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Listening to the Lion-Heart: Pea Horsley and Sheva Carr Join Forces for Animal Communication Course

Ready to listen to the Lion Heart for deeply insightful communication with animals, trees, and Mother Earth in all her natural expressions?

Then join Pea Horsley (from Animal Thoughts and The Pride) and Sheva Carr (from Fyera Foundation and HeartAmbassadors) on their 8-week interactive online course – Listening to the Lion Heart.

 For the first time world teachers Pea Horsley (from Animal Thoughts and The Pride) and Sheva Carr (from HeartMath and HeartAmbassadors) will be uniting us with one another and the natural world, guiding us to facilitate harmony between humans and animals.


What You’ll Learn

For the first time world teachers Pea Horsley and Sheva Carr will be uniting us with one another and the natural world, guiding us to facilitate harmony between humans and animals. A synergy of souls not to be missed!

Listening to the Lion-Heart helps us find our way back to a meaningful existence with ourselves and the other magnificent beings who share this planet. From this place of connection and deeper understanding we can help, we can support, and if we so choose, we can serve.

Designed with love and gently taught, this course nurtures the Lion-Heart in you by offering a safe space to softly explore your heart-connections with yourself, other humans, the natural world, animals, and the larger Universe. You will receive tools and exercises which help dissolve doubts, transform concerns, and release fears.

Communicating with animals, trees, and other non-verbal living things and more is natural and simple, and the most powerful tool we possess to re-establish a loving and meaningful relationship with the real world and our larger purpose in it.


What Does Listening To The Lion Heart Involve?

Far beneath our human politics and conflicting political views and parties…. beyond wars starting and ending… beneath the rumble of a human pandemic and the many opposing perspectives, opinions, interpretations and points of view…. Below, above and all around our personal stressors…. a quiet force of life hums in the natural world. Seemingly unperturbed, nature holds a signature rhythm of spontaneous intelligence, thriving, and expansion.

This signature rhythm is meant to beat in unison with our heart’s rhythm, but many of us have fallen out of phase with the natural world in our modern lives. When we choose to listen to nature’s rhythm, we can be inspired by its wisdom, renewed by its energy, and aligned to something much larger than any one of us that at the same time has a place of belonging uniquely for each of us. In that connection, we can experience the thrill of inner knowing and guidance that leads to purposeful passion and peace as it plays percussion in our very own heartbeat- our Lion Heart.

Research from the HeartMath Institute shows that sayings like “Follow your heart,” or “Two hearts that beat as one” or “Listen to your heart” are more than poetic song lyrics. They have scientific merit which, when applied practically in our lives, can ignite awe and wonder about how we and the world work and bring us back into harmony with ourselves, each other, the earth, and the larger universe of which we are a contributing part when we are truly aligned with our heart.


The Lion-Heart Offering

Pea and Sheva have combined their knowledge to bring you an 8-week, interactive online journey into linear and organic approaches to communication with your deeper self, your own heart and the hearts of others, as well as animals, trees, and Mother Earth in all her natural expressions. You will receive tools, practices, science and support for listening to the Lion-Heart in you.

Listening to the Lion Heart is for you if any of the following is true:

  • You have a deep love of animals and nature
  • You identify as sensitive or an empathy
  • You feel appalled by the exploitation of animals
  • You feel alone in doing something about it
  • You learn better within a group environment
  • You seek the opportunity to interact with your teachers to ask questions
  • You want to be able to talk to fellow students and share
  • You need a gentle learning experience
  • You like to have space to learn, practice, and reflect rather than feeling rushed
  • You feel there is more to be learned about life by listening to animals
  • You champion love and togetherness
  • You are interested in creating a heart-based world
  • You resonate with the Lion-Heart


If Jane Goodall, Sir David Attenborough, Jill Robinson, and other animal ambassadors have inspired you…

And you feel called to take a stand for animals, trees, and Mother Earth…

Then, NOW is the time…and this is your opportunity…to become an even more powerful advocate for the Animal Kingdom and Mama Gaia.

Now is your opportunity to become a more powerful advocate for the animal kingdom. Join us for a Complimentary Introduction on October 4th, where we will discuss our Listening to the Lion Heart course in more detail. The full course will take place from October 20th to December 15th, 2022.

Click here for more information and booking.



Pea Horsley is the Founder of Conversations with Nature World Summit and creator of online learning, Animal Communication Made Easy, a proven 5-step method to learn how to communicate with all species of animals. Pea is the UK’s most highly regarded animal communicator, TEDx speaker, teacher, wild animal retreat facilitator and best-selling author. Join Pea’s membership, The Pride, and be part of a modern answer to a global question, where a global council of animals advise humanity in deep listening and real transformation.