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What Can Animal Communication Do For You

By 27th September 2019Thoughts

Animal communication is more than communicating with your domestic companion to hear what their favourite food is or what they feel about the person who looks after them when you’re away.

It is an innate ability that can locate missing animals, help understand tricky behaviours, and ease suffering.

It can help animals in transition and enables Soul connection after they have left their physical body.

It’s also about releasing limitations.

It’s about connecting to Source.

It’s about embracing your shadow side.

It’s about transcending the ego to listen to the power of the heart, where true power originates.

It’s about really understanding who you are.

It’s about holding reverence for all of life, from the majestic lion through to the tiny ant.

It’s about being in harmony with Nature as an integral part of it.

It’s about finding your purpose, what you’re here to do on the planet.

It’s about finding your expression of service.

Animal communication is about to raising consciousness.

Humans are caretakers, guardians, custodians, but not owners.

A dog called Jeeves recently shared in communication ‘ownership is not real’.

He summarised in very few words what humans still need to learn.

We do not own other beings, humans, property or land. Not really.

It’s time for listening, seeing the truth, and feeling courage in our hearts.


Animal Communication enables us to:

  • be rooted in our heart space
  • to approach life and encounters from a place of love
  • honour all beings
  • honour Nature
  • honour life
  • expand our heart consciousness
  • understand that we are here to unite the Animal Kingdom
  • empower all beings to live in peace and freedom


A few dedicated people can change the future of a species or an eco system.

Each time we help one animal, we serve the greater good.

The animals are crying out.

Gaia is crying out.

The sun, the wind, the rain, the ocean, are all crying out.

They all say the same.



Are you courageous enough to listen?

Are you selflessness enough to change?

Will you step away from habits and conditioning to making real and lasting changes that one action at a time contributes to sustaining life on earth.

Your life.

As well as others.

Now is a key time to really connect with your heart, transmute limiting beliefs, and to light your creative spark.

You are being offered an opportunity to move through deep emotional layers with the support of the animals.

You are being encouraged to have courage in the face of everything you perceive prevents you from being your true authentic self.

Animal communication is the most powerful tool humanity has to restore balance to the natural world.

Animal communication can help you understand your animals’ anxieties and preferences, but it can also do so much more than that.

Animal communication will empower you to your full potential so you can rise up and be the Light for others.

The only question is, will you?


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By Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator