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Top 10 Signs of an Empath

By 12th July 2022Thoughts

Empaths are deeply sensitive individuals who can easily pick up on the emotions of other people. They find it difficult to separate themselves from the energies of those around them and often take on other people’s emotions as their own. While their enhanced empathy makes them great at helping and healing others, it is easy for them to get overwhelmed by large crowds and negative environments.

Several traits set empaths apart from other people. If you can relate to most of these characteristics, it is highly likely that you could be an empath.

1. You feel very deeply for other people and find it easy to relate to their problems

When empaths feel, they feel with great intensity. They can absorb the emotions of other individuals and feel them as their own. This allows them to deeply understand and relate to the troubles of other individuals.

2. You can intuitively pick up on the energies within a room

Intuitives can walk into a room and automatically pick up on the ‘vibes’. They prefer an environment that is nurturing and peaceful, such as beautiful rooms, nature, and places filled with loving, non-judgmental people.

3. You have a deep love for animals

Empaths often have a deep connection with animals due to their loving and nurturing energy. They can absorb the unconditional love that stems from beloved animals close, like cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses.

Animal communicators are commonly known to be empaths. They communicate through the exchange of energy and intuition.

4. Tragic events cause you extreme sadness

Seeing tragic events in the news can bring you a great deal of pain, even if you have no relation to any of the parties involved. You may have to remove yourself from horrific news stories to maintain your personal wellbeing.

5. You are the go-to person for advice

People like it when their troubles are understood, which is why they commonly seek empaths for advice and to talk about their life troubles. If people often come to you for these things, it may be because they sense your empathetic energies.

6. You have a deep need to help others

Empaths naturally feel the need to help others that are in pain. They are greatly concerned with the well-being of others and may place the needs of others above their own.

7. You enjoy your own company

Empaths often seek refuge in their solitude. Since it is common to get overwhelmed by the hectic energies of the outside world, empaths need to spend time alone to disconnect and protect themselves.

8. You find boundaries can be problematic

Empaths can struggle to set boundaries. They may find it hard to switch off their abilities, which makes it even more vital that empaths to practice observer mode, like an eagle on a perch, to manage energies.

9. You have difficulty comprehending cruelty

It may be hard for you to comprehend why other people are cruel and malicious towards others. You don’t see the benefits of a greedy life and can’t understand what makes people choose this terrible path for themselves.

10. You’re clairsentient

When we think of intuition, we find many animal communicators have clairsentience, it’s the most common of the ‘clairs’. Empaths naturally have a strong clairsentient sensitivity and often feel intuitively or psychically. It’s great for communicating with animals!


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