane:

  • London Heathrow is the nearest international airport.
  • Bristol is the nearest national airport.  The farm is a 30 minute drive by taxi or car hire, here is the link for options: Taxis in WSM. Unfortunately there are no buses or trains to Kewstoke. Bristol national airport is also within reach.
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What others say about this workshop:


“A fabulous weekend spent in the most serene environment, communicating with amazing farm animals. They are so wise and intelligent. I feel very humbled. Our hosts were so welcoming and made the weekend, along with Pea, very special.” – Debbie

“Pea is an amazing teacher, helping us understand how we all communicate with animal, from the animals point of view. I would recommend that everyone starts this journey, you won’t regret it. Start today, it’s not too late.” – Sarah

“It’s a beautiful setting; a range of animals to communicate with, a feeling of honour, respect and openness. This course is a wonderful space to start or refresh your communication skills.” – Sam

“Although the animals lives have obviously suffered in their lives, it was wonderful to hear and see how positively they are adapting to their lives of freedom, peace and love.” – Vanessa

“I have loved every minute of this experience, even when I couldn’t concentrate and feltI failed. Pea has made me feel comfortable with this. I hope to attend other courses and to not doubt myself.” – Karen

“An overall wonderful experience, I now need to practice, practice, practice and develop my skills to help all those wonderful animals out there. A great weekend which has now put me back on track.” – Ruthy

“I have a special place in my heart for farm animals, as I feel they are so often dismissed by humans. I was delighted when I saw that Pea put on this workshop and couldn’t wait to book. It has been such a valuable experience, one I wish to continue to put all my learning into practice.” – Alexandra

“I absolutely loved this course, I learnt so much things about animals and nature.” – Aura, age 11

“I’m grateful to have the opportunity to communicate with animals so willing to talk and share messages with us. They are amazing spirits.” – Dan and Esme

“This course has shown me that I don’t need to continue the defences and the separation that I have carried for so long. I am safe and can open to a softening within me and yet be safe.” – Diana

“I can’t recommend this course highly enough. Not only did I learn so many things in a safe, loving environment but I also experienced a major shift in my perception.” – Jackie

“How wonderful to interact with newly freed battery hens and to see and feel their new happiness. The goats are just gorgeous, as all goats are. Farm animals want to be heard like all other creatures and this makes for an enjoyable experience and learning is fun.” – Helen