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Listening to the Lion-Heart

20 October – 15 December 2022

What happens next?

  • Save this email in your Contacts so our emails can reach you – [email protected]
  • We will contact you again before the event with a reminder and the Zoom link you need to join the course.

Booking Terms & Conditions

Due to the digital and immediate nature of this course there are no refunds once the course begins. If you wish to cancel before the course commences, notify us in writing and you will receive a full refund minus an admin fee of £20.

Release of Liability

By purchasing a course through Animal Thoughts, I am agreeing to the Animal Thoughts Release of Liability. The provider Animal Thoughts/Pea Horsley shall have no liability to the customer/student for any claim in respect to the course. All information shared in Animal Thoughts courses are to facilitate health and well-being and not intended to be a replacement for veterinary advice. We do not diagnose medical issues or offer medical advice. Please seek a trusted veterinarian. I hereby release and hold harmless Pea Horsley and Animal Thoughts business and associates from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or property, and from loss of property during any course. Attending an Animal Thoughts course denotes acceptance of this release of liability.