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The Intuitive Pet Parent Summit

November 2017

Listen Again

Oct 10 – Nov 1, 2017

My summit talk was on 1st November 2017

Listen here

    There were over 30 conscious conversations with animal experts around the world taking a stand for non-verbal communication and animal intelligence.

    The summit was designed to deliver thought-provoking content that can make an immediate difference in your life, so share freely and together we will incite the insights most needed around the world.

    You may have missed registering for the entire summit, but you can still listen again to my 20-minute talk by clicking the link below (it’s free!)

    Listen to Pea's talk here

    Pea Horsley had no intention of ever being an animal communicator, being highly successful in another field, but then her first dog, Morgan, arrived, and he introduced Pea to animal communication.

    Although it came to her late in life, now over a decade later, Pea is a much-loved leader in animal communication, a TEDx speaker, teaching workshops and leading wild animal retreats worldwide.

    Pea is also the author of two books with a third due for release in September 2018.