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Hawaiian Cetacean Communication Retreat

Please note: This retreat was held March 5 – 11, 2017

You will learn how to communicate with animals and specifically communicate with the Dolphins, Humpback Whales and Manta Rays to receive their special messages and visions for you and our planet.

This is a unique opportunity to fully immerse yourself into the healing vibrations of the dolphins and humpback whales of Hawaii. You will have opportunities to swim with the wild dolphins over 4 days.

Hawaii has a special energy, an active volcano and the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess, Pele. The ocean is also very ‘alive’. Many people are said to have life changing experiences when they visit Hawaii and some feel like they’ve come back home.

This is an animal communication focused retreat based on connecting deeply with the cetaceans of Hawaii. This retreat also includes swimming with the Spinner and Spotted Dolphins, watching the Humpback Whales and a night snorkel with the mystical Manta Rays.

Retreat Interest Form

Complete the Retreat Interest Form below and I’ll make sure you receive priority booking notification before new retreats are announced to the general public.

Retreat Interest Form

    Hawaii Cetacean Communication Retreat

    Please note: This retreat was held March 5 – 11, 2017

    Spinner Dolphins, Humpback Whales and Manta Rays

    Presented by Pea Horsley with guest speaker Joan Ocean

    This retreat includes:

    • 6-nights accommodation on single occupancy at the Royal Kona Resort (room only basis)
    • 4 dolphins snorkel swims*
    • 1 manta ray night snorkel*
    • Sessions in Animal Communication presented by Pea Horsley
    • Two guest speaker talks by dolphin researcher, Joan Ocean
    • Guided meditations with dolphins and whales
    • Light lunch/sandwiches and soft drinks on the Dolphin trips
    • Snorkel, mask and fins are provided on both Dolphin and Manta trips
    • Snacks, soft drinks and wet suit are included on the Manta Ray snorkel
    • Transfers to the harbour and return on Dolphin and Manta trips
    • Time to process your experiences in the ocean and on land
    • Restful moments to enjoy the beauty of Hawaii, swim, snooze…as you like
    • Receive wisdom from your teachers – the whales and dolphins
    • Go deeper in your connection with nature
    • Receive channelled messages from the whales

    *We are in the hands of nature and if the boat companies cancel due to weather/sea conditions, you will receive a refund of that individual trip. Where possible they will reschedule first, but this is not always feasible.
    *To take part in the Manta Ray snorkel it’s a prerequisite to feel comfortable in the water and to know how to snorkel. You are under no obligation to enter the water. You can join in the sunset cruise and remain on the boat.

    How do I know if the Hawaii cetacean communication retreat is for me?

    • You long for the opportunity to swim with dolphins ethically
    • You desire to see humpback whales through direct experience
    • You are keen to communicate with cetaceans
    • You are interested in learning from whales and dolphins
    • You are interested in learning from the manta rays
    • You are ready for a mystical experience in the water with Manta Rays
    • You wish to learn from dolphin researcher Joan Ocean
    • You would like to enrich animals’ lives
    • You would like to acknowledge animals’ part in the world
    • You are interested in going deeper within yourself
    • You wish to gain greater peace of mind
    • You work hard and are due a special break
    • You feel ready to face any fears and experience your full self
    • You wish to feel the warmth of the sun on your skin
    • You long to tap into your inner knowing – the infinite source
    • You wish to immerse yourself in Nature
    • You wish to learn spiritual principles you can apply to daily life
    • You put the animals before your own desire and wish for an ethical experience

    Your Retreat Host – Pea Horsley

    Internationally renowned animal communicator, workshop facilitator and author, Pea Horsley is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator. In 2004, after 15 years as a theatre stage manager Pea returned to her first love – animals. Since then she has dedicated herself to helping people make a telepathic connection with animals to bring clear, direct understanding and aid healing relationships. Pea has an international private client practice and also offers mentoring 1-2-1 sessions to clients across the globe.

    In 2014, Pea co-facilitated a Dolphin Swimming Retreat in the Red Sea, Egypt and in September 2016 she co-facilitated a Whale and Dolphin Wisdom Retreat in the Pearl Islands of Panama. In 2017 she hosted her first solo retreat at the Bog Island of Hawaii with invited guest-speakers. Pea has 11 years experience hosting and leading workshops in Animal Communication all over the world.

    Honorary Guest Speaker – Joan Ocean

    In 1978, Joan Ocean first met John C. Lilly, MD, cetacean researcher, and felt very moved by the information he shared. Joan felt a connection with Dr. Lilly and his extra-terrestrial experiences that seemed to stimulate her eventual relationship with the dolphins. The dolphins then began to contact Joan through meditation and expanded consciousness, but being a non-swimmer, she did not yet enter the water to meet them.

    After meeting Jean-Luc Bozzili and experiencing his dolphin-inspired, multi-media art presentation, Ms Ocean learned to swim and began swimming with cetaceans in oceans and rivers in many countries. When a California Gray whale came close to the island shores of British Columbia, and looked directly into her eyes, Ms Ocean experienced a communication between herself and the whale that changed her life forever. She understood cetaceans around the world are trying to communicate with us.

    Regarded as an authority on the subject of Dolphin Tel-Empathic Communication, she has developed the methodologies of her work, entitled Participatory Research, in which human and cetacean species are equally conducting research with each other.

    Joan has been swimming in the Hawaiian waters with the pods for the past 28 years and continues to conduct daily research with the cetaceans from her Dolphin Connection home in Hawaii. Identifying dolphins by name and noting their family groups, Joan has befriended Pods A, B and C in Kona, Hawaii.

    A Master of Science in Counselling Psychology, Joan Ocean is a psychologist, shaman and scientist who create environments that support people in transition from one lifestyle, one dimension, and one physical form to another.

    Joan Ocean is the author of Dolphin Connection: Inter-dimensional Ways of Living and Dolphins into the Future. Joan’s website.


    International flights, meals, drinks, travel insurance, transfers, tips and incidentals. Depending upon the retreat you book there may be other exclusions but these will be transparent in the specific retreat information brochure.


    • Private room: £3,315
    • Shared room: £2,980 (we will place you with the same gender seeking shared occupancy, this rate not guaranteed if there is no-one available to share)