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How Present-Moment Awareness Can Make Life More Meaningful

By 8th June 2022June 10th, 2022Thoughts

Stop. Take a deep breath. In, out, in, out. Look away from the screen for just a moment and take in your surroundings. You are here. You are alive. You are present.

Automated living is an affliction of the modern human. It is to become so consumed with the everyday tasks of life that we forget to be present. We forget to enjoy what is currently before us.

It can be scary to break out of the trance state that so many are living in- not just because you realize how fast time flies when you’re in it, but because it provides a bit of a safety net. It is a place where we don’t have to think, we just do.

However, as nice as that feels sometimes, it can really detract from the meaningfulness of life. If we let our entire life pass us by like the scenery on the interstate, what then?

Instead, we need to slow down, breathe, and take it all in. We need to learn to have present-moment awareness. This life we live is incredible and beautiful and raw. It should be enjoyed to the greatest extent of your abilities.


Being Present with Animals

Animals live their life in the present moment. They observe and they react. They live in the moment and do what they are called to do as it occurs.

To effectively communicate with animals, it helps to see from their perspective. This includes taking on their present-moment awareness state of mind. You could have a desire to learn how to be an excellent animal communicator, being present with animals is a great way to start.

Animal communication will usually bring your attention to the present moment in a natural way. This is because you will be focusing solely on the animal you are communicating with and the intuitive way in which you converse. Your only thoughts will be about the interaction you are currently taking part in.


Staying Present & Enjoying the Now

It is not difficult to practice present-moment awareness. In fact, it can be done anywhere at any time.

However, if you are used to living automatedly, then your fight for present-moment awareness will be a constant effort. You may find yourself slipping back into that trance state when you aren’t paying attention. Not to worry, though; the more you work towards it, the more natural it will become.


Here are five ways that you practice present-moment awareness:


  1. Take in the sight, smells, sounds, and feel of your surroundings regularly. Make it a practice to observe your surroundings whenever you enter a new space. This will become natural the more you do it.


  1. Meditate daily to increase your mindfulness regarding your thoughts and feelings.


  1. Set present-moment reminders on your phone. Whenever they go off, you will remember to pause whatever you are doing and take in the current moment.


  1. Whenever your body begins to feel an emotion other than your normal state, pause and really take it in. Feel the emotion through the entirety of your being. It may be love, happiness, anger, sadness, and more. It doesn’t matter if the emotion is positive or negative- all that matters is that you feel it and you acknowledge it.


  1. Spend more time with animals. You can learn a lot by observing the actions of animals and how they behave. Their natural present-moment awareness will help you find your own.


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