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4 Classic Beginner Mistakes

Starting anything new is both exciting and a little daunting. There are common mistakes made but the good news is that there are also lots of ways to shift from rookie beginner errors and to improve your potential to engage in effective and empowering inter-species communications!

1. Perfectionism

Oh my lord, this is a real barrier to neutral and open inter-species communications. When we aim for perfection we’ve forgot the simple truth that – we are not in control.

When you approach animals with the desire to communicate with them it is much more beneficial to come from a sincere place of humility and curiosity to learn whatever it is they are going to share with you.

Perfection is really over thinking, over planning and has a whole heap of worry thrown in there too. Perfectionism isn’t actually real, it doesn’t exist. No one gets it right all of the time and it’s not to make perfection your end goal. So let that illusion fly off and anchor back into your root connection with earth energy, ground yourself, breath and go with the river of flow. It will serve you much better.

Show yourself kindness and accept your personal best. With practice, your skill will blossom and your confidence will grow. It just needs some cheerleading sunshine and a gentle sprinkle of nourishing rain. Accept yourself and let go.


2. Stop Trying to Be A Fortune Teller (unless that’s your profession!)

Humans have a huge desire to know things and to feel they are in control. If this sounds a bit like you, you’re not alone. Didn’t anyone ever tell you, you’re human! Everyone person overthinks at one time or another.

Stop worrying about what may happen if you don’t communicate effectively, because this worrying mindset is not going to help you find your flow and certainly won’t serve your communications with animals.

Life is happening right now, in this minute, in this second. Be more like other species of the animal Kingdom and focus on what’s right in front of you. Bring more attention to the flower petal, smell of coffee, or grass under your feet. Those tiny sensory details that guide you to be fully present.

Bring your attention to your breathing and repeat this simple mantra before you start communicating with your animals. “I’m in this present moment. I’m in this present moment. I’m in this present moment.’


3. There’s No Trust

In the need to be perfect and get it all correct we’ve side stepped the most important element of being an animal communicator, and that element is trust.

From a human-beings perspective, although I have to say most humans are human-doings, they want to feel a sense of certainty. From this concept they believe they’ll feel security – it s a survival tactic.

But there’s a difference between being sensible and mind-thoughts bouncing out of control which leads to anxiety.

Trust an opposite vibration to fear. Trust is when we are open and willing to listen. Trust is when we acknowledge the animal we wish to communicate with has a 50% stake in the interaction. Trust is when we allow ourselves to fully enter the communication experience for what it is in that moment. Giving ourselves fully to listening and receiving information from the animal we’re connected with.

Whenever I see students who are not trusting, the truth is that they’re unable to trust their self in other areas of their life too. What’s more they’ve not yet learned how to trust their instincts in day-to-day areas like work or family. By trusting, it doesn’t mean being a push over because everyone needs healthy boundaries, it does mean to relinquish that false sense of superiority that comes from lack of self-esteem or inflated ego and to be in the moment giving it your best go without attachment to outcome.


4. I Want It Now

In the current fast and furious get rich/famous/smart-quick mindset, that is pervading much of modern society, we seem to have forgotten that growing into something over time creates a stronger foundation for us to grow our roots.

Sometimes things take longer than we want them to or we compare our communication experiences with other peoples and the green-eyes monster of jealousy raises their head and wants some of that. Our thoughts can jump to questions like, “Why do I only get one or two words and they get whole sentences and pictures?” or “Why do I find this so difficult and they find it so effortless?”

This compare and contrast mind-set is a real way to switch off the heart and build a mighty wall between you and animals you wish to connect with.

Instead I encourage you to release control, trust the universe, reach out to the animals with humility instead of need, and to allow grace to enter into your life. Grace is always present, but she’s waiting for your invitation.


Put Your Focus Here:

  1. It’s a journey, not a destination.
  2. Be the river, not the rock.
  3. Wellbeing practices support communication – sleep, nutrition, hydration, exercise and mindset.
  4. Invite grace into your communications.

The shift from the four classic beginner mistakes (low vibrational engagement) may seem challenging when you begin to move more into your trust and flow (high vibrational engagement) and they will take some practice, but just remember to be gentle with yourself as you connect with the process.


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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator