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Europe Animal Communication Training

Unlock your potential to help animals

Dive deeply into Pea's 5-Step Listen With Your Heart Programme and practice with animal-guest teachers to integrate these powerful tools. An Immersion into Animal Communication based in Europe.

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Tuscany, Italy

October 3 – 10, 2020

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Join Pea Horsley, internationally recognised Animal Communicator with 15 years professional experience, for this 8-day/7-night comprehensive animal communication training, The 5-Step Listen With Your Heart Programme, in a magical medieval hamlet nestled in Tuscany’s largest national park.

This deep-dive training is for anyone who wants to discover, develop and expand their ability to connect and communicate with animals to make a difference to non-human sentient beings wellbeing and also to enhance their own lives through the wisdom of animals.

  • 7–night stay at Querceto, a rare jewel of its kind and the perfect place to retreat
  • 3-daily organic vegan meals
  • Twice daily expertly-led animal communication lessons live by Pea Horsley
  • Meditation, gong bath
  • Infinity pool, breathtaking views and ancient woods filled with wild animals, including deers, wild boars, weasels, porcupines, eagles, and even wolves (in the depth of the forest)!
  • Guided walks through the wild animal tracks in the forest
  • Guided tours of nearby world heritage sites
  • Trip to the nearby Mediterranean beaches
  • Wine tasting of the organic vegan wines produced on the estates
  • Yoga – Working With The Shadow 2-hour taster session led by our host, Kim, (this flavour of yoga is rooted in India’s native shamanic tradition)
  • Remember and reconnect with animal communication
  • Expand your awareness of what’s possible
  • Discover your powerful potential
  • Ways to make a real and lasting difference to the lives of all species of animals
  • Enhance your life through the wisdom of animals
  • Rewilding back into Nature connection

For the first time ever, I’ll be sharing these powerful teachings in a residential immersion.

- Pea Horsley

Learning how to trust yourself and communicate with animals, then be witness to how that impacts on both your personal life and your animal’s lives is beyond what I can put here in words. This experience is to be felt with the heart. It’s profound. It goes deep and changes lives.

Over the course of the training programme I’ll teach you to remember how to have a two-way exchange with other animals, those you love and new friends you’ll meet each day. You’ll learn how to remove self doubt and harness your intuitive ability to enable clear and effective communication that will make animals’ lives happier – and change yours forever.

Exploring and practising 6 core modules by quietening the mind and expanding your awareness through The 5-Step Listen With Your Heart Programme, you’ll leave yourself open to receive the wisdom of the animal teachings.

Animal communication is transformational work that unleashes our power, purpose and potential. It challenges cultural paradigms that limit human potential by reinforcing the self as separate from any living thing. Re-membering our connection as Nature helps us to heal, evolve, and transform ourselves enabling us to be healing conduits for the Animal Kingdom.

Pea’s guidance is immensely powerful. She had us communicating successfully with animals on day one. I am blown away by what we could do by the end of the course.

- Shelia Langan
A Word from Pea

I’m dedicating my life to teaching others how to re-Member back into Nature, as part of her, and to help create healing and harmony in animals lives. This remembering extends to all elements of Nature connection.

I realised very quickly that this requires a kind of unlearningWe’ve been conditioned to believe more in our limitations than our potential.

Based on the concepts from my books Animal Communication Made Easy, Heart to Heart and The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, I developed this training programme to help people realise their own potential so that they may go on to be a more honest and integral part of the Animal Kingdom and Mother Nature.

Day-to-Day Schedule

(subject to change)

Training begins with the Introduction to Animal Communication and Practice and Development Day including time to question and grow.

Development continues with intermediate modules, Body Scanning and Gestalt and also Remote Viewing which is needed in tracking missing animals.

Progress further with more advanced modules, Empowering Animals teaches you how to perceive your power or totem animals and connect with them for support, protection and guidance with your animal communication.

Training ends with module Life Loss Love, providing a cathartic and enlightening day to learn the animals point of view of dying, death and the afterlife and ultimately empower animal transition.

Pea will present this training in English. Italian translation is available if needed.

This short video was recorded when Pea last facilitated this training programme in Australia and will give you an insight into what to expect.

Saturday 3 October

Check-in between 2 – 4 and settle into your room.

4 – 6.30 Welcome Session at the Castle: Meet and Greet, Introductions, Intentions, Meditation

7 – 8 Group supper

8.15 Optional Gong Bath (The sound and vibrational energy of gongs is an ancient and powerful tool used to help still the mind and allow the body to deeply relax, you lie down and allow the sounds waves wash over and through you.)

Sunday 4 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Introduction to Animal Communication

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 6  Session #2 Introduction to Animal Communication

7.30 Supper

Monday 5 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Practice and Development

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 6  Session #2 Practice and Development

7.30 Supper

Pea is an astonishingly adept, intuitive and compassionate teacher (and person). Her supportive and encouraging manner was vital to me, assisting me to gain methodology and confidence.

- Diana Green
Tuesday 6 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Body Scanning & Gestalt

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 6  Session #2 Body Scanning & Gestalt

7.30 Supper

Wednesday 7 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Remote Viewing

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 5  Optional activities (to be paid in cash, on site), including a trip to the nearby Mediterranean beaches, a guided walk in the woods following the wild animal trails, and a guided tour of local medieval townships (Bolgheri, Casale Marittimo) and world heritage sites like the town of Volterra.

5.30 – 7.30 Optional Yoga – Working With The Shadow taster session led by our host, Kim Bizzarri (this flavour of yoga is rooted in India’s native shamanic tradition)

7.45 Supper

Pea taught us how to refine and nurture our abilities. She really is a fabulous teacher.

- Karen Johnston
Thursday 8 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Empowering Animals

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 6  Session #1 Empowering Animals

7.30 Supper

I feel truly empowered. I’ve learnt so much that will benefit my animals in the future when it’s their time.

– Beth
Friday 9 October

8 Breakfast

9 – 12 Session #1 Life Loss Love

12 – 2 Lunch, Swim, Rest

2 – 5  Session #2 Life Loss Love

5 – 6 Closing Ceremony

7.30 Supper

Saturday 10 October

8 Breakfast

9.30 Check out of apartments

10 Group photos

10.30 Farewell to new friends

This Residential Immersion is for Everyone:

This training is for people who are ready to be open hearted, release energetic barriers and engage and empower themselves to communicate with animals and create lasting changes for the Animal Kingdom and Mother Earth. You’ll also enjoy plenty of free time to commune with other attendees and Pea, bask in nature at our beautiful mountainside location, swim in the infinity pool, and get recharged and revitalized. By the end of the training you’ll feel inspired to be a positive, healing communicator with your own animals, those in your community and the natural world. Please be aware that due to the nature of the location and the residential element, space is very limited and spots will fill up quickly!

  • Animal Guardians – Understand your animal better to assist with concerns or to improve their life.
  • Animal Rescue – Understand their past and what they need now to assist rehabilitation.
  • Animal Therapists – Develop your skills alongside a deeper listening connection to support animals in therapy.
  • Dog Trainers – Communicate with clarity and learn to listen to increase learning and rehabilitation.
  • Equine –Understand your horses physical and emotional needs better and ways to resolve ‘problems’.
  • Vets, nurses and staff – Assist in understanding emotions, behaviour and pain alongside your current practice.
  • Anyone who wants to invest in their growth as a coach, therapist, healer, artist or teacher.




Healing in the Willows


Check In:

Between 2.00 – 4.00pm, Saturday 3 October

Check Out:

Check-out of your apartment by 9.30am, Saturday 10 October. No need to rush away, you’re welcome to stay in the Castle area until 12noon.

Session Times:

9.00am – 6.00pm Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. Wednesday will finish at the earlier time of 1pm. Additional evening activities will be scheduled and optional. Lunch approx. 1 – 2hrs. These times are subject to change.

Castello Ginori Di Querceto

Querceto dates back to the 11th century and, unlike many other nearby hamlets, Querceto does not feature on the tourist map, making it a rare jewel of its kind and the perfect place to retreat for quiet animal communicationPreserved as a living hamlet by its owner, the Marquis of Ginori, Querceto is home to 35 permanent residents – an eclectic collection of farmers, writers, athletes, musicians and yogis!

An Ocean of Peace

Querceto is perched on the rolling green hills of the Val di Cecina, on the edge of Tuscany’s largest national park, Monte Rufoli, and at the heart of the Etruscan Coast – where many UNESCO world heritage sites can be found. Surrounded by wild woodland, Querceto also lies just 20 km away from secluded beaches on the Mediterranean sea, making it an ideal location both for mountain fans and beach lovers.

Easy to Reach

International guests can easily reach Querceto by flying into Pisa airport. Alternatively nearby airports include FlorenceBologna and Rome. Both Ryanair and Easyjet fly to Pisa, Bologna or Rome. From any of these airports it is possible to take trains to Cecina, the closest train station to Querceto (you may visit www.trenitalia.it/ to work out your train times). We can organise pick-ups from Cecina station to Querceto with local drivers or taxis (approx. €50 per taxi). Where possible we’ll coordinate taxi shares to be kinder on the planet and wallets.

If you prefer renting your own car so that you may sightsee during spare time we can also recommend a number of car rental companies (as little as €8 per day).

Learn how to communicate with animals and re-Member your connection with Nature in this idyllic castle hideaway.

- Pea Horsley

Environmental & Social Conscience

The venue aims to offer retreats with a social and environmental conscience. As such, they source all of the materials and services required for the retreats as locally as possible, with the utmost respect for the environment and the local community.

All products used during the retreats are organic and eco-friendly (including the pure-rubber yoga mats provided) and all the meals are vegan and free from palm-oil.

Why Vegan? “Because Healing in the Willows, the hosting venue, share the growing understanding that, in an uncontrollable global system of food production, Veganism best embodies the contemporary meaning of Ahimsa [‘non-violence’] – the very first observance of the path to Yoga, which is part of Healing in the Willows’ experiment of uniting the fields of Yoga, Deep Ecology and Animal Rights into a new consciousness.

Moreover, by sourcing as many goods and services locally, they support local business, including neighbouring family-owned organic farms (where they buy all the fresh produce used for the meals), the local organic shops in the towns of Cecina and Volterra (for most of its dry food and bread), and local transport companies for picking-up guests from the local train station.

The very hamlet of Querceto is powered through renewable electricity, generated by the biomass reactor that feeds on the wine and olive-oil by-products produced by the hamlet itself.

Concerned about your travel carbon footprint?

Travel is a wonderful gift and privilege but it comes at a cost to the environment. Here are two things you can do right now to travel more consciously:

  • Calculate your trip’s carbon footprint and offset it.
  • Donate money toward projects that focus on reversing the effects of climate change.
  • Gold Standard is one of the most widely recommended bodies.
  • Climate Care turn climate responsibility into positive outcomes.
  • South Pole’s carbon footprint calculator is very clear and easy to use.
  • Atmosfair in Germany (have a particularly good calculator which rates airline efficiency and includes other greenhouses gases as well as CO2).
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Participant’s lodge in the hamlet’s original and beautifully renovated apartments located in the hamlet’s picturesque square. Apartments vary from 1 to 4 bedroom apartments with single and twin bedrooms (with air-con or fans). Budget-beds (no air-con or fans) and limited VIP 1-bedroom apartments are also available.

All of the apartments have their own lounge, kitchen and dining areas, creating a very homely feeling and allowing guests to find their own space and privacy outside of the classes and shared meals.



The castle works with a number of local cooks. Meals will be vegangluten-free (or with gluten-free options), and they usually prepare food inspired by traditional Tuscan/Italian cuisine. We are sorry we can not guarantee a coeliac-friendly kitchen environment.

Three vegan organic buffet meals on training days, plus welcome Saturday evening supper (4th) and farewell Saturday breakfast (11th). Drinks include water (with mint, cucumber, lemon, lime or goji berries) and herbal teas.


The infinity swimming pool is 5 minutes walking distance from the apartments at the end of a path surrounded by olive trees. It’s situated in a charming place with stunning view of the countryside with a small pool house with bathroom and a changing room. The lawn offers loungers and chairs for you to relax and catch some sun. This can be a perfect spot to reflect and integrate everything you are learning.

Day 1: The Introduction to Animal Communication

Skill level: Level 1/Beginners

What’s involved?

Participant’s will learn the basic theories of animal communication, otherwise known as interspecies telepathic communication, providing you with the foundation level of communication with animals with which you can then practice communicating with your own animal’s at home and those of your friends.

Subjects included:

  • Explanation of the what, why and how of animal communication
  • Exploration of how you will receive information from animals
  • Exercises on how to relax the body and mind
  • Learn how to sense energy
  • Meditation to strengthen the right brain hemisphere to intuition
  • Learn how to ‘listen’ with the heart using the Heart-to-Heart technique
  • Send and receive information telepathically
  • Communicate with animals who are present ‘face to face’
  • Practice communicating distantly with an animal using a photo
  • Receive answers about your animal from another student

The Key Benefits of This Day:

  • You will learn the ‘how’ of communicating with animals.
  • You will discover your core sensing strength.
  • You will practice communicating with animals in a safe environment.
  • You will have your communication impressions verified.
  • You will receive expert guidance and support from Pea Horsley.

The workshop was such an amazing experience that completely blew me away. My eyes (and heart) have been opened to the beautiful opportunities of communicating with animals - a gift for life.

– Tracy

Day 2: Practice and Development Day

Skill level: 2

Prerequisite: Level 1, Returning AnimalThoughts student

What’s Involved?

Today is devoted to practice with real visiting animal guest-teachers and also with your own animals through photographs of them. Pea will also encourage you to release any self doubt or barriers to authentic telepathic communication with animals through tried and tested exercises and meditations. You will communicate with other participant’s animals through a photo and receive communications about your own animals from your student colleagues. Every communication will be verified to enable you to monitor your growth. The key to animal communication is practice, practice, practice and that is the experience this day gifts to you.

Subjects included:

  • Learn how to word questions to animals.
  • Experience how to share communications for the benefit of friends.
  • Understanding your individual skill set and how to develop further.
  • Exercises to bring awareness to your trust/control persona.
  • Meditations to deepen your intuition and remove self doubt

The key benefits of this day:

  • You will gain practice with in-person animal teachers.
  • You will gain practice communicating with animals via photo.
  • You will experience exercises to help you relax and trust.
  • You will be taken on guided meditations to deepen your intuition.
  • You will leave feeling much more confident about your ability.

Pea has a beautiful gentle energy to work with. As a teacher she’s very patient, caring, intuitive and insightful.

– Sharon Walters

Day 3 & 4: Body Scanning, Gestalt & Remote Viewing

Skill level: Level 3/Intermediate

Prerequisite: Levels 1 & 2, Returning AnimalThoughts student

What’s involved?

Over the course of two days attendees will learn how to understand an animal’s physicality on a deeper level. Practice the technique of body scanning an animal from the outside in order to detect areas of imbalance. Then practice the gestalt method and learn to move your consciousness inside an animal’s body to explore physical concerns. Participants will also practice a more advanced method of moving their consciousness to another location (non-local reality) to ‘view’ an area remotely which is important when tracking missing animals. Students will be given an opportunity to put all of these skills into verified practice. We’ll also look at the reasons why animals go missing, the right questions to ask them when they’re lost and how to also reflect on environmental and personal issues which can impact on animals. The three intermediate subjects learned over these two days can also help you understand what to do if your animal goes missing and give you techniques to help you be reunited.

Subjects included:

  • Explore and practicing body scanning another student
  • Understand how to move your consciousness inside an animal to internally scan
  • Practice body scanning and gestalt with an animal teacher
  • Explore remote viewing and how it is used along with gestalt when tracking missing animals
  • Practice remote viewing and receive verification
  • Practice remote viewing a non-local situation and gather information

This is for you if:

  • You wish to add more skills to your ‘tool kit’.
  • You are open to exploring challenging skills that will stretch you.
  • You wish to understand how animals feel physically.
  • You want to know how remote viewing can aid tracking lost animals.
  • You are confident in basic communication skills and feel ready to explore more difficult areas of animal communication.

The key benefits of this day:

  • You will learn how to scan an animals physical energy.
  • You will learn how to tune into any areas of physical imbalance.
  • You will practice energy merging to reveal further physical concerns.
  • You will learn how to remotely sense non-local information.
  • You will practice the tools used to track missing animals.

This workshop was inspiring, enlightening and humbling. Pea is a great teacher, making such a powerful process simple in its explanation but also very inspiring to keep practising and learning – so that we can all honour and respect our animal friends more.

– Yvonne

Day 5: Power Animals – Empowering Animals

Skill level: 4 Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2, Returning AnimalThoughts student

What’s involved?

This Empowering Animals course provides you with a way to meet your own power animals. Sometimes these animals are called animal spirit guides, totem animals or spirit animals. We will call them Power Animals because, ultimately, they are with you to em-Power you. These are your spiritual allies and they show up to to offer guidance, healing, protection, inspiration and encouragement. As your friends they only offer positive, supportive and loving messages.

Pea will gently lead you to enable a deep connection where you will meet your own power animals, learn to sense other people’s and through communication – tap into their wisdom. You can ask them questions and they will give you the answers. You will work with animal teachers present and also with your own with or without their photo.

Subjects included:

  • Meet your power animal/s for the day
  • Guided meditation to meet the other power animals in your life
  • Using the senses to ‘see’ power animals
  • Discover the meaning behind your power animals
  • Communication guidance with your own power animal by photo
  • Communication with unknown power animals by photo

The key benefits of this day:

  • You will learn how to sense power animals – your own and others.
  • You will learn the importance of connecting with your power animals.
  • You will have opportunity to seek answers from power animals.
  • You will learn the meaning of different power animals in your life.
  • You will gain confidence in communicating with your power animals.

On this workshop Pea guides us in opening the connection to our power animals, making accessible a flow of wisdom useful not only to communicate with animals but to receive advice on our journey – precious!”

- Dany

Day 6: Life Loss Love

Skill level: 5 Intermediate/Advanced

Prerequisite: Level 1 & 2, Returning AnimalThoughts student

What’s involved?

During this workshop you will discover ways to support an animal during ill health and as they approach their transition. Based on the lessons learned from animals in her new book, The Animal Communicator’s Guide Through Life, Loss and Love, Pea will share with you ways to prepare for animal’s passing, how to recognise when they are ready and whether or not they need assistance. Pea will also talk about the grieving process and the various stages of grief, including disenfranchised grief. Most importantly we will explore through communication what the animals feel about transition and they will answer questions your about dying, death and the afterlife.

Subjects included:

  • You will learn how animals feel about dying and death
  • Understand the stages of the grieving process
  • Learn how to recognise when an animal is ready to pass
  • Discover ways of how best to support using communication
  • Learn how to be empowered at such a difficult time

The key benefits of this day:

  • You will learn what animals feel about dying and death.
  • You will discover tools to draw on for courage and support
  • You will communicate to learn animals answers to your questions
  • You will learn what happens to your animal’s soul
  • You will hear ways to honour an animal before & after their transition

In the Life Loss Love workshop, Pea held the space for us to grieve and heal. There was no right or wrong - only what was right for us. This workshop is a must for anyone who has loved and lost, and who would like a better understanding of death and dying.

- Debbie


Full Training, 3 – 10 October 2020

Early-Bird: Twin Share £1,295, Single Room £1,495

After 4 April: Twin Share £1,395, Single Room £1,595

Returning Animal Thoughts Student: Twin Share £1,150, Single Room £1,350

Levels 1 – 5 – ALL SIX MODULES

Intermediate Training, 5 – 10 July 2020

Early-Bird*: Twin Share £945, Single Room £1,145

After 4 April*: Twin Share £1,045, Single Room £1,245

Levels 3 – 5 – FOUR MODULES

*Pre-requisite: Attendance of an AnimalThoughts Introduction level 1 workshop.

Beginner Mini Training, 4 & 5 October 2020

Early-Bird £215 Tuition Only

After 4 April £255 Tuition Only

Levels 1 & 2 – TWO MODULES

Beginners attending the Introduction and Practice days only, please enquire for our residential availability and prices, and for tips on where to find accommodation in nearby villages and B&B’s,.

Email us here if you wish book the Mini-Training.

Pea is a very talented teacher and a skilful group facilitator. She has put together a great method that includes theory, story-telling, games and exercises that keep the energy flowing in the group and the interest alive in the participants, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere that is hard to leave.

- Kim Bizarri


The Full and Intermediate trainings include:

  • Expert live training with Pea Horsley of the 5-Step Listen With Your Heart Programme
  • Handouts via USB to save on trees and luggage weight
  • Full-board apartment style accommodation, including bedding and towels (change of bedding/towels/cleaning during your stay can be organised at additional prices)
  • 3 daily vegan organic buffet meals on training days
  • Welcome supper on arrival day
  • Farewell breakfast on departure day
  • Drinks include herbal teas and water (with mint, cucumber, lemon, lime or goji berries)
  • Outdoor infinity pool and sun loungers
  • Gong Bath

What’s Not Included

  • Your return flight from your hometown to Pisa (PSA airport code)
  • Pick-ups from the airport/Cecina station, and return transfers
  • Travel insurance (highly recommended)
  • Guided walks through the wild animal tracks in the forest, €10pp
  • Guided tours of nearby world heritage sites, priced locally
  • Afternoon trip to nearby beaches (Wednesday afternoon), priced locally
  • Wine tasting of the organic vegan wines produced on the estates, €20pp
  • Massages, priced locally
  • Food and drinks other than mentioned

Note: There is a nearby restaurant and wine shop where coffee, cake and wine can be purchased. There is no grocery/snack shop. You might like to bring some of your own snacks with you.

To Book Your Place

To secure your place, complete the booking form and make a non-refundable deposit.

The balance is due by 1 August 2020 and will be invoiced by email. Places will be cancelled if the balance payment is not received with 7 days.

A payment plan (3 split payments) is also available to help make the training accessible to all budgets. Please email us for this option.

A good knowledge of English is advisable. There will be limited Italian translation available where necessary.

Non-Refundable Deposit:

Each booking includes a £250 non-refundable deposit (Full/Intermediate) or £60 non-refundable deposit (Mini).

Refund Policy

Refunds are available up until 18.00 GMT on 1 May 2020, excluding the deposit. The deposit is non-refundable. Places are non-transferable.

The Finer Details

*The Early-Bird discount is available until midnight on 3 April 2020 GMT. From 4 April 2020 the standard rate applies.

Twin Basis: We will introduce you to your roommate when you arrive. We need to address the delicate issue of snoring. If you snore, you need to bring with you an anti-snoring device that can be found on the internet. Most people cannot sleep in a room with a roommate that snores. Thank you for your understanding.  You can also opt for a private room at sole occupancy cost.

Twin Share Policy:

  • You will be matched with the same gender.
  • Male and female friends are able to opt for a twin share.
  • Please let us know if you are a couple or family members who wish to share together.

* Single Supplement Policy

  • You will need to pay the single occupancy balance when there is no other person of the same gender to twin share with you.

Dedicated Facebook Group

Every student (with a Facebook account) will be able to join a private Animal Thoughts Facebook group dedicated to encouraging one another in animal communication, practice shares and mutual support.

Pea's workshops are a humbling yet profoundly enriching experience. Hearing that we are no better, no more important, no more entitled to our place on this planet than the smallest of animals is an important part of our human evolution.

- Linda
Email us here if you’d like to ask a question before making a booking.

What others say about this course:

“Pea gives a well balanced course in animal communication with theory and practice with guest animal teachers. Pea is such a lovely, calm, well balanced spiritual person that her course is a pleasure to attend.” – Isobel Johnstone

“Pea facilitated perfectly with passion, earthliness and an accessible way to connect to your intuition. LOVED IT!” – Toni Gunston

“What a wonderfully gratifying experience. I surprised myself with what I was capable of achieving, in spite of my doubt! So satisfying, it’s hard to find the words. Would definitely recommend this course.” – Debra Chesterton

“Pea gives the best combination of sensitive intelligent caring and love to support her students and guest teachers. Great wisdom.” – Stephen

“Pea has the ability to create a wonderful learning environment for people wishing to increase their skills in animal communication. Having animals present adds to the development. I have learnt so much from Pea, I am eternally grateful.” – Jane

“A hugely precious workshop on a personal level, and extremely invaluable information to be able to share when helping animals.” – Angela

“Pea is extremely professional, authentic, funny, and a pleasure to listen to and learn from. I had a fabulous day and feel very grateful for the work she shares.” – Alex

“Pea makes animal communication the most natural thing in the world. Anyone can achieve!” – Sandy

“Pea is a natural professional who marries her teaching with gentle guidance and encouragement.” – Debs

“What an inspirational day to explore the possibilities of communicating with all sorts of animals.” – Karen

“Pea is very informative, supportive and a great teacher. I would recommend her course to any animal lover.” – Amanda

“Introduction workshop: A wonderful day filled with love, authenticity and special moments!” – Colette

“Animal communication is made so easy and accessible by Pea. Highly recommended if you want to start communicating with all the animals on the planet.” – Hester

This short video includes feedback from previous participants of Animal Thoughts workshops.