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Communicating With Animals From Their Photo

By 4th June 2018Thoughts

Many of my students find that communicating with animals seems to be easier through their photograph rather than having the animal immediately in front of them. There is evidence of very good results and quicker improvement too.

Yet this is a weird concept, right? Why could it be easier to communicate with an animal from a photograph? I remember when I first discovered animal communication I thought this was bizarre. Now, however, most of my work with clients is from a photograph.

The photograph method has huge benefits too; it means that it’s possible to communicate over great distances. For example, people that learn animal communication can communicate with their animals when they are on holiday or working away using a photograph as a point of reverence or focus. It also means I’m able to communicate with client’s animals all over the world.

Theories of why it’s easier with a photo could include:

·       It’s tool of focus that doesn’t move.
·       There’s no distraction caused by the animal having a scratch, yawn or turning their back.
·       Students feel more confident connecting with the animal.
·       Animals can continue to communicate without eye-to-eye contact.

The photograph can be seen as a conduit. You can log on to the animal’s unique signature frequency and send and receive information in a two-way exchange. After looking at the photograph you can hold the image of the animal in your mind’s eye but in a soft way so that they are not fixed but free to share details with you. In this way you can learn about the animals personality, likes and dislikes and how they are feeling. There is no limit when communicating via a photograph, except the one placed there by human limitations or beliefs.

Whenever communicating with an animal from a photograph:

·       It’s the role of the communicator to hold an intention of the animal.
·       You have to keep an open heart.
·       Embody compassion and neutrality.

The photograph is a link:

The bigger view of animal communication is that it is based on an energetic connection across space and time. The whole universe and everything in it is energy. We humans are energy too vibrating at a very slow speed. We’re literally pulsating pockets of quanta. There is no matter, only energy at different frequencies. 

When we feel more confident it’s not necessary to have the photograph as a focus or the animal present to make a connection with them. What’s key it to come from the heart centre and with the intention of the highest good for the animal. Play to your strengths; if you prefer to have the animal with you practice that method instead. 

Photograph Requirements:

Whenever I request a photograph from a client or send out information prior to teach a workshop to the participant’s I request photographs meeting these requirements:

·       Only one animal in the photo.
·       A recent photograph of the animal.
·       With the animal’s eyes looking towards the camera and visible.
·       Without any light reflection or glare, red eye or blurring.
·       With prey species: one side head, neck and eye and also a full body view.
·       With horses, no human or rug on them. A non-action picture.

Summary for Success:

·       Embody unconditional love
·       Be neutral – open to anything and everything you may receive
·       Don’t try too hard
·       Trust
·       Practice

A positive step you can make when learning how to communicate with animals is to accept there is a unified energetic connection or wavelengths of frequency that binds all things. 

Animal communication is about love, respect and deepening understanding between humans and non-human animals. It can provide a very special bond, transforming inter-species relationship with animals still in their physical form as well as those who have transitioned. 

Animal communication reaches beyond space and time and connects the hearts of beings. This is a very powerful form of connection.

By Pea Horsley, Animal Communicator

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