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Why are we going during peak season?

We’re getting the best of both worlds. We’ll be at the end of the largest gathering of orcas and at the beginning of the bear’s salmon season making these shy creatures easier to observe at the water’s edge. That’s why incorporating both these top predators into one retreat experience was a no-brainer! Especially when they are so close to one another in one of the most stunning and beautiful parts of the world.

There are resident orcas but the time we’re going is very good for large orcas numbers which increases our chances of breath-taking encounters. This is also a brilliant time to be close to Humpback Whales and there will be a lot of sea lions and seals. There are also around 25,000 Pacific white-sided dolphins who travel in groups to deeper waters throughout the year.

Bear wise, the salmon arrive in significant numbers in late August, with their run peaking in September and October. The salmon run also attracts a great number of bald eagles, gulls, ravens, and other fish eating birds. This is the best season for seeing cubs.

This is one of those once-in-a-life experiences.

No other animal communicator anywhere else in the world is offering an inclusive communication retreat where you can communicate with two of the world’s top predators; one of the ocean and one of the land.

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