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Vancouver Animal Communication

22 & 23 August 2020

Introduction to Animal Communication and Practice Day

What happens next?

  • We will email you to let you know workshop, travel & accommodation information.
  • We will contact you again 7 – 10 days before the event with some important reminders to help you get the most from the workshop.

Booking Terms & Conditions

The deposit payment is non-refundable. Bookings are non-transferable to another course or person, but the balance is fully refundable upon receipt of written notification up until 18.00 GMT on 21 July 2020 by written notification to [email protected].

If applicable to your booking, the balance payment will be invoiced for payment by 21 July 2020. It is a condition of booking that each participant agrees not to copy or share the content of any course with anyone outside the course. Your place will only be reserved once both your deposit or full payment and signed booking form are received. Payment alone does not qualify. Submitting this payment form is your acceptance of these terms.

Release of Liability

By purchasing a workshop through Animal Thoughts, I am agreeing to the Animal Thoughts Release of Liability. The provider Animal Thoughts/Pea Horsley shall have no liability to the customer/student for any claim in respect to the workshop. All information shared in Animal Thoughts workshops are to facilitate health and well-being and not intended to be a replacement for veterinary advice. We do not diagnose medical issues or offer medical advice. Please seek a trusted veterinarian. I am aware animals coming to the workshop may be nervous within a group setting. As a participant I have been made aware of this and take full responsibility for my interactions with them and for the safety of others on the workshop that may be affected by my actions. Any close contact with an animal is at my own risk. I hereby release and hold harmless Pea Horsley and Animal Thoughts business and associates from liability due to accident or damage to self or animal, and/or property, and from loss of property during any workshop. Attending an Animal Thoughts workshop denotes acceptance of this release of liability.