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Pet Psychic or Animal Communicator?

By 10th May 2018June 4th, 2018Thoughts

When I was writing my third book, Animal Communication Made Easy, I was faced again with the prospective of naming my position and it got me thinking about why some people call themselves animal communicators and others refer to themselves as a pet psychic or animal psychic. Another term we hear more of these days is inter-species communicator.

The Term ‘Pet Psychic’ Or ‘Animal Psychic’

In the UK the word ‘psychic’ is still often poked fun at and seen as derisive. In the US it’s often seen positively. I believe in a way to help people understand animal communication services they use Pet Psychic because of the obvious link from consulting a psychic (medium) to contacting people who have passed over. It’s easy then to see how a pet psychic could make contact with animals who have passed over. Some people have entered into communicating with animals after having an established profession as a psychic. We know that animal communication involves more than connecting with animals who have transitioned.

Causing Confusion

Some people believe that the work of a Pet Psychic has to involve a spirit guide or other energy source first for that information; that there is no direct link to the animals. A well-known person has said that it was only possible to communicate with one’s own animals directly because of the loving connecting in place and communications with other animals would need to be routed through an Angel or Spirit Guide. That’s not my experience or how I communicate with animals but I do ask for help sometimes.

Is Animal Communication Psychic?

Penelope Smith says, “Psychic comes from the word ‘psyche,’ meaning ‘soul’ or ‘spirit’. Telepathic communication is psychic because it’s a connection with the soul or spirit of animals – their essence or true self, including their thoughts, purposes, values, perceptions, understanding, and other mental and spiritual qualities.”

Views From Professionals in the Field of Animal Communication

For ‘Psychic’

“I wonder if everyone knows what an animal communicator is. Everyone seems to know what a ‘pet psychic is’.” – Gena Wilson

“When using our communication abilities we are tapping into our intuition, our clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience. These are all psychic abilities.” – Jenny Shone

Against ‘Psychic’

“A client recently expected me to read her mind and her horse’s mind as well as tell her future. I had to tell her that was not what I do and that she might like to choose someone who does that kind of work.” – Janet Dodds

“I have discovered by asking questions of my prospective clients who use that term that they often assume I am just reading the animals and do not actually hear anything they have to say.” – Morgine Jurdan

“My belief is strong enough to have turned down a three-book deal from a publisher because all three books had the word ‘psychic’ in the title and that would be in direct conflict with my belief.” – Carol Gurney

“As we move to the next level of human consciousness, I believe more people will understand that being psychic, telepathic, talking to loved ones who have crossed over, feeling energy and others emotions, healing with thoughts and touch, and other practices are linked together spirituality.” – Shirley Scott

And What About The Pet in ‘Pet Psychic’

There are many who prefer to avoid the word ‘pet’ because it feels derogatory towards an animal.

“I avoid the term “pet” because it implies that the animals are here to make us happy or serve us in some other way. ‘Pet’ generally indicates subservience.” – Nedda Wittels

Is there another view?

Jean-Luc Janiszewski says, “Words are just tools for the best and the worst. The real question is less, ‘Are we animal communicators or pet psychics? Than ‘What do we do with the words, with the linguistic tools?’
·       Do we use them to lead us all towards a better, more harmonious world, or do we use them to open new battlefields?
·       Do we use them to unite or to separate?
·       Do we use the words to help or dominate?
·       Do we use them to support or to discourage?
·       Do we use them to underline who we are, to what social group we do belong, or to communicate what we do?”

Could this be the solution?

What I’ve learned is that words are vibrations. I choose to be called an animal communicator because it resonates with me and resembles what I believe is my service.

If it resonates it’s a good fit and an expression of our own energy.

What is it they say…if it feels right, it probably is.

By Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator

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