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We’re equal beings on different stages of our animal communication journey. What unites us all is our love for animals. Our devotion to animals. From 21 June – 1 July 2021 I’m hosting free Animal Communication classes and you can register free.

I really believe we’re all able to communicate with animals, it’s within our power and potential.

I’m going to share a story that illustrates anyone with a love with animals has a head start. Or more precise, a heart start.

I want to take you through this story, because in case you’re feeling sceptical about this and whether it’s even possible, I want to let you know, I was that way too. But things changed.

In 2004 I adopted Morgan, a beagle crossbreed. When he arrived in my life, I felt he was sad and that made me feel sad. I thought maybe it was something I was doing wrong because I didn’t know dogs like I knew cats. Then the Mayhew animal rescue sent out invitations to attend an animal communication workshop. I thought this was the latest politically correct way of describing how to read your dog’s body language but if could help me understand Morgan I wanted to join.

Before this moment, I’d had a successful career working in theatre as a Stage Manager for 15 years and had gained a solid reputation, head hunted by West End producers. I could count Harold Pinter as my CV reference.

Despite this, I was feeling my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I wanted to get back to my first love – animals. I’d run through a huge list of possible animal related work with my partner, but nothing fit. I knew it was something else, and I didn’t even have a name for it.

And that was when Morgan arrived in my life. I don’t know if you believe in synchronicity, I guess I didn’t’, but I do now.

I went along to the animal communication workshop and found myself sitting in a circle of people listening to the facilitator share some Doctor Doolittle-type stories. Everyone was sobbing, except me, because I found it really hard to believe and at lunchtime I nearly walked out.

In the afternoon we were put into pairs and told to communicate with our partner’s animal from a photograph of them. I was given a photograph of my partner’s rabbit.

We were told to ask three questions. Everyone started to knuckle down, getting on with it, but my internal dialogue went a bit like this:

‘I’m meant to talk to you but you’re just a rabbit. You’re not even a real rabbit, you’re just a photograph of a rabbit, and you can’t hear me, can you?’

Then with my inner voice I heard, ‘Who do you think is listening to you?’

‘You can hear me?’

‘Yes. Just get on with it.’

I asked the questions and saw a picture with my mind’s eye, just like when we’re dreaming, or heard words with my inner voice. I dismissed them all as ‘just making it up’. But when it came to share with my partner, it seemed that some of the answers made sense to her. But that didn’t persuade me to believe this was real. I still felt sceptical. I needed more.

It took my cat Texas to prove it to me. I’d given my partner my photograph of Texas and she’d asked him the questions. Texas had shared an image of my hallway floor, which is very distinctive, where my sofa is positioned and the colour I call it, and his favourite thing to sit on in the back garden and where it was positioned. It was like he’d given this complete stranger a guided tour of our home behind my back.

The details were undeniable. And I felt wow what’s happening here? Is this for real? How has that happened? How could she know that? I drove home feeling confused but excited.

I didn’t know how it was possible but at the same time I couldn’t deny that there was something in it. I made a commitment to find out and booked straight onto another workshop.

Attending the second animal communication workshop I had my light-bulb moment. It became clear to me that this is what I’d been searching for. This was the new work I wanted to engage in with animals. It was like my life purpose had just been dropped into my hands, into my heart. From that moment I did everything necessary so that I could begin working professionally in animal communication.

I’m now a professional animal communicator. I love helping people to connect and communicate with animals and I’m passionate about improving our relationship with the natural world.

I’m all in. This is my calling.

Now, it doesn’t have to be like that for you.

It might not be your Soul’s mission to become a professional animal communicator.

Your dream may be to get inside your cat’s head or to understand what your dog is thinking or why your horse or rabbit behave the way they do. There might be some of you who have really care about a certain species like improving the lives of donkeys, badgers, or bees.

Whatever connected with your heart and got you to this place, I believe there is no more important time to engage in animal communication. It’s great that you’re here. My free animal communication training is perfect for you to dip your toe in, practice, explore in a safe space and develop your ability with a fun and supportive expert teacher.

Why now?

Animal communication is more relevant now than ever before because as a species:

  1. We’re suffering separation sickness
  2. We’re facing an ecological emergency
  3. We’re at a critical change-point in humanity’s history
  4. We’re moving into a new paradigm

Many people want to make a meaningful difference in our ever changing and challenging world and that’s where animal communication is not only the link, but also the change-maker.

Animal communication helps us with our own animals, and it also helps us to learn how to step into our true purpose to help protect Mother Nature.

Join me for our upcoming Free Animal Communication classes, 21 June – 1 July 2021. Registration is free! Replays will be available to all who register.


Pea Horsley is the Founder of the Conversations with Nature World Summit and creator of online learning, Animal Communication Made Easy, a proven 5-step method to learn how to communicate with all species of animals. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator, TEDx speaker, teacher, wild animal retreat facilitator and best-selling author. In 2020 Pea founded The Pride membership as an answer to the global pandemic where each month a different species communicates, guides and advises humanity.