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Panama Whale & Dolphin Retreat

Please note: This retreat was held September 2016

We are looking forward to sharing the natural beauty of Panama and its Humpback whales and dolphins with you. The Humpback whales are known as the acrobats of the sea!

Our intention for this retreat is for you to find a deep connection with the whales and dolphins , unleash your heart wisdom, turn up the volume of inner knowing and bring healing to your-Self and all beings around you.

You will have the gift of a week’s retreat to immerse your mind, body and soul in a daily programme of group meditations and animal communications to share the wisdom from the whales and dolphins. With guidance and heartfelt conversation you will experience a deep connection with the mammals.

This supportive space is held by Pea Horsley of AnimalThoughts and Anne Gordon de Barrigon of WhaleWatchingPanama (WWP) who accompany you the entire trip.

Retreat Interest Form

Complete the Retreat Interest Form below and I’ll make sure you receive priority booking notification before new retreats are announced to the general public.

Retreat Interest Form

    Panama Whale & Dolphin Retreat

    Please note: This retreat was held September 2016

    Humpback Whales, Spinner Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins

    This retreat includes:

    • Tuition in animal communication
    • Communications with whales and dolphins
    • Receive wisdom from your teachers – the whales and dolphins
    • Group meditations for communications and development
    • Deepen your spiritual sensitivity
    • Go deeper in your connection with nature
    • Receive channeled messages from the whales
    • Take part in evening group sharing
    • Embrace time to rest and reflect
    • Space to consolidate your experiences
    • Plenty of ‘siesta’ time in seeing whales and dolphins – which may include Humpback whales, Pantropical spotted dolphins, Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Short-beaked common dolphins and Spinner dolphins
    • Whale Watching Panama is dedicated to a responsible, respectful, educational and sustainable whale and dolphin experience that has minimum impact on the animals and the environment

    Is it for me?

    • You love animals
    • You are interested in learning from whales and dolphins
    • You are keen to communicate with cetaceans
    • You would like to enrich animals’ lives
    • You would like to acknowledge animals’ part in the world
    • You are interested in going deeper within
    • You wish to gain greater peace of mind
    • You work hard and are due a special break
    • You wish to walk barefoot along a golden beach under the sun’s rays
    • You long for the opportunity to be in the water alongside a dolphin or whale (if deemed safe by Whale Watching Panama and invited by the dolphins/whales own invitation)
    • You long to tap into your inner knowing – the infinite source
    • You simply want to get away from it all and into a remote part of nature
    • You wish to learn spiritual principles you can take home and apply to daily life
    • An ethical retreat with animals is important to you

    Did You Know

    Panama is the only place in the world where Humpback whales from both the Northern and Southern hemispheres come to breed and give birth. in the peak season July – October there are over 2,000 whales with a 99% chance to see him. Panama is so much more than a canal with rainforests, rich biodiversity, culture and history. Panama has resident pods of Pantropical spotted dolphins, Pacific bottlenose dolphins, Short-beaked common dolphins and Spinner dolphins and more.

    Responsible Whale Watching

    Whale Watching Panama (WWP) is dedicated to offering Educational, Respectful, Responsible and Fun whale and dolphin tours. WWP interacts with Whale and Dolphin Watch operators around internationally to promote responsible whale and dolphin watching worldwide.


    International flights, meals, drinks, travel insurance, transfers, tips and incidentals. Depending upon the retreat you book there may be other exclusions but these will be transparent in the specific retreat information brochure.


    • Early-Whale before 31 December 2015: US$ 2,895
    • From 1 January 2016: US$2,995
    • AnimalThoughts Returning Student Loyalty: US$2,795