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6 Ways To Prepare For Animal Loss

By 18th July 2017August 17th, 2017Animal Loss
Old boxer dog laying on couch

I speak with people every week who know in their heart their beloved animal, their best friend, and true love will not be long for this life time. I have listened to thousands of tears cried. I have hugged people in person and down the phone, and tried to soothe their anger, their guilt and their desperation. I have also counselled animals over their own passing.

As an animal communicator I face sorrow and pain on a daily basis. I connect with it and then I try do what I am here for – to ease suffering and promote love. Love is what life is all about. Love is what dying is all about too.
As I am writing this to you my hands are being guided by an animal I love more than words can say. Love has a depth that can’t be measured. You will know this feeling. I know I have spoken to many of you and you have told me that you couldn’t love an animal, another being, anymore than you do this particular animal in your life. This animal you give your love to is your life, your heart, and your soul – they connect with every essence of you.
As Morgan walked further towards to the end of this life he prepared me for the time the light would come and take him to a more peaceful place. I reminded myself of ways I could support him in that process. These were ways in which he and many other animals advise their guardians. I am not different in this respect.

I would like to share this guidance for those of you who will face the loss of an animal you love…at some time.

Be in the moment.
Try and spend as much heart to heart time with your loved one.

Be calm.
‘Know that my life will continue.’ (animals are aware of the continuum of their souls).

Be all things loving.
Love is patient. Love is kind. Love protects. Love bonds. Love comforts the soul.

Be true in the knowledge that ‘I love you’.
Animals wish to reassure their guardians that, yes, they do love you.

Be clear about how you feel.
Tell your sweetheart face to face what you feel about them, how they enrich your life and every little thing that comes to mind. Use your time together to let them know they are special.

Be brave (as brave as you can be).
Face death head on, hand-in-paw with your best friend.