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Harness Your Power (exercise)

It’s time to shift from the materialistic and mechanistic world and get up off the sofa to explore a worldview that is much, much more exciting. And real.

Forgive me from going all Star Wars on you, but there is a force. It’s a force that connects us to one another, animals, our environment and the universe.

The force is so bright, soft and powerful that when you suspend your beliefs, become willing to set aside certainty and surrender to its illumine-sense, your life changes for the better. You will feel (sense) illuminated. You’ll be more awake and aware of the world than most folks moving from A to B.

Exercise: Exploring the force

This is your first Yoda class in the power of the force!

  • Stand with your feet apart and take a few deep breaths. Relax and clear your mind.
  • Put your palms together quite vigorously to make them warmer and more sensitive.
  • Hold your hands chest-width apart in front of you with the palms facing each other.
  • Slowly start bouncing your hands in towards each other, without touching. You might find there is a natural stopping point.
  • Then glide your hands slowly apart until they’re either side of your body.
  • Next, close your eyes.
  • Slowly bounce your hands in towards each other again.
  • Notice what you sense, however subtle, and try to put words to it.
  • Then glide your hands out again, noticing what you feel and where you feel it. Observe how that is different from when you bounce your hands in.
  • This time bounce your hands in towards each other and observe any colour behind your eyes, temperature change or emotions that you’re sensing.
  • Then continue to note other impressions as you glide your hands out.
  • Once more, bounce your hands in and tune in to even the slightest sensation as you bring your hands closer together. Is there a point where they don’t seem to want to go any further?
  • Now glide your hands out, observing the subtlest of impressions.

What might you have sensed? Here are some suggestions:

  • Temperature – warm or cool
  • A breeze, either across your hands or as you move your hands
  • Tingling in your palms
  • Colour/s behind your closed eyes
  • Resistance, either as you bring your palms together or glide them apart
  • A ‘rubber band’ sensation, as if you can only glide out so far
  • A chewing gum sensation, as if you’re stretching gum as you glide out
  • Magnetism or a pull stopping your palms from touching or forcing them apart as they want to pull you back together.
  • Cotton wool between your palms
  • A ball between your palms
  • Emotions that change as you change direction with your palms
  • Release as you move your palms out
  • Expansion or freedom as you move your palms out
  • Less sensation either as you glide your hands apart or bounce in

We all have different words for how we sense energy, because we’re all unique. If you didn’t feel or notice anything when you did this exercise, just do it again a little later or tomorrow. Relax, go with the flow and breathe.

Practising this exercise can also help you start to notice other elements of energy you may not have been in tune with the first time you did it. Play with it, have fun, enter into the joy of discovery.

From here on, you can only improve your sensitivity to the subtle world that is all around us, connecting us all.

We’re all gifted with an incredible power that can light up our life and our connections with animals. It’s time to feel the force!

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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator