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Join one of the world’s most loved and acclaimed animal communicator’s, Pea Horsley, on this ‘bucket-list’ dream retreat to swim with wild Dolphins in Hawaii, watch Humpback Whales and snorkel with Manta Rays.

The Kona coast is home to hundreds of resident pods of Spinner Dolphins, migrating Humpback Whales and over 150 Manta Rays. This retreat focuses on ethical, respectful and meaningful connections.

  • Open your heart with the joy of dolphin play and love
  • Re-engage your childlike sense of wonder
  • Connect with One-consciousness through deep communication with whales
  • Experience the mystical Manta rays
  • Increase your animal communication skills
  • Access the Quantum-Reality
  • Immerse yourself in the healing light-vibrations of the Hawaiian ocean
  • Experience relaxation and renewal
  • Give yourself time to feel, listen and feed your soul
  • Deepen your connection with nature to access your true self
  • Accelerate your own personal transformation
  • Enter an oceanic somatic experience that heightens the senses and helps to quiet the mind
  • Empower your soul’s potential through the guidance and energies of ocean friends
  • Integrate your authentic self in to your communities

You will leave with a heart bursting with love, feeling more alive, with a rejuvenated purpose and feeling a deep soul transformation.

This is a small group retreat: 12 people max.

HAWAII 2019 was such an amazing experience, more wonderful and life changing than I could ever have expected. Serenely swimming with hundreds of 'dolphies', feeling their sonar and hearing their calls under the water was amazing. I can never forget the pod which swam slowly just below me and one turned to show me his silverside and looked me in the eye while we swam along, magical! Every day different, new and surprising things happened with dolphies, whales, manta rays, turtles and of course I can't forget the fish!

Pea, you and your team were were fantastically kind and caring to me and all of your 'Yes' pod. Thank you so, so much for this experience of a lifetime, I will never forget it.

- Diane

Pea’s retreat provided a perfect balance between educational, guided, informal and free. Swimming with wild oceanic beings truly mesmerising. The vibrational shift from close contact with dolphins evident and lasting. Hawaii captures your soul and makes it dance. A must be repeated experience.

- Sandy

The spinner dolphins, or nai’a, are known for their impressive spinning leaps out of the water and very playful nature. They embody unconditional love and remind us that what we create with our will becomes our physical reality. Dolphins are experts at increasing our inner joy and childlike play. There is some belief that Native Hawaiians deemed dolphins to be an oceanic tribe with equal rights as humans.

The warm and shallow waters surrounding the Hawaiian Islands are a favourite destination for kohola, or humpback whales. Two-thirds of the North Pacific humpback whale population migrate 3,000 miles from the Gulf of Alaska to visit Hawaiian waters every year from November to May. We will be in the peak of their return to Hawai’i to breed, give birth and nurse their calves. Connecting with a humpback whale in person is an unforgettable experience.

The manta rays, known as hahalua, which means two breaths – ha meaning breath and lua meaning two – are harmless, graceful creatures who have an entrancing effect and are held in high regard by Native Hawaiians.

At A Glance

  • 4 morning snorkel swims with dolphins
  • Whale watching every boat trip for inspiring messages
  • 1 night snorkel with manta rays
  • Communication with cetaceans
  • Ocean vibrational healing
  • High vibrations of Hawai’i
  • Powerful and advanced cetacean energies
  • Spiritual expansion with a group of likeminded people
  • Understand the cetaceans messages for humanity

I thought I was going to Hawaii to communicate with dolphins and whales. That was just the tip of the iceberg. It was more than I could ever have dreamed. Yes, I swam with dolphins and manta rays. Yes, I communicated with them. But more than that, I found parts of me I had hidden away from the world. Pea has created a magical vessel that will hold you safely and allow you to grow as fast or as slow as you are ready. I have been to many, many workshops and this was the first time I felt safe and seen and heard. The dolphins helped facilitate the growing in the ocean and Pea and the group continued it on land. Many of us said we were discovering who we’ve always been—before life covered us with layers. You will not regret choosing yourself. You are in for an adventure!

- Jenny

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Pre-Retreat – Arrive Big Island into Kona

Land at the Big Island of Hawai’i into Kona International airport (KOA) and transfer to the Royal Kona Hotel in the village of Kailua-Kona. This oceanside Hawaiian hotel is the best location to see the dolphins and whales every day as they swim in the waters alongside this resort. Settle and relax, enjoying a muscle soothing bath or shower and cleanse away the airmiles. Depending upon your arrival day and energy level, you’re invited to meet up for supper or a drink before a restful night’s sleep. If you’d rather do your own thing that’s ok too, there’s plenty of time to get acquainted with fellow retreaters the following day. Some people choose to arrive a few days prior to the retreat and others the day before. The days you choose to spend in Kona before the retreat begins are about you landing, grounding and beginning your experience of Hawai’i frequencies and aloha.

The Cetacean Retreat with Pea Horsley was brilliant. I recommend anyone who feels the cosmos nudging them to get closer to the whales, turtles, dolphins, manta rays, mermaids & mermen, fish, bees, angels and conscious energies to listen to their hearts and go if they can. The hotel we used was wonderful, and if it was at all possible, I would go again. The time spent on the boat and the way we attempted to be among the creatures who came to greet us or were curious about us was ethical and respectful, which is paramount as far as I am concerned.

- Margie

Day 1 – Meet, Greet and Snorkel (Sun 1 March)

The retreat formally starts today at 1pm. We meet for an introduction, a cetacean honouring meditation and overview of the week ahead. This gathering will be followed by a snorkelling orientation. Afterwards there will be time to explore Kona and enjoy a leisurely supper in front of a stunning Hawaiian sunset.

Day 2 – Dolphins and Whales (Mon 2 March)

We’ll rendezvous with our dolphin and whale guides and then transfer to the harbour for the start of our adventure. Today you’ll meet new dolphin friends and experience whales who wish to connect with you. Various sea life may cross your path and an open heart and curious mind are all you need to have a magical experience.

Hawaii is a special place to me, unlike any other and not just because of its beauty. The energy I felt and the experiences I had will stay with me forever. The feeling of love and the wisdom of the cetaceans really opened my eyes as well as helping to develop my communication with them. I was also surrounded by a wonderful pod of humans experiencing their own journey but supporting each other in the process.

It was a journey of healing, self-development, awareness and animal communication with many WOW moments. Hawaii called to my soul and I listened, which I'm so glad I did.

- Emma

Day 3 – Dolphins and Whales (Tues 3 March)

Today will be intuitively heart-led by what the dolphins and whales wish us to experience. Perhaps there will be more focus on receiving messages from the whale wisdom keepers. Listen to the ocean as you feel gently rocked into a merging with this natural wonder that surrounds and supports all life. Return after a day of adventure for dinner followed by an evening talk.

The Hawaii retreat was even more spectacular than in my wildest dreams! Pea and her team were so kind, loving, approachable and knowledgeable! And they took me, along with the dolphins, the whales, the rays and all the other beautiful animals we encountered, into a magical and incredible life changing journey. I came back from Hawaii with an even greater love for and stronger connection with Mother Nature and the animals. And with a stronger appreciation for life itself and all it has to offer.

- Sybille

Day 4 – Manta Rays (Wed 4 March)

Today is our dedicated manta ray day and an experience like no other. In the morning you can rest or choose to be active, perhaps with a helicopter tour over volcanoes or an 8.30am yoga class, there could be an opportunity to visit a local beach to snorkel with the fishes, maybe even a turtle (extras not included in retreat). In the late afternoon we head out for a stunning sunset cruise and then an evening snorkel with manta rays.

Day 5 – Dolphins and Whales (Thurs 5 March)

More fun in the ocean swimming with dolphins. When snorkelling keep looking around because you may find yourself surrounded by dolphins, they may sonar you or invite you to play the leaf game. As you gaze out to the deep blue of the Pacific Ocean also watch for breaching humpbacks, visiting bottlenose dolphins or passing pilot whales. Enjoy the warm blue water, ocean breezes and being as one with nature.

Hawaii was such an incredible adventure! The ocean is completely magical as are all the beautiful creatures in there too ?????
Pea made certain that we were so well taken care of at ALL times, physically, emotionally, spiritually ❤️ I highly recommend it as it will stay in my heart for always. Thank you Pea! I found my courage to get me there and I'm SOOOO glad I had this wonderful experience.??

- Elaine

Day 6 – Dolphins and Whales (Fri 6 March)

This is our final experience on the water to say goodbye to our new dolphin and whale friends. We may be blessed with a breaching humpback whale acknowledgment or a dolphin pod honouring. We’ll share our gratitude with a sacred ceremony out at sea, sharing our love and respect for all the ocean life and Kai (the ocean) herself.

Your last evening in Hawai’i is yours to choose how you spend it; whether sharing experiences with new friends over supper or enjoying some solo time for silence and contemplation. There will be so many wonderful encounters to reflect on and this could be a good time to journal how you feel and how you will incorporate everything you’ve learned into your life back home.

Day 7 – Closing Ceremony (Sat 7 March)

This morning we will bring our retreat week to a close with a special sharing gathering. It will be hard to say goodbye to the new friends we’ve made but this is where this journey ends with big smiles and hugs. When you return home you’ll have many incredible stories to share and there will always be a little bit of Hawai’i that remains in your heart. The retreat will finish at 1pm.

Please note: This schedule is subject to flow and fluidity at any time due to weather and other factors beyond our control.

Important: There is no formal teaching on this retreat. Please make sure you attend an animal communication workshop or complete an online course beforehand in order to understand the necessary basics. You can also read Pea’s new book, Animal Communication Made Easy.

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What This Retreat Includes

6 Nights Accommodation

  • Royal Kona Resort Hotel standard room on a twin share basis, unless booking single occupancy. Check in time 4pm, check out 11.00am (bags can be left at reception). You will have free use of the fresh water lagoon, sun loungers and swimming pool. For your convenience there is also a restaurant and Don’s Mai Tai bar (your own cost). Accommodation check-in on 1 March, check-out 7 March. Additional days can be booked (your own cost).


  • 4 Dolphin snorkel and Whale watching boat trips.
  • 1 Manta ray night snorkel.
  • Our boat, Na Pali Kai, is well equipped with safety equipment such as oxygen, first aid, life vests, fire extinguishers, VHF radio, and E-PIRB.
  • All captains are licensed by United States Coast Guard.


  • Private bus transfer from Kailua-Kona village to the harbour and return


  • Wet suit
  • Snorkel, mask and fins – except Sunday*
  • For use from the boat only

*Snorkel kit can be hired from Jack’s Diving Locker for Sunday’s snorkel orientation session. You will be fitted with a wet suit by Jack’s Diving Locker on Monday morning.


  • Dolphin and Whale tours: Light sandwich lunch, water and soft drinks
  • Manta Ray tour: Biscuits/crisps snack and soft drinks
  • Note: You can take your own food on to the Dolphin and Whale tours if you prefer


  • You will be able to charge your phone/ipad at the Royal Kona hotel. Bring an appropriate adaptor.


  • Wifi is complimentary in the hotel bar/lobby area (payable in your room)


  • Dolphin and Whale tours are included.
  • Manta Ray tour is included.
  • Royal Kona Resort hotel room is included.

What’s Not Included

  • Your return international flight from your hometown to Kailua-Kona International (KOA airport code)
  • Travel insurance or trip cancellation insurance prior to departure. Highly recommended.
  • Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) to enter America. Find out if you need a Visa/eTA here.
  • Transfer from Kona Airport to Royal Kona Resort Hotel and return to airport (Airport Shuttle Service)
  • Meals: All meals except those included on the Dolphin and Whale tours
  • Snorkel kit for Sunday orientation – can be rented from JDL ($10 + tax per day) or bring your own
  • Personal or medical cover abroad
  • Medical expenses
  • Hospitalisation and evacuation from remote areas, and additional expenses arising from the delay or extension of a trip due to weather, political disputes, sickness, failure of transportation, or other causes beyond our control
  • Other non-included items would include souvenir shopping, incidentals, personal phone calls, laundry, bell-boys, and tips for your room maid (we recommend $1 – 2 US per day per person)
  • Tips: Whale & Dolphin tours (approx. $30 – 50 per person for the week)
  • Spa treatments and spa tips – the hotel has an onsite beauty spa and massage
  • Any attractions or activities not specifically listed
  • Snacks, toiletries and other incidentals
  • Any additional expenses if you come in early or leave later, miss a flight or find your flight delayed
  • US Tax where not included. This tax is added to most consumer products, restaurant and bar bills

It was a really full sensory week enjoyed with like minded people, all experienced in the wonderful energy of Hawai'i, and I found my inner mermaid.

- Angie

I want to be part of this!

Trip Leader

Join Pea Horsley for this 7 day / 6 night retreat of a lifetime. Pea is a celebrated animal communicator and author of Heart to Heart, Life Loss Love and Animal Communication Made Easy. Also a TEDx speaker, Pea leads heart-awake individuals on animal-focused retreats around the world. One of her greatest pleasures is witnessing how people’s lives transform through in-person, deep connections with wild animals in their natural habitat. A retreat with Pea is heart-opening, empowering, down to earth and fun. And yes, that’s Pea swimming with the dolphins during the 2019 retreat in the image above!

Ask A QuestionAsk A Question

Hawaii feels like home, I’ve been blessed to attend two retreats with Pea there and it has guided me to what I believe is my soul’s purpose. The dolphins, whales and other oceanic beings wrap you in a golden light and guide you gently with joy, love and higher vibrations to let go, flow and be one. I stand by my 2016 statement – if Hawaii is calling and you can feel that call in your heart – don’t hesitate, do it…be great – be YOU.

- Claire


New Participant – first retreat with Pea

  • £3,250 Early-Bird*/£3,450 Standard twin occupancy
  • £3,750 Early-Bird*/£3,975 Standard – single occupancy

Repeat Retreater – you’ve taken part in one of Pea’s retreats before

  • £2,995 Early-Bird*/£3,300 Standard – twin occupancy
  • £3,625 Early-Bird*/£3,750 Standard – single occupancy

*The Early-Bird discount is available until midnight on 31 July 2019 BST. From 1 August 2019 the standard rate applies.

Your bedroom at the Royal Kona Resort is a shared standard room (two sharing) and if you are travelling alone, we will introduce you to your roommate when you arrive. We need to address the delicate issue of snoring. If you snore, you need to bring with you an anti-snoring device that can be found on the internet. Most people cannot sleep in a room with a roommate that snores. Thank you for your understanding.  You can also opt for a private room at sole occupancy cost.

Small group retreat: 12 people max.

Twin Share Policy:

  • You will be matched with the same gender.
  • Male and female friends are able to opt for a twin share.
  • Please let us know if you are a couple or family members who wish to share together.

* Single Supplement Policy

  • You will need to pay the single occupancy balance when there is no other person of the same gender to twin share with you.

Kailua-Kona Resident:

If you already reside in Kailua-Kona the investment fee can be adjusted to account for this on a case by case basis.

Important Terms & Policies

By participating in the Hawaii Cetacean Communication Retreat you agree to the following important terms & policies:

  • Payment Policy
  • Reserve List
  • Payment Dates
  • Cancellation Dates & Refund Policy
  • Retreat Terms & Conditions

Please review them here.


Hawaii is a Pacific state located in the Pacific Ocean 2,100 miles southwest of the mainland United States. It is the only state not located on the continent of North America and the only state made up entirely of islands. The state encompasses nearly the entire volcanic Hawaiian archipelago, which comprises hundreds of islands spread over 1,500 miles. Hawaii’s diverse natural scenery, warm tropical climate, abundance of public beaches, oceanic surroundings, and active volcanoes make it a popular destination. We will be based in Kailua-Kona, a town on the west coast of Hawai’i Island (the Big Island).

Your Accommodation – The Royal Kona Resort Hotel

Your Hawaiian-owned hotel has a coastal view of the passing dolphins and spectacular sunsets. Its within walking distance of our boat guides for effortless transfers, perfectly located for restaurants, shops and historical sites like the Hulihe‘e Palace, and some say it has the best Mai Tai in the village!

This hotel also boasts it’s own lagoon where you can practice snorkelling. It may not be a remote hotel setting but it has the facilities and location that makes this retreat easy and accessible for all. Rooms can be requested as private or twin share. Your accommodation is included in the retreat price.

In Hawai’i we greet friends, loved ones or strangers with Aloha, which means with love. Aloha is the key word to the universal spirit of real hospitality, which makes Hawai’i renowned as the world’s centre of understanding and fellowship. Try meeting or leaving people with Aloha. You’ll be surprised by their reaction. I believe it and it is my creed. Aloha to you.

- Duke Kahanamoku

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This is an open ocean experience which requires basic swimming skills and a reasonable fitness. More novice swimmers can take advantage of floatation aids and/or buoyancy jackets. If in doubt do take floatation support on the first few times while you get used to the experience. Those with back issues or other concerns that impair getting in or out of the water and swimming/snorkelling in open water may not find this a suitable retreat.

Participant’s can attend without snorkelling skills but it’s advised to practice snorkelling prior to attending. This will help you feel more relaxed in the ocean and better able to enjoy being with the dolphins. We also provide a snorkelling orientation session on Sunday afternoon.

It is not expected that you go into the ocean at every ‘drop’. It is perfectly acceptable to stay on board and enjoy a different kind of experience. We also suggest you’re aware of your energy level and when you may feel tired and need a rest.

The snorkel with manta rays takes place at night when they are feeding. The ocean will be black and will feel quite different to your day time experience, however there are also lights illuminating the plankton. You’ll benefit from feeling more confident snorkelling for this experience. As this is a mid-week experience you’ll have been snorkelling for two days and we imagine you’ll be feeling quite comfortable.

From the boat you are asked to swim out about 5-metres to a float board with rubber rings which you hold while floating flat on the top of the water (to avoid fins damaging the rays). It’s a passive experience, holding on, keeping horizontal, while your head is in the water looking down to the manta rays. If you wish to return to the boat early just inform the boat crew and they will safely escort you.

It is vital that everyone follows every instruction given by the Captain and crew when on board and in the water. They are there to take care of your safety and will be knowledgeable about many factors of which you are unaware.

If you are in any doubt about your suitability for this retreat please make contact.


You are responsible for arranging appropriate health insurance for this trip. It is also your responsibility to ensure that you obtain medical advice pertaining to your own personal situation, physical fitness and/or pre-existing medical condition(s).

When you confirm your spot on the retreat, there will be an option to enter the details of the person you wish to room share. If however you missed that, you can email your name and the person’s name you are looking to share with to [email protected] and we will look into this for you.

We’ll provide you with a suggested pre-retreat packing list to help you once you make your second payment.

There is complimentary wifi in the hotel lobby/bar area. It’s a paid service in your room (approx. $40 per week).

You receive a light sandwich lunch and soft drinks on the dolphin and whale trips. All other meals are at your own expense. Many people make use of the in-room fridge and self cater their breakfast with something like fruit and yoghurt.

You are responsible for arranging appropriate travel insurance should your flights cancel or change. You will be responsible for any ongoing expenses in order to catch up with the retreat. Missed tours and days will not be compensated and are at your own expense. If you have any issues with your international flights, please make us aware at [email protected]

No, your international flight into Kona (KOA) and transfers to and from the hotel will be arranged separately by you. Please refer to the Included tab for full details. You can take a taxi or shuttlebus taxi from the airport.

We’re getting the best of both worlds. There are resident spinner dolphins pods plus at the time we’re going we’re right in the middle of the humpback migration which is very good for large humpback numbers and increases our chances of breath-taking encounters.

This oceanside Hawaiian hotel is the best location to see the dolphins and whales every day as they swim past in the waters out the front of this resort.

The 12-acre resort also offers a fresh water enclosed lagoon where you can safely practice your snorkelling, a swimming pool with sun loungers over looking the ocean and is based near to the dive shop that takes us to the boats each dolphin-swim day. It’s also near restaurants, shops and historical sites like Hulihe‘e Palace.

There is no need to rent a car when staying here. All you need to do is take a taxi or shuttlebus taxi from the airport.

More info about the Hawai’i Cetacean Communication Retreat: