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Wild Dolphin Wisdom

By 26th August 2019September 18th, 2019Animal Healers & Teachers, Wild Animals

When I was in Hawaii in March 2019 I was snorkeling with the participants of my retreat making sure everyone felt comfortable and relaxed in the water.

I remember looking down and counting off 25 dolphins, all torpedo like in a line. The one on the right end immediately underneath me looked different. He had a leaf on his right pectoral fin.

I communicated to him, “I would love to play the leaf game with you.”

Seconds later the dolphin broke away from the line, came up and circled me, then released the leaf about 3 – 4 metres down to my side. I was feeling so excited, “Now or never,” I thought.

I took a big breath, tipped forward and began to swim down towards the leaf. Then with just inches to go I felt my lungs were going to burst and I needed to get to the surface, fast. Damn it! I’d been so close.

Not discouraged by my rather ‘human’ efforts (and in my defence, free diving is still very, very new to me), the dolphin scooped up the leaf, went full circle again and then let the leaf go, literally at snorkel height and about a metre in front of my face. ‘Surely she can get that,’ he was probably thinking.

I did and then I swam forward while looking side to side at the dolphin, waving my leaf at him and the entire time looking eye to eye. The dolphin remained almost completely still in the water, watching my every move.

After twenty seconds or so I decided to release the leaf for him. I let it go and waited.

Nothing. He didn’t move. He just kept on looking right at me, eye to eye.

I’ll wait a bit longer, I thought. I looked at the leaf, and then I looked at the dolphin. After a while I decided, OK I’ll try again. I swam forward to pick up the leaf and in that moment the dolphin jetted across me and scooped it up on his right pectoral fin. I laughed. He laughed. That’s the game! So much fun! There’s nothing quite like playing the leaf game with a dolphin, especially when they have chosen to play it with you!

I thanked him and said, “That was so much fun, can we play again?”

The dolphin replied calmly, “I need to join my family now.” And with that he swam down and re-joined the end of the line, right where I had first spotted him. The pod had swum round and was back underneath us again, ready to regroup with their dolphin friend.


Dolphin Symbolism and Meaning

Dolphins are referred to as one the most intelligent, gentle, joyful, beautiful, yet powerful species. They’ve inspired paintings, music, myths and poetry throughout the ages.

In truth, dolphins are the diplomats of the animal kingdom. They are ambassadors interacting with the ocean life and human life creating greater understanding and sharing information between species.

There are times when pods of dolphins will ‘disappear’ and when asked they often explain that they have gone further out to sea or up the coast because they are busy on important business. What that business is remains secret. It is enough to them to share they are busy and at this time humans do not need to understand further.

Managing the great responsibilities that come to those in the role of diplomats and ambassadors, dolphins can experience challenging and difficult times in service to the animal kingdom. Dolphins carry out their duties as a Pod with a deep sense of selfless engagement rather than burden. Their joyful, loving and cheerful nature triumphs and their immense sense of harmony shines outwards and also within.

Dolphins remain the subject of scientific research and are known to be measurably advanced beings. There are people world-over who have recorded large improvements mentally, emotionally and physically after being with dolphins.

The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins off Kona have become well known for approaching humans. They are curious about us and come near when we are still and radiate our love, trust and playfulness.

They can also bring us into states of receptivity, patience and heart connection, and when this happens communication with them becomes effortless.

The Native Hawaiians deemed dolphins to be an oceanic tribe with equal rights as humans.

They are very social with other species of dolphin, Humpback Whales, as well as humans and dogs. The Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins, or nai’a, are also known for their impressive spinning leaps out of the water and bow riding at the front of the boats.


Dolphin Whistles

Research has found that every dolphin has their own distinctive ‘signature whistle’ which identifies them like our fingerprint identifies each human being. Dolphins can effortlessly communicate with the Pod and between mother and calf using their unique sound. In water, the particles are much closer together, and that means dolphins can quickly transmit vibration energy from one particle to another. We now know that sounds waves travel 4.3 time faster than sound in air. The dolphins also express themselves emotionally through their whistles. When they are distressed they will call out loudly, calling the other dolphins to swim quickly towards them.


Dolphin as your Power Animal

Dolphin people, those people who are aware that dolphin is their power animal, tend to find it easy to have fun. People are drawn to their fun and happy expressions and find them full of love for themselves and others. If you have dolphin as your power animal you’ll appreciate the power of community – the power of the Pod – and care about the welfare of others, often above yourself. Dolphin orientated people are often highly empathic and hold a unity focused global vision. With dolphin as your power animal you’ll find it easier to navigate the depths of life that others struggle with, instead you’ll be at one with your environment, gliding smoothly through rough waters. When you are going through a tough time, with churning emotions or frantic thoughts, call on Dolphin to be with you. Dolphin can empathically transmute your drowning sadness or confusion by teaching you to become light in heart and to leap out of the waters of hopelessness.


Dolphins in your Dreams

Do you find yourself dreaming about dolphins? It could be that you’re feeling down because when a dolphin appears in your dream it can mean that it’s crucial you recall on your reserves of positive, happy energy. Maybe you are feeling stuck in a rut, or life is more challenging than usual, the dolphin appears to remind you to find and express happy thoughts and goodwill. Dolphins also show up in our dreams when they wish to connect with us. Dolphin may have a message for you? They could be calling you to encounter them in-person.


How You Can Invite Dolphin into your Dreams

  1. Place a notebook and pen beside your bed.
  2. Lie down, relax and tell yourself that you will remember your dream.
  3. Close your eyes, place your hands on your heart and breathe.
  4. Visualize a dolphin swimming in your heart space and silently say to them, ‘I love you, Dolphin.’
  5. Release your hands and surrender. Fall gently to sleep.
  6. When you wake up try and recall any dolphin visits in your dreams and what happened as well as what they shared with you.
  7. Make notes in your notebook and add the date.
  8. Next time you become aware of Dolphin showing up ask them why they have appeared and if there is something they wish to share with you.
  9. Just relax, let go of any expectations and go with the flow. Dolphin knows what’s best for you and will come when you are ready. You’ll love your dolphin dreams!

I wish you many magical encounters with wild dolphins.

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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator