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My husband is a better animal communicator than me

By 3rd September 2020Spiders, Thoughts

“My husband is a better animal communicator than me. He was paint spraying an old Landrover Discovery and spotted a spider ‘sack’ full of eggs and could just make out a ‘house spider’ (the big ones) peeping out from a crevice as she watched him approaching the ‘egg sack’.

So he said to her, look, I have to spray this car, but if you come out of there I absolutely promise I won’t hurt you or your babies’.

Stone me, this big spider eased her way out and stepped onto his hand, then just sat there.

So he took her and her egg sack and found her a safe spot under the wheel arch of an abandoned vehicle, and reattached her sack there too.

He didn’t seem particularly surprised and just carried on with the spraying. Men!

He and I once took a paid job to sledgehammer up an old conservatory foundation and clear the concrete.

Of course it took a bit longer with us because every single spider, worm and everything else had to be saved.

I think the neighbour must have thought there was a spider plague because we popped them all over the wall into his garden 🙂 ” – Hazel

Thanks go to Hazel for sending this in about her husband and his experience with a spider and her egg sack, and their joint experience sledgehammering-with-care. It’s always wonderful to hear how there are so many people who show care, consideration and kindness to animals – even the smallest species.



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With kindness and grace,

Pea Horsley

Animal Communicator